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What can you bring from China -
- souvenirs, gifts and what is really cheap here

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The variety of souvenirs and gifts that a tourist can bring from China is huge. About this you can write not an article, but a whole web-site. To take them all, you have to charter a freight container. We will tell you about the most interesting options that we consider as such. To correctly determine the list of gifts and not get into trouble at customs, we recommend reading our review " What can and can not be exported from the PRC ."

Chinese tea and all the interesting things that are associated with it

Tea and China are inseparable things. Even the very Russian word "tea" is formed from the Chinese "cha", and not from Indian or Ceylon words.

To buy real Chinese tea, you can go to a regular supermarket, but this will probably be your biggest mistake on your trip to China.

To experience the depth of the culture of consumption of this drink, buy the best varieties and gain impressions, you need to go to the tea market or the tea street. Thousands of varieties of tea to choose from, ceramic teapots of all sizes and shapes, magnificent carved tea tables - all this awaits you right here.

We will not dwell on the topic of tea markets in detail in this article, but we advise you to read our page about the famous tea market on Malindao Street in Beijing, the capital of the country. A photo gallery is attached to the article, which will help you get a complete picture of a cultural phenomenon like the Chinese tea market.

Fan and umbrella

The fan can be called the most beautiful souvenir that can be brought from China. Unfortunately, it is the word "souvenir" that suits the most, since the longevity of Chinese fans is not up to par. To choose a fan it is necessary accordingly, what is more like externally, that and take. Below, see two photos of this gift.

Such a beautiful fan can be bought for $ 10, and this if you do not bargain . All sellers vied with each other, that their fans are exclusively handmade and coloring, but we do not recommend to believe in it. Bargain, in China it is customary.

With umbrellas (see photo ) everything is the same. Aesthetics at altitude, but reliability "pressed against the ground." After two or three months of using a souvenir umbrella, it breaks down without a chance of repair.


This stone occupies a key place in the history and national culture of China. It was from him that in ancient times mysterious "disks of BI" were made. Mysterious for the interesting reason that their appointment is not exactly established by historians. It is for certain known that they served as certain symbols of power, but, exactly, it is not known.

For the tourist, first of all, jewelry with jade is interesting. The most valuable grade is white, which is also called "imperial". It was from this jade that a large imperial seal was made, created by the order of the famous emperor Qin Shihuandi (the builder of the Great Wall of China and the creator of the Terracotta Army ). Now the seal is lost.

Jade products in China are inexpensive, about as inexpensive imitation jewelry in Russia. A simple ring or earrings can be purchased for 5-10 dollars.

Very popular are products made of copper with gold plating and this stone. It looks great, but is inexpensive. Jade is not a precious stone, and it is not remunerated in silver or gold. If you visit Shanghai , then look at one of the most famous statues of jade - Jade Buddha , this landmark is worth your attention.

Sweets and other culinary products

All Chinese people like to eat, and the number plays almost no role, and first of all diversity is important. You are now surprised by our advice, but first of all it's worth buying quick-smoked noodles. This is what Rolton and Doshirak call "bomzhpaketami", and in China it is eaten by everyone. Between our noodles and Chinese, just a gap in quality and taste. Buy this product better in the supermarket (see photo ).

Any food product in China is necessarily sold in a beautiful package, the producers of money do not regret it. In the picture on the right you see a package with six kinds of nuts, and this is not gift wrapping, but quite everyday.

If desired, you can find exotic products - snake meat, frog legs and the like. We recommend our article on the famous food market in Beijing on Wangfujing Street , where we published several videos on which you will see hundreds of different dishes.

Sweets in China are especially diverse, but you need to be careful with them. Of course, they are not dangerous for health, they are simply unusual for Russians. We recommend buying them where you can first try at least a slice, be sure to find something that you will love madly.

If you want to buy something very colorful, then we recommend Chinese vodka or wine. About them read our main article about alcohol in China . Beautiful Chinese sticks are also a wonderful souvenir, read about them in detail in this article .


Very interesting topic for conversation. In China, there are many spices, and choosing something is problematic. The most popular option for tourists is the purchase of mixtures from several condiments. In the photo on the left we show how it looks.

An indelible impression is made by Chinese cinnamon. Outwardly and to the taste it does not differ from ours, but the smell! The smell is 10 times stronger. If, God forbid, during cooking, you will shed the whole sachet shown in the photo, then you will have to air the kitchen all day or longer.

