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TV Tower Pearl of the East in Shanghai -
- space theme with a transparent floor

The Pearl of the East TV Tower is located in Shanghai in the new Pudong District in the Lujiazui Special Zone. The enterprises in this zone receive huge tax privileges from the government, and it is not surprising that it was Lujiazui that became the financial center of Shanghai, and here an architectural complex of skyscrapers emerged.

Телебашня Жемчужина Востока

The pearl of the East became the first high-rise building of the Lujiazui zone. Construction began in 1991. In 1994, the television and radio broadcasts began from the tower, and the viewing platforms received the first visitors.

Then in 1994 the Pearl of the Orient looked grand. The height of 468 meters, it towered over the entire Pudong area. Now nearby there are other skyscrapers.

A few months ago (note: this article was written in August 2015), the Shanghai Tower was opened, and the architectural complex of the Lujiazui zone is considered complete. The group of super-high buildings includes: the East Pearl itself, the Shanghai Tower - the tallest building in China, the Jin Mao skyscraper (the Golden Prosperity Tower) and the Shanghai World Financial Center (the "opening tower").

More skyscrapers in the Lujiazui zone are not planned to be built. Shanghai has completed the implementation of the development plan (see model ).

The pearl of the East is very different from other television towers of the world, for example, from the Ostankino Tower in Moscow. Broadcasting TV and radio was not originally the main task of the building. The tower was immediately conceived as a grandiose attraction for tourists and residents of Shanghai. Honestly, the idea was a success.

Which viewing platform in Shanghai to choose?

Look at Shanghai from a bird's eye view - one of the main tourist attractions, along with a visit to the embankment of the Bund and a hike along Nanking Street . Each tower in the Lujiazui area has its own observation platforms.

If you want to climb to the maximum height, then you need to go to the Shanghai Tower, where the observation deck is at an altitude of more than 500 meters, which is higher than the whole Pearl of the East TV tower. However, this tour is the most expensive of all possible.

The Pearl of the East is the most popular tourist destination. If you look at it objectively, then it is leading in terms of price-quality ratio.

First, there is a transparent floor, which is not in the neighboring skyscrapers. Secondly, the observation deck is located along the perimeter of the central sphere, which gives an overview of the city 360 degrees. Thirdly, you will ride on a transparent elevator. Fourth, in the tower you can find many other entertainments, including a restaurant, slot machines, shops and others.

At the end of the picture, let's say that visiting the Pearl of the East is the cheapest of all similar ones in the Lujiazui zone. Not surprisingly, the demand for visiting this viewing platform is the largest, and we recommend preparing to stand in line.

Working hours

From 8-00 in the morning until 21-30 in the evenings.

Cost of visit

Visit only the tower - 130 yuan . If you also want to see the Shanghai Municipal Museum, the ticket price is 160 yuan. If you want to climb the highest sphere, then you need to pay 220 yuan.

There is information that tickets for 130 yuan no longer sell. At the time of publication of this article, we are still verifying these data.

How to get there

Дракончики около пешеходного кольца

It's very simple. You need to get to the subway station of Shanghai to Lujiazui station (Lujiazui Station) on the second line. Immediately after the release, you will most likely see the pearl of the East. In order not to waste a lot of time, we recommend using the exit from the metro station number 1. In total, there are three exits at the Lujiazui station.

If you do not see the tower, then go to the big pedestrian ring or to the figures of two dragons (pictured right). From this giant pedestrian crossing tower you will see exactly (see this photo ).

Go to the side of the tower (see photo left) until you see a big staircase. Cash desks are on the left side of the stairs.

Running a little forward, we will tell that at cash desks you will not see the big turns. Many tourists this leads to a positive mood. But do not rejoice ahead of time, queues are waiting in front of the entrance to the Eastern Pearl.

What is the time to plan for a visit?

If you want to visit only the viewing platform, then one hour is enough for sure. If you still have a desire to sit in a restaurant, then plan to spend two hours here. If you want to go shopping and go to the game center, plan three hours. If you want to see the entire exposition of the museum, add an hour.

Inside, you can spend at least a whole day, no one will not expel you. You will be more limited not by time, but by the contents of your purse, because all the fun inside is not cheap.

Description and interesting facts about the TV Tower Pearl of the East

The basis of the construction of the Pearls of the East are three columns with a diameter of 9 meters. These columns are also part of the foundation of the building. Along the columns there are spheres, in total there are 11.

Восточная Жемчужина крупно

The largest sphere is at the bottom at an altitude of 95 meters. The diameter of this sphere is 50 meters. It is called "Space City". The whole TV tower Pearl of the East is stylized as a space theme. You will see this in the names, interior and uniform of the staff. We will still pay attention to this.

Above there are five small spheres, and this is a hotel with 20 rooms. 5 spheres with 4 numbers each. It is called the "Space Hotel". Staying at this hotel is a difficult task. This hotel does not cooperate with booking sites, and you will not find it on or Booking is possible only by phone.

Above is the second large sphere at an altitude of 265 meters. It's called the Space Module. All the most interesting is here.

In the photo it may seem that this sphere is much smaller than the bottom, but it is not. Its diameter is 45 meters, only 5 meters less than the sphere "Space City". It is higher, and therefore it seems small.

And even higher at an altitude of 340 meters is the sphere "Space capsule" with a diameter of 14 meters. Here is the highest viewing platform of the TV Tower Pearl of the East. There is also a conference hall and a coffee shop.

If you carefully consider the spheres, you noticed that we only talked about 8 out of 11. Three more spheres are in the supporting pillars at the bottom, but we do not know their purpose and do not know what's inside.

