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Visa to China for Russians -
- cost, documents and how to arrange by yourself

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Every Russian in order to enter the land of China must have a visa. This rule, and there are always exceptions from the rules. In this article we will talk about Chinese visas. What they are, in which case it can be purchased at arrival or transit, as well as what conditions must be met to get to Hainan Island without it.

Tourist visa to China is only two types: one-time and two-time, that is, one or two visits to the country. Each time you can stay in China for up to 30 days. Total for tourist visas in this country you can spend no more than 90 days a year.

Looks Chinese visa quite modestly - the coat of arms of the PRC, the Great Wall of China and inscriptions. In the photo on the right is the passport page of your humble servant. You can click on the photo to enlarge. A detailed description of what kind of information can be found on the visa itself is found in this article .

As you can see, there is no photo on it, which will not save you from having to present a photo to the embassy or consulate. Pay attention to the way it is "extinguished," the official at the border simply crosses out the number of visits with a pen. To tell the truth, we did not expect this from the Chinese.

We expected at least a simple printing on the document. After all, China is the birthplace of printing and printing. Samples of ancient Chinese seals can be seen in many museums, for example, in the Shanghai Museum of Ancient Art .

Where to get visa to China

In total, there are 5 Chinese consulates in Russia. They are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk. Visa department is in each of them. We do not publish their addresses, it's easier to give a link to the official website. Information about the embassy in Moscow can be found at this address -, and in other cities on this - / lsfw / ko /.

We strongly recommend that all those who leave for China make their own visa at the consulate in Russia. Do not look at any simplified visa regimes and opportunities to get a "visa upon arrival."

Why do we call for the formalization of this document in Russia? First, it's cheaper. Visa "on arrival" costs in Beijing 130 USD, in the consulate we have - only 1500 rubles. Secondly, there are several conditions for obtaining a visa at the airport, namely - the availability of a tourist group of 2 people and an invitation for this group. Some documents need to be sent to China in advance.

Tell me, do you need all this?

Then we go to the embassy, ​​we hand over the documents and get a visa, 100% guarantee of absence of problems. At the border, you only need to fill in the immigration card . Actually, we do it ourselves. The visa you saw at the beginning of the article was received in Moscow, like all our Chinese permission to enter.

List of documents for obtaining a visa to China

1. Your foreign passport, the validity of which must expire not earlier than 6 months.

2. Color photo 3,5х4,5 or 3х4. As you saw at the beginning of the article, there is no photo on your visa, but it is needed for the questionnaire. It is not necessary to stick a photo to the questionnaire yourself, all of a sudden something is wrong with the questionnaire. Let the staff of the consulate do it.

3. Questionnaire form approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC. The form is called V.2013. It is in Russian and Chinese. You can download it from this link .

4. Reference from work with the indication of the position, salary and how much you work in the organization. This reference is not required if you already have a Chinese visa in your passport. Also, if you had it in your previous passports, you should bring a copy of this page instead of a reference.

Additional documents

They may be asked, but not necessarily. It is better to immediately bring them along with the rest, they will not be superfluous.

5. Tickets for the plane. If you are going to China, you can safely buy them and not be afraid of refusing a visa. This is not the US and not Western Europe. Your obedient servant has not yet observed any refusals from the PRC and has not heard of such cases.

6. Document about hotel booking. Any, including a printout from the online booking site, will do. Keep it in English.

7. A copy of the page of your internal passport of the Russian Federation with a residence permit, and better copies of all pages.

8. A copy of the page with a photo of your passport.

All these documents are easy to prepare with a printer and a scanner. It is better to do this "for every fireman."

Another additional document

You may be required to take out medical insurance. This is purely theoretical, in practice we have not seen such cases. It can be bought in travel agencies or online. We recommend to buy medical insurance in any case, it costs only 350-400 rubles.

And of course money

Prepare 1500 (1537.5 including commission) rubles for a single or 3000 (3075 with a commission) rubles for a double visa. Pay with a credit or debit card Visa or Mastercard. Pay with a visa for a visa, what a cheerful pun!

The time for consideration of documents is 7 days. In a week you will get back your passport with a glued in visa inside.

If you do not want to "bother" with the questionnaire and the list of documents.

In Moscow and other cities there are a lot of travel companies that will be happy to help you in this difficult business.

The cost of services is low. You pay a consular fee of 1500 rubles plus the cost of services, which varies from 600 to 1500 rubles.

