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Shanghai Metro - map, map, photo, opening hours and tickets

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The fastest and easiest way to travel around the city ​​of Shanghai is the metro. Of course, at some hours in the city there are no traffic jams, highways are free, and by taxi or car you can get there faster, but this does not happen so often. Still, the metro remains the only way to get somewhere in the city for a fixed time.

A little bit about the Shanghai Metro

This is the third subway in the world in terms of the number of passengers after the Beijing metro and Seoul. But the Shanghai Metro has its own records. This is the first place in the total length of the lines - 548 kilometers and the record for the number of passengers per day, established most recently on December 31, 2014 (note: the article was written in January 2015) - 10,286,000 people.

No one noticed the second record, because another very sad event happened in Shanghai that day. The crush of people on the embankment of Vaitan killed 36 people.

By the way, subways in China's cities are booming. 4 of the 10 largest metro stations in the world are in China. These are Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou. The Shanghai Metro is constantly being built: by the end of 2015, another 50 kilometers of tracks and 32 stations are to be commissioned, and in 2017 a new branch will appear at number 17 with 13 stations and 25 kilometers of tracks.

What should tourists remember first of all

The Shanghai subway closes very early. The last train leaves the station at about 22:30. Russian tourists, accustomed to the fact that the metro of Moscow and St. Petersburg are working until one in the morning, often have to go by taxi. We ourselves got into this situation. Consider this if you are late, walking along Nankin Street or looking at the skyscrapers of Pudong on the embankment of Vaitan.

At the entrance to every Shanghai metro station, all passengers undergo a full safety control. Everything is like in airports - luggage passes through X-rays, and you yourself go through the frame. Such strict measures in all "subways" in China surprise tourists . We recommend not to be surprised, you will find many interesting things in this country, and some aspects of life of the Chinese even shock .

One more important remark. In the metro on the platform, arrows indicate where you need to stand passengers who are preparing to enter the car. Do not stand directly in front of the doors, behave culturally and do not disgrace your homeland.

What's the fare

In the metro of Shanghai, the cost of a trip depends on the length of the journey. If you drive a distance of 6 kilometers, the ticket will cost 3 yuan . If further, then for every next 10 kilometers will have to give another 1 yuan.

These rates are valid on all lines except the 5th, where a trip for a distance of up to 6 km costs 2 yuan. The entire 5th line has a length of 15 kilometers. What is the reason for this exception? So the city authorities stimulate the development of this area.

Children up to 1.2 meters can go to the Shanghai subway free of charge. Also, old people can travel here for free after 70 years, but this is not relevant for tourists, since it is necessary to have a Chinese social card.

What are the tickets?

The simplest ticket is a one-time ticket. Its easiest to buy in a vending machine. You just choose the destination station and the number of tickets, and the machine itself counts the cost and gives you tickets after payment. Remember that one-time tickets at the end of the trip you need to "feed" the turnstile. It is a pity, and leave it to yourself for memory will not work.

A one-time ticket is valid only on the day of purchase. In the subway you can spend no more than 3 hours, after the expiration of this time you turn back the turnstile.

The second type of ticket is the Shanghai Public Transportation Card. You put a certain amount of money on it, and the system itself removes them as you travel. It is much more convenient than buying a ticket every time. If you pass on this card for 70 yuan, you will get a discount for all subsequent trips 10%. A trifle, but nice.

A transport card can only be purchased at the checkout. 20 yuan will have to be deposited as collateral. When you leave Shanghai, you can return it, having received your 20 yuan and the entire amount you did not have time to spend. This card allows you to "go into negative" for 8 yuan.

Another type of ticket is a single day and three days. Pay 18 or 45 yuan and ride the Shanghai metro for one or three days without restrictions. For tourists this type of ticket is the most convenient of all. These tickets can only be bought at the ticket office.

Souvenir ticket. It is sold only at certain stations. We have never seen him and can not say anything about him.

The ticket "Maglev". Appeared recently in 2013. It allows you to go once from Shanghai airport to the city by train Maglev and one day to go to the metro without any restrictions. This ticket costs 55 yuan, which is very profitable, since one trip to Maglev costs 50 yuan.


Very important information for tourists. In the metro of Shanghai there are two types of transitions. The first - the usual, where you go into the tunnel between the stations and get to the right, everything is like ours.

The second type of transition is called "virtual" or "transit". There is no tunnel, and passengers need to get off the metro and enter again. There are not many such transitions, and they are specially marked on maps, and if you look closely, you will easily find them.


The map is large and it is not possible to fit it on the page. Click here to open it in a new browser window .

General sensation from the metro of Shanghai

First, it seems slow, and so it is. Do not expect to reach the opposite end of the city in one hour. There is information that the longest trip costs 15 yuan and lasts more than 2 hours.

Secondly, in Shanghai metro is surprisingly free. There is no crush that you expect from the subway in China. Of course, it's almost impossible to sit in a car, but we did not even see the crush of standing passengers.

Third, the quality of security services is striking. Every passenger in all Chinese subways must pass through the metal detector frame, but this does not create any queues or traffic difficulties.

Successful travel to Shanghai on the ground and under it, and read the articles of our cycle about China ( links below ).

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