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What can I bring from Austria: souvenirs and photo gifts

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Traditionally, we wish all readers to bring a lot of pleasant impressions from Austria , and in this article we will tell you about what souvenirs and gifts can be brought from there. We will divide our review into two parts, in the first half we will touch on souvenirs, and in the second we will tell about edible gifts from the alpine country.

The most important symbol of Austria is a white horse, or rather a horse of the Lipizzan breed. The stores sell a huge number of souvenirs in the form of white horses .

In the photo on the right you can see the most lovely souvenirs in the form of Lipizzan horses. If desired, you can look at them at the Hofburg Palace , where the most famous Austrian equestrian school is located.

Of course, the classical form is a porcelain figurine, and if you need an official gift, it is better to buy it. But remember that porcelain can easily break, pack into something soft and better. The flight to Austria is not long, but it's better not to take risks.

The history of the most famous horse breed in Austria began in the 16th century, when the Habsburg dynasty ruled not only its native land, but also Spain. The Emperor Maximilian II brought Spanish Andalusian horses to Vienna. And his brother Archduke Charles II transported them to the city of Lipets, which is now located in the territory of Slovenia. That's how the breed got its name.

The breed is the result of crossing Andalusian, Arab and Italian horses. The Austrians are proud of this breed and the white horse, usually prancing, is one of the symbols of the country. In souvenir shops you can buy a huge number of different things depicting the Lipizzanian horses.

The most colorful gift from Austria are the bells for cows . Now they are sold only as souvenirs, as the wearing of this accessory by cows is officially prohibited. In 2012, the prohibiting law was passed, as they are too noisy and prevent people from sleeping. A fine for farmers is