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What to take tourists with them to China -
- and what to take categorically is not recommended

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In this article, we will tell you what to take with you on a trip to China, and which is strictly not recommended. The article is written on the basis of our own multiple experience of visiting the PRC.

What you need to take - a fork, a spoon and a knife for food

Not all restaurants in China can give you European appliances for eating. It depends primarily on the level of the institution. Usually, the more expensive the restaurant, the more likely that the fork will be found. If you want to eat in China qualitatively and cheaply, you will either learn to eat Chinese chopsticks , or take a fork, spoon and table knife with you.

Even if you constantly go to sushi bars and have good chopsticks, we still recommend taking the forks with you. It's one thing to eat chopsticks once or twice a week, and it's quite another to use them all at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The first is easy, the second is much more complicated.

Warning 1. At departure, place cutlery in your luggage, in hand luggage you will not be allowed to board with them. A knife is a cutting object, a fork is a stitch. Requirements for safety in aircraft are constantly tightened.

It seems that the joke saying "Do not be afraid of a spoon, be afraid of a fork - one blow - four holes" the security services take too seriously.

Warning 2. Take cheap devices, with which it will not be a pity to part with the landing on the return flight. In China, it is forbidden to carry such items even in luggage.

What you need to take - a cure for allergies

In China everything is different, and to predict in advance what you can have an allergy is simply impossible. It can be plant pollens, local food and especially seasoning or bites of local mosquitoes. Take with you a remedy for allergies.

What you need to take - a medicine to normalize the digestion

Chinese cuisine is very diverse, and it uses many ingredients that are unusual for Russians. Poisoning in China is difficult. Food poisoning for China is an extraordinary phenomenon. Many Chinese do not even know what it is. Spices and seasonings added to food are mostly antiseptic and kill most bacteria.

We have an article about the biggest food market in Beijing on Wangfujing Street , and you can watch a video with a lot of dishes that they sell there. We tried many of them, and no poisoning happened to anyone.

But it is not clear how this variety of ingredients and seasonings will react to your stomach. Sichuan and Hubei cuisine, in addition, very sharp. For example, the majority of Russians simply can not eat a dry Hubei noodle , it is so sharp and spicy at the same time.

Take with you the means to normalize the work of the stomach and intestines. Which ones? You know better that it helps you better.

What you need to take - translator - application for smartphone

It is extremely useful to put a program-translator on your phone, it saves in many situations. If you need someone to ask something, just type the correct phrase in Russian on it and show the result to the passerby. This method is especially useful in case you get lost.

Of course, it is difficult to somehow understand the answers of people, but if you ask the way, then you just indicate the right direction. In the store you can use the program to explain what kind of goods you want. You can bargain in shops without an interpreter, but with the help of a calculator, but the language barrier is already hampering to ask something about the product.

Warning 1. Choose a program that works without access to the Internet, otherwise you will pay "mad" money for roaming.

Warning 2. Remember that the percentage of literacy in China is less than 100%. Prepare for the fact that some people do not know how to read. It's sad, but it's a fact.

There are also useful programs for smartphones that translate Chinese characters, photographing them on the built-in camera. If you find one, we highly recommend putting it on your smartphone beforehand even before flying to China. Recall that the Internet in China is censored, and sites with programs may already be inaccessible in China.

What you need to take - coffee, if you love it

Coffee in China does not like, do not respect and do not drink. If you can not without it, then take with you always. The only common source of coffee in cities is the Chinese McDonald's , but coffee there to taste leaves much to be desired. Also in large cities, the network of Starbucks coffee houses is common, but the prices there are even higher than ours.

Take with you instant coffee, which can be easily brewed, pour boiling water.

What you need to take - money - better dollars or euros

Do not try to change money for Chinese yuan in Russia. It is much easier and more profitable to take dollars or euros with you and change to the Bank of China. This is a simple procedure, and we have a detailed instruction on the website.

But Russian rubles should not be taken with you in China. They do not need anyone there, and not every bank will change them. Only in the Yabaolu market in Beijing, sellers accept the Russian currency and then not always.

And now let's talk about the fact that you should not take tourists with you to China

What not to take - expensive lighters

Security rules in China airports are very strict. No lighters can be carried even in the luggage. If you take an expensive lighter with you, then you can bring it to China without any problems, but you will not be able to take it back, because you will be withdrawn from it at the airport.

Of course, you can hand it over to the responsible storage on board and then get at the airport of arrival, but this is a huge waste of time. The time of flight to China from Moscow is 8 hours or longer, and then you will obviously not want to wait for your cigarette lighter. Better just do not take the lighters with you or take one with which you can easily part.

What not to take - penknives and Swiss knives

Similarly, their transportation is prohibited. When landing on the return flight you will be asked to part with your knife. Again, it is possible to deposit under responsible storage, but is it worth waiting for it after the flight? It's easier just not to take penknives and Swiss knives.

What not to take - adapters for sockets

In China, universal sockets are most common. They perfectly fit European, American and even English forks. No adapters are needed. We never experienced big problems with rosettes in China and did not hear this from tourists.

But remember! Taiwan is a separate state, and American rosettes are used there. Hong Kong adopted the English standard of outlets. There is no single standard in Macao. In all these cases an adapter will be required.

Have a good flight, and read our helpful articles about China ( links below ).

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