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How much to fly to China and the features of flights

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China seems to many a very distant country, although it is closer than, for example, Thailand or the Dominican Republic. This sensation arises in tourists rather intuitively. In this article, we will talk about the flight routes of aircraft to Chinese cities, travel time and some features of Chinese airports.

Route of flight to China from the central regions of Russia

Aircraft to China do not fly straight. This is due to the fact that a straight road passes over the Himalayas, and flying over them is a risky business. Of course, it would be very fun to wave the handle to climbers climbing Mount Everest , since the height of this peak is 8850 meters, and passenger airliners fly at altitudes of 9-10 thousand. But the weather over the Himalayan mountains is unpredictable. It has killed more than one conqueror of the mountains, and passengers of airliners should not join them.

In addition, with the route "with a hook" the plane flies over the territory of only two countries - Russia and China, which is convenient from the political and bureaucratic point of view.

This hook only on the map seems very large, but it is smaller than it seems. For example, on the direct route from Moscow to Hainan Island, fly 7000 kilometers, and along this route 9300, that is, the path increases by a third. When flying to Beijing, the difference is even smaller, 5800 - in a straight line and 6400 with a hook.

Time to China

The table below shows the flight times between Russian and Chinese cities. Pay attention! We only consider direct flights. You can always fly to any city in China with a transfer, but the time will depend heavily on the duration of this transplant.

* - the flight is from Yekaterinburg with a landing in Novosibirsk, hence the long flight time.

Comments on the number and composition of flights

Looking at the table, there is a feeling of surprise. China is the most populous country in the world, and Russia is the largest in terms of area. How can there be so few passenger flights between our countries?

In fact, there is nothing surprising here. China is not very popular as an excursion tourist destination. Go to the Colosseum in Rome, go far more Russians than the Great Wall of China . The city of Sanya is an excellent beach resort, but Russian tourists do not "like it".

If the citizens of China were able to work freely in Russia, like, for example, the natives of Tajikistan or Uzbekistan, then our table would be full and had five times the size.

I am glad that flights are getting bigger every year. Back in 2012, we flew to Wuhan (the capital of Hubei Province) with a transfer in Shanghai . And now there are regular flights from China Southern. View Hubei Museum and the Tower of the Yellow Crane was much easier.

Direct flights to the city of Xian (or Xi'an) were opened. This is the place where the famous Terracotta Army is located. We hope that the air communication with China will continue to please us with new opportunities.

Where in China is better to change

China airports are very convenient for transplantation, but which is better?

If you fly to another country, and you are waiting for a long wait between flights, then we recommend Beijing . In Beijing, you can get a free transit visa for the PRC and go to the city. Of course, you can not see the Chinese wall, since with this visa you have no right to leave the city of Beijing.

But to see the sights of the city is quite possible. You can get from the airport to the center of Beijing in just 20 minutes. There is a special metro line to the airport, you can see the ticket for this train in the photo on the left. Most of the tourist places are located near the Beijing metro stations.

If you have 5-6 hours in the afternoon, then you can go to see Tiananmen Square , and if you have 7-8 hours to visit the Forbidden City .

If you fly with a transfer to other cities in China

In this case, we must warn you. For example, you are flying from Moscow to the city of Chengdu (Sichuan Province) with a transfer in Shanghai. In this case, you will cross the border, and enter the territory of China in Shanghai.

Even if both of your flights are the same airline, then you will pass the baggage "to Shanghai." In Shanghai, you will have to get luggage and pass passport control and customs. Baggage you will receive in Shanghai, and then you will have to hand over it again. Take into account these additional costs of time.

A few more important warnings

Macau and Hong Kong are separate zones in the PRC, and Taiwan is an independent state. If you are flying in these directions, then you will change as if you are flying to another country.

In China, more serious about security issues. Here, even in the subway, all passengers pass through the metal detector frame .

Matches, lighters or penknives can not be carried even in luggage. If you leave the lighter in a suitcase, you will be summoned, asked to get it and leave it at the airport. We do not recommend taking these items with us to China .

By the way, all the lighters left by the passengers are collected and taken to a special place. After landing, the passenger can take such a lighter himself as compensation for the previously selected. Here is a "cycle of lighters in nature."

There is a special procedure for the delivery of such items for responsible storage on board, and after landing you can pick them up. But this is an additional waste of time.

It is better not to bring expensive lighters, Swiss knives and any other potentially dangerous items, but they will still be taken away.

In some airports in China, there are strict rules regarding hand luggage. At the entrance to the control zone, there is something like a basket with the inscription: "To carry an object on a plane, it is necessary that he fit here." (see the photo on the left)

That is, a large item can not be carried on board and will have to return and take it to the luggage. You can try to ignore this warning and go with a large bag inside, but we have such a "trick" failed. The airport staff still forced us to take big bags into their luggage.

In this case, the number of bags does not matter, you can take a lot of luggage with you. The main thing is that each of them should not be more than the allowed size. Your obedient servant personally carried in Hong Kong 8 bags with him, and claims from the staff of the air port was not.

Successful flights to China, and read our articles about this country ( links below ).

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