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Photo Gallery: Hofburg Palace and the Habsburg Treasury - Part 3

The third part of our photogallery from the Hofburg Palace contains the largest number of relics of the Habsburg treasury. It is here that you will find a photo in the good resolution of the crown of Charlemagne, the Austrian sword of Austria and the spear of fate. In detail about all these exhibits we told in the main article , and right after the photo gallery you will find an explanatory article in which we will describe those that have not been touched before.

An important relic, which we did not talk about in the main article, is the Imperial Cross. It was made in the beginning of the 11th century. He shakes with his size of 75 centimeters in height and 70 centimeters in width. It itself is made of wood and covered with gold foil, the number of stones on it is also fantastic.

The cross was one of the symbols of the empire, it was believed that it brings victory in the battles for the army of the Holy Roman Empire. It even has a compartment for storing the "spears of fate" in order to strengthen the effect of these two relics, as it were, to create a resonance.

This relic ordered for himself the Emperor Conrad II, it has an inscription in Latin, which translates as: "When the enemies see the Cross of the Lord, they will retreat and take flight from Conrad."

Near the end of the gallery there is an exhibit that struck us with beauty, but we could not figure out when it was created and who it belonged to. This is a huge two-handed sword, decorated with Austrian herbariums with a handle, inlaid with precious stones. We have two photos of the showcase with this sword, made from two sides.

Two paintings depicting Charlemagne are a tribute to the Habsburgs founder of the Holy Roman Empire. And on the photo the fragment of the "life-giving cross" and "the spear of fate" you will be able to examine these relics in detail.

The remaining photos of the third part of our gallery show items of clothing and everyday life of the imperial family, accumulated in the treasury of the Habsburgs.

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