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Overview: the sights of Austria and what to see interesting

The history of Austria is rather short, but very rich. There are no ancient temples or ancient tombs, but during the Middle Ages the Alpine country made up for lost time by building grandiose palaces, cathedrals and having accumulated huge collections of art objects. On this page of our site we will show a list of our articles about the sights of Austria, and in the explanatory article we will tell a little about them.

The main center of culture and tourism in Austria, of course, is the capital city of the city of Vienna. The first thing that tourists see in Vienna are the palaces, which are more than a dozen here. Permanent residences of the emperors of the Habsburg dynasty in Vienna were two, summer and winter.

Дворец Шёнбрунн

In summer, the royal family preferred the huge palace Schönbrunn , which at that time was on the outskirts of the capital. There is a huge garden for walks, a greenhouse and one of the first zoos in the world. Of course, in the summer it was much more interesting than in the city.

Schönbrunn Palace is now open to visitors, everyone can stroll through the garden, see the offices where the emperors worked, the chambers where they slept and the rooms for reception of distinguished guests. The zoo is still working. More information about this excursion can be found in our review of this landmark .

The winter residence of the Habsburgs was in the Hofburg Palace . This is a very interesting palace complex in the historic center of Vienna. It is interesting that it was built during five centuries, different emperors built new buildings here.


This palace complex is simply huge, there are several museums in it, the most important and interesting for lovers of excursion recreation is the treasury of the Habsburgs .

In the Swiss wing of the palace are the imperial crowns and other regalia of the monarchy. There are also many Christian relics, including some of the tablecloth of the secret evening and the personal belongings of the saints.

Also inside Hofburg there is a museum of art that will please fans of painting, and a museum of history, where interesting artifacts from different countries of the world are collected. To get around all the interesting places in the palace, you will have to spend more than one day of time. If you are aiming to see everything in the Hofburg, then we recommend allocating two days for this.

Another very interesting palace, but no longer relevant to the emperors, is the Belvedere Palace , which was built for its needs by Eugene of Savoy, the most famous military commander of Austria in its history.


Now the Belvedere Palace functions as a large museum. "Upper Belvedere" contains an exposition of contemporary artists such as Gustav Climat, Egon Schiele and Oscar Kokoschka.

We understand that not all readers can be enthusiastic about modernism, so in our main article about the Belvedere Palace we published a photo of one of the Climate works so that you could decide for yourself whether it is worth spending time and money on viewing art galleries.

The second part of the palace, called the "Belvedere Belvedere" was the residence of the Savoy, and now there is no permanent exhibition, you can see the interiors of the rooms and get acquainted with the luxury that was available to high-class representatives of the time.

In addition to the palaces, in Vienna a large number of churches and cathedrals. Very interesting are the churches of Karlskirche, the church of St. Peter, the church of Am Steinhoff and the church of St. Augustine. But the center of religious life and the main Catholic cathedral of Austria is St. Stephen's Cathedral .

Собор Святого Стефана

The church was rebuilt several times and now it is a huge cathedral in a tower with a height of 136 meters and the roof of the main building with a height of 60 meters, it makes an indelible impression.

You can climb to the south (high) tower and look at Vienna from a great height. St. Stephen's Cathedral was Austria's tallest building, it was illegal to build buildings above it. Of course, in the beginning it will be necessary to overcome 343 steps upward, which is difficult for many tourists. We recommend to think whether you can master or not.

In the catacombs under the temple are medieval burials. In the building itself is located the tomb of Eugene of Savoy and rest the representatives of the Habsburg family, including one emperor.

In the northern (small) tower is the most important bell of Austria, called Pummerin.

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the most significant tourist attraction in Austria, made in the Gothic style of architecture. Lovers of the style of the "dark Middle Ages" we strongly recommend to visit this place.

Among Europeans and Russians in particular, Vienna is associated with music, we immediately recall the Vienna Waltz, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johann Strauss. Indeed, there are a lot of theaters in Vienna, the most famous of which are the Vienna State Opera, the Burgtheater (former Imperial Theater), the Vienna Concert House and the Raimund Theater. Separately it is necessary to say about the music museum "House of Music", part of which is interactive, we recommend that all fans of music and sound visit this place.

Of course, Vienna is not the only city in Austria and every region of the country has its own sights. The Carinthian region is famous for its lakes . There are also many interesting places for tourists here.


Miniimundus miniature park will show you more than 150 world sights at a scale of 1:25. Of course, half of them are Austrian, and many Russian tourists simply will not recognize them, but this does not spoil the general impression.

In the park, copies of famous ships float and drive real steam locomotives, only miniature ones, which makes it an excellent place to visit families with children. It's unlikely that your children will be inspired by copies of the palaces, but the trains will surely delight them. For you it will be an excellent opportunity to be photographed with dozens of attractions in one place.

In our article about Minimundus Park we collected a description of the most interesting miniatures , and also accompanied the article with three galleries of photos from the park , where you can see almost all the mock-ups that are in the park.

Carinthia is primarily famous for its nature and natural attractions. Lakes, caves and mountain trails - this is what tourists come to see here. But in all of Austria there is also a large number of castles, the most impregnable of which is in this area.


The Hochosterwitz Castle is located on a cliff more than 150 meters high. There is only one way to the top, which is protected by fourteen gates with defensive towers. The castle never fell into the hands of the enemy.

In the castle there is a museum with a rich collection of arms and armor of the late Middle Ages, and from the walls there are spectacular views of the mountains.

In Salzburg and Innsbruck there are also many interesting places, but we have not yet published reviews of interesting places from these areas in Austria on our website, so we will not talk about them in detail on this page.

We wish you a pleasant reading and a busy trip to the sights of Austria. Read our articles about this country ( links below ).

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