Rotating restaurant

He is in the second sphere "Space module" at an altitude of 267 meters. The rotation speed is not very high - 1 full revolution per hour. The restaurant is open buffet style. There are dishes of Chinese, European and Japanese cuisines.

The assortment of dishes here is very decent. Fresh sushi and rolls are cooked right at you, barbecue dishes are prepared here, and you can taste up to hundreds of varieties of Chinese tea. If you want at least once to go to an expensive restaurant in China, then this rotating institution is an excellent choice.

The restaurant operates on a strict schedule. Lunch starts at 11-00 and ends at 14-00. Dinner from 17-00 to 21-00. From 14-00 to 16-00 here you can just drink tea. The cost of lunch - 298 yuan per person, dinner - 328 yuan.

The restaurant can be almost empty, and can be crowded, it's a matter of chance. It is better to reserve a table in advance, especially if you want to sit by the window. We recommend that you contact the reception of your hotel and ask to do so. If you do not speak English well, we recommend reading our article on overcoming the language barrier in China .

First floor at the base of the TV Tower

There is a municipal museum in Shanghai, where you can learn a lot about the history of the city. It is better to do with a guide or a good command of English to read descriptions of exhibits.

Экспонат муниципального музея Шанхая

Also here is the restaurant "Number 8 of old Shanghai", a small street in the style of the old city (see photo on the right), souvenir shops, a bar of chocolate products, a Coca-Cola bar, flower shop, wedding palace and a bookstore. You can walk here for hours.

In the TV tower, the Pearl of the East is hosted by various exhibitions and events. In 2012, one of the stages of the Miss World contest took place here, in 2011 the world contest of photomodels was held here. Photo exhibitions here are held constantly.


This is a very interesting point that should be explained. Many tourists who do not know English very well understand the translation. The word "east" in English sounds like "east", and the tower is called "Oriental Pearl Tower", and there are no words "east" or "eastern" in the name.

The word "eastern" in our language has two meanings. The first is only a geographical direction. The second is the direction of culture. For example, oriental tales "1001 night". From the geographical point of view, they are not oriental, but southern. Baghdad is from Moscow to the south.

In English there is a division of words. The word "eastern" is translated as "eastern", if referring to the direction. If culture is meant, then the word "oriental" is used. The name "Oriental Pearl Tower" is more correctly translated into Russian as "Pearl of the Eastern World".

Description of visit Pearls of the East

To get the best impressions from visiting the Pearls of the East, we recommend choosing the right day for the visit. For example, if you decided to see the exposition of the Shanghai Museum , the weather for you does not matter, you will be in the room. If you want to see the Jade Buddha Temple or Yuyuan Garden , the weather is not so important, only it would not rain. And for the best impressions of the view from the viewing platform, it is clear weather.

Our advice. See the morning for the weather, and if the day is overcast, travel to another Shanghai sightseeing , there are a lot of them here.

You buy a ticket, and go inside. There is a queue waiting for you, you'll have to stand there for 10 to 40 minutes. Around you can see the interior, a statue of a lion is worth your attention (photo left).

The queue moves slowly towards the elevator. Pay attention to the uniform of the employees of the television tower, who are dressed as stewardesses. This is another part of the stylization of the theme of "space flight."

Riding an elevator upwards does not promise any magical sensations. The elevator rises at a speed of 7 meters per second, which is far from the records. Recall that now the speed record belongs to the Shanghai Tower, standing near the Pearl of the East, - 18 meters per second. Prior to this, the record holder was Taipei 101 in Taiwan - 16 meters per second. Arab Emirates wanted to break the record with their skyscraper Burj Khalifa , but they were prevented by the economic crisis of 2008.

Leaving the elevator, you will pass to the most interesting tourist attraction - observation platform with a transparent floor.

The first sensation is scary, especially if you have not been to similar lookout sites yet. Mind you understand that this is a thick glass, and people stand side by side and even lie there. You know that there have not been any cases of a fall yet, that the glass has not even cracked yet. But, it's still scary.

See below a small photo gallery from the observation deck.

The Chinese are very fond of going to the glass and taking pictures. With a good camera and the skill of a photographer, you get a photo when it seems that a person falls down. Apparently, the Chinese are not too lazy for the sake of such a frame to wash once again clothes.

The walls of the tower lookout tower of the Pearl of the East are also made of ghostly glass. Another of its features is the gap between the wall and the ceiling, that is, natural ventilation is used here. Below, see another gallery of views of Shanghai from a height of 263 meters.

After you walk up the observation platform, you can go to the revolving restaurant. If you do not need to go there, then go to the elevator.

This is the next entertainment for tourists - a trip on a transparent elevator from a height of 260 meters down to the base of the TV tower. Below, see the photo how it looks.

Immediately you do not understand that this elevator is completely transparent. During the landing, the walls are prevented from observing this fact. No serious impressions, this trip does not bring, go to this elevator is not terrible.

Further, most tourists follow the exit. If there is a desire, you can walk along the first floor, visit the museum and shops. On a separate elevator you can climb to the first large sphere, there you will find a slot machine with small "roller coaster" and a 5D cinema.

A few tips for tourists

First. Do not rush, your time is not limited.

The second. We do not recommend buying souvenirs in the tower, everything is 2-3 times more expensive than in street shops.

Third. In the tower it's easy to get lost. Follow the signs in English.

What else to see next to the TV tower, so as not to lose time

We recommend combining visiting the Pearl of the East with other interesting places nearby. The most popular option for tourists is to go one day to the TV Tower and the Shanghai Oceanarium , the buildings are very close to each other.

If you like shopping centers more than dolphins and fish, then welcome to the most famous mall in Shanghai. It's called "Super Brand Mall". It is directly opposite the TV tower through a pedestrian ring, the building looks like this .

Successful excursions to you, and read our articles about China ( links below ).

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