Spices in China on the package indicated an indicator that is even difficult to call in Russian. Perhaps the words "vigor" or "barkiness" are most appropriate. It is estimated on a five-point scale. In our case, this is 3 points. See the photo gallery below. There, on the packaging, you can consider the composition, however, in English.

Spices are better to buy in the supermarket. If you want to see a full assortment of Chinese condiments, then on food markets there are trays with dozens of species.

Horn Products

First of all, the products made of bone and horns in China are interesting at their price, which by our Russian standards can be described as "below the baseboard".

Here is such a magnificent comb, as shown in the photo to the right, you can buy for 20 yuan , and if you bargain, it's even cheaper. Considering that this is a natural buffalo horn and uniquely manual work, it is very cheap. In Russia, it costs twice as much.

Such combs are simply attributed to magical properties. They write that they strengthen hair and headaches are removed, and dander is destroyed. We do not know how much these statements are true, but the thing is beautiful.

In addition to combs, you can purchase many other products.

Clothing and silk

In the minds of Russians clothing from China is inextricably linked with the idea of ​​a terrible quality. In fact, this is not entirely true. The situation is very reminiscent of a funny anecdote based on well-known advertising. Remember?

"We select only the best grains of coffee ...... And all the rest of the rubbish we send you to Russia."

Many tourists note that the quality of clothing in Chinese stores "on the head" is higher than what is then brought to us. Especially it concerns local brands, which are almost unknown outside the country.

In the photo on the left is a product under the BAODUNWOLF brand. Our editor-in-chief has been wearing this sweatshirt for two years already, and is worn almost every day. Like new.

Of course, in China they sell low-quality clothes. Walk, look, feel, choose. By the way, in the "Celestial" there are special brands-clones. They completely repeat the famous western brands in appearance and quality level. Most often, they are produced at the same plant.

The most colorful clothes from China are a traditional shirt with knots (see photo ) and women's dresses (see photo ).

We recommend that we measure the shirt before buying. Statistically, the Chinese are already in the shoulders than the Russians, so the style may not suit you. There is an opinion that the Chinese are also statistically thinner than Russians, but one should not worry about this. The style of such shirts is usually free, even if you have a "big work peevish", then you are more likely to get into such a shirt, or you will pick up a freer one.

We strongly do not recommend to buy women's dresses without fitting. Russians and Chinese women are very different in shape, and especially in bust. Some tourists say that they just could not find a dress in the store.

We advise buying clothes and shoes where the Chinese themselves purchase. There prices are lower, and quality is higher. In Beijing, we recommend the shopping centers of the Sidan District , in Shanghai Pudong District . There you will find boutiques of expensive European clothing brands, and things of local brands, and banal "consumer goods." If you are afraid of a language barrier , then in Beijing, go to the Yabaolu market , where many sellers speak Russian and even accept Russian rubles.

Many people buy silk in China, but we recommend doing this only if you understand it. Be careful, in which case, you do not go back to change it.

Electronics and technics

Many hope to buy in China a cheap iPad or a new model of Samsung's flagship phone. Here we can say for sure that you most likely arrived at the wrong address.

Why did we use the phrase "most likely"? China is different from China. There are two areas in China, where indeed all machinery is cheap. This is Hong Kong and Macau. There's no VAT tax, and there you can buy a cheap iPhone. Actually, the Chinese from other regions themselves go there for gadgets.

In the rest of China, VAT is valid at 17%, which is only 1% below ours. Differences in prices we have almost not observed, and you will save a maximum of 10 dollars. But you will get a big headache in "overhauling" the device.

Now some will say: "There is a VAT refund procedure! It's called TAX FREE! I'll take it! ". We will reply with sarcasm: "Good luck". The system of tax refund in China exists, but only on paper. In fact, there is nothing returned to anyone.

All sorts of trinkets

Magnetics, hats in the form of pandas and everything else, which in China is many.

Give an important piece of advice. Do not buy trinkets in the first place, where you will see them. For example, the price of a magnet varies from 2 to 20 yuan. Having bought something immediately, you can later find out that in other places the same thing costs several times cheaper.

First of all, you should not hurry in popular tourist places, for example, on Nankin Street or near the Garden of Yu Yuan in Shanghai.

Do not rush, there are no exclusive souvenirs in the "heavenly". You will not get anywhere from your goods, buy it when you are sure that the price is adequate.

Successful purchases in China, and read other articles of our cycle about this country ( links below ).

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