Some of the most responsible companies will fill in the questionnaire for you, they will take the documents themselves and pay the consular fees themselves. We were very surprised when we learned that the transport company Pony Express started to do this. Moreover, they can hand over the documents in any city where there is an office for receiving goods.

Special transit visa

In fact, this is not a full-fledged visa. You just put stamps on entry and exit. The service is free.

If you fly through the airports of China, and you need to wait a long time for the next flight, you can issue a transit visa. It lasts 72 hours. You can not go outside the city with her. For example, in Beijing you will not be able to look at the Great Wall of China, as it is beyond the city limits. In this case, we recommend the Forbidden City , the Temple of Heaven or the Summer Imperial Palace as the most interesting sights of Beijing .

This service is exactly working at airports in Beijing , Shanghai and Guangzhou. For the other airports we can not guarantee. Information comes in contradictory, and we did not check.

To obtain such a stamp, you must prove that you are a transit passenger. You will be asked to present a ticket, according to which you will fly further to another country.

The most popular question for tourists. If I fly from Russia and fly back within 72 hours, will they give me such a visa?

The answer is not so simple. By law, you should be refused, but you may simply not notice that your countries of departure and arrival coincide. Better not rely on luck and complete a full visa.

Visa-free entry to Hainan Island

Hainan Island is a year-round resort very popular with tourists, including Russian ones. You can get here without a visa, but this procedure is available only with the assistance of travel companies. Only travel companies can file documents in advance, informing the Chinese authorities about the arrival of a group of tourists.

According to the immigration service of the PRC, this opportunity is available for "groups of tourists from 2 people." Read the last sentence and ponder it! That is, according to the authorities of the PRC somewhere there are groups of tourists up to 2 people? I wonder how it looks like? One person is clearly not a group.

Conclusion: If the organizer of your tour guarantees that you will apply for a group of tourists, then you do not need a visa to travel to Hainan Island. In all other cases, take the documents for a full permit in the Chinese consulate.

Many travel companies that organize trips to China generally prefer not to contact this procedure and ask tourists to obtain a full visa in China.

The visa "on arrival" on Hainan Island is also issued, but it's worth "it's fun" 400 Chinese yuan , which you will change at the airport for not the most profitable course. Cheaper to draw up documents in Moscow.

In addition to these cases, there are many other exceptions to the general visa regime, which we will not discuss on this page. They apply only to certain areas of China, and this is a topic for a separate article.

Have a nice trip to China and read our articles about this country ( links below ).

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Hello! Tell me, please, unless air tickets and hotel reservations are not included in the list of required documents for obtaining a visa? I plan to visit China in February-March 2016, but I can not buy tickets yet, because I do not know the exact date of the trip. If air tickets are not asked in the consulate, then I would have issued a visa in advance, so that I would not waste time later. I understand that the visa is given for at least 3 months, so if I receive it in January, it will be valid until April. I would like to understand exactly the need for air tickets for obtaining a visa. Thank you.
Alexander - GlavRed site

I have been in China many times. And they never demanded the reservation of tickets or hotel.

Apply for a visa boldly!

Thanks for the answer. It turns out even a certificate from the place of work and an extract from the bank account is not required? I did not find the following information on the embassy's website: should I register for filing in advance? Or it is possible to arrive on any everyday day (during working hours, of course)? Are there any interviews with the officer (I do not consider individual cases)? Or do I just leave the documents to the consulate employee, pay the visa and leave? And how do you know if your visa is ready? I myself am not from Moscow, so it's just a shame to travel. By the way, on the bill of payment: they write that it is problematic to pay cash. Does the consulate have a terminal for payment by card?
Alexander - GlavRed site

1. If you are flying in China for the first time, a certificate will be required. Always demand.
2. It is not necessary to write down the filing of documents in advance. You arrive at the embassy during working hours (from 9-00 to 12-00).
3. No interviews.
4. You pay, submit documents, leave.
5. To learn readiness - in any way. Just arrive in 5 days, preferably after 8.
6. The embassy has a terminal.


Alexander, another small question. There is a difference how to fill out the questionnaire (on the computer or by hand)? Or it does not matter?
Alexander - GlavRed site

Better on the computer. I always handed over the printout. But I saw people handing out a questionnaire filled out by hand, and, like, they did not make claims.

The main thing, write clearly in block letters.

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