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The 10 most famous Austrians

In Austria, only about 8 million people live, so the list of famous Austrians is not as rich as representatives of other countries. But there are plenty of bright personalities in our rating.

10th place

Феликс Баумгартнер. Знаменитый парашютис и рекордсмен

Felix Baumgartner , the famous parachutist.

Why was in this rating.
Agree, become famous as a paratrooper - it's already nontrivial.

Why only 10th place.
Almost everyone knows about him, but very few people remember his name.

In 2012, the whole world flew around the news of a new record jump from the stratosphere with a fantastic altitude of 39 kilometers. It's a pity that almost nobody remembers the hero's name. And his name is Felix Baumgartner, and he is an Austrian.

Jumping from such heights is very dangerous. Previous record holder our compatriot Evgeny Andreev jumped from a height of 24.5 thousand meters. But he hopped not alone, but along with another parachutist Pyotr Dolgov. Dolgov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

At such an altitude, any damage to the spacesuit leads to the inevitable death of the daredevil who has decided to take this step. The purpose of the jumping of the officers of the US Air Force and the USSR was to test the possibility of evacuating spacemen from space. It can be said that these were scientific studies.

Baumgartner jumped more for promotional purposes, sponsored by Red Bull.

9th place

Хундертвассер - художник, архитектор и сторонник единения с природой

Friedrich Hundertwasser , artist.

Why was in this rating.
This person is an icon for environmentalists.

Why only 9th place.
Unfortunately, few people know about it in our country.

The born Friedrich Shtovasser took upon himself the new name and surname Friedensreich Hundertwasser, which translates as "The Hundreds of Waters Rich in the World." The artist and the architect propagandized love and unity with nature.

Hundertwasser was born and grew up in a difficult time. He escaped Nazi repression only thanks to the efforts of his mother, who baptized him into Catholicism, otherwise the life of the Jewish boy would have been interrupted before 1945, as happened with all the native artists.

He is little known to us, but in the Western world he is an idol for the fighters for the purity of the environment. His most famous work is the "Hundertwasser House" in Vienna.

8th place

Франц Шуберт - знаменитый австрийский композитор

Franz Schubert , composer.

Why was in this rating.
Almost everyone knows his name.

Why only 8th place.
It's a pity, but with his works the Russians are not very well acquainted.

The music of Franz Schubert was not popular during his lifetime. We can say that he simply did not have time to "untwist", because death overtook the composer at the age of 31.

Many readers will say that they do not know his works, but you've heard them dozens of times. The most famous of them is "Ave Maria". To fans of computer games it is familiar on a series of games "Hitman". It also sounded in many films. According to the IMDB website, Schubert's works are heard in 504 films and serials, but this list is not complete yet.

7th place

Ники Лауда - известный австрийский гонщик Формулы 1

Nicky Lauda , racing driver.

Why was in this rating.
The most famous representative of the racing profession from Austria.

Why only 7th place.
There are competitors more feasible.

Niki Lauda is a three-time champion of Formula 1 racing. Previously, he was known only to fans of this sport, but after the release of the film "Rush" ("Rush"), the whole world learned about him.

In 1976, during the competition at the Nürburgring in Germany, he was in an accident and was trapped in his racing car, which was already burning. Having received serious burns, Lauda did not give up and after a series of complex operations returned to motorsport in the same season. That year, the champion was his rival James Hunt, just about a duel with him and tells the film. But the next year Nicky became the champion for the second time.

For his calculating in the race Nicky Lauda received the nickname "computer".

6th place

Густав Климт - отец австрийского модернизма

Gustav Klimt , the artist.

Why was in this rating.
The most famous Austrian artist.

Why only 6th place.
Little known to us, despite his contribution to world culture.

Gustav Klimt was in disfavor in our country during the Soviet era. Perhaps, because of this, his work is almost not familiar to the Russians. Those who are somehow familiar with his work, express different opinions. Some people do not like them frankly, but someone is delighted with his skill in portraying women on canvases.

Most of his works have not left their homeland and are exhibited in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna. The most famous painting by Gustav Klimt is called "Kiss" and is exhibited in the "upper" part of the palace.

5 place

Иоганны Штраусы. Отец слева, сын справа

Johann Strauss , composers.

Why were in this rating.
The most famous authors of waltzes. Johann Strauss (son) is recognized as the "king of waltzes".

Why only in 5th place.
They have more serious competitors.

Composer Johann Strauss knows almost everything, but the fact that the famous writers of waltzes were two, not known to many. The son became famous a little more than his father, he was called "the king of waltzes".

The most famous two waltzes are "The Tales of the Viennese Forest" and "On the Beautiful Blue Danube". The second waltz is recognized as an unofficial anthem of Vienna and all of Austria.

Waltz "On the beautiful blue Danube" you just heard and more than once. It sounds in a fantastic movie "Space Odyssey 2001", a cult computer game "Elite", the film "The New Spiderman", and in the animated series "The Simpsons" this waltz appeared four times.

4th place

Зигмунд Фрейд - самый знаменитый в мире психолог

Sigmund Freud , a psychiatrist, father of psychoanalysis.

Why was in this rating.
The author of modern ideas about the human personality.

Why only in 4th place.
Not everyone likes him and is ready to accept his knowledge.

If you carefully inquire about the opinions of others about psychoanalysis and the very Sigmund Freud, then make sure that few of them are ready to accept his views. Perhaps you yourself are not ready for this. However, the methods and theory developed by him are actively and, most importantly, successfully used to treat people.

The main reason why most people do not recognize Freud's theory is the inability to admit to himself that there is a "super-ego" or "subconscious". After all, you need to recognize the fact that you do not control your life 100%.

3rd place

Когда-то он был маленьким и безобидным

Adolf Schicklgruber , portrait painter and politician.

Why was in this rating.
Everyone knows it, without exception.

Why only in 3rd place.
He has bad karma.

Unfortunately, the artist from Schicklgruber did not work. And how nice it would be to look at his paintings, and not at the monuments in Vienna in honor of his deeds.

We specifically publish his only photo from a very young age, so as not to embarrass the readers. And about whom we are talking, educated readers have long guessed.

2 nd place

Терминатор, он же Конан-варвар и австриец

Arnold Schwarzenegger , actor and governor of the state of California.

Why was in this rating.
One of the world-famous natives of Austria, almost everybody knows him.

Why only in the 2 nd place.
He is a celebrity, but his contribution to the culture of Austria and the world is not so high.

Not everyone knows that the famous actor, a member of the Republican Party of the United States and the former (at the time of writing) governor of California was born in Austria near the city of Graz. Now Arnold Schwarzenegger has two citizenships - Austrian and American.

And do you know that "Iron Arnie" is also a real tank driver? He received this specialty during the years of service in the Austrian army.

1 st place

Терминатор, он же Конан-варвар и австриец

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , composer.

Why on the 1 st place.
For many people, Mozart is a symbol of Austria.

The symbol of Austria is in the minds of most Russians. In his name, the Austrians call everything that can only be called. For example, we wrote about sweets and liqueurs, named after him in the article "what to bring from Austria" .

"Marriage of Figaro", "March of Turkish soldiers" and the 40th symphony - these are Mozart's most popular works. You heard them and not one hundred times.

We hope you like our rating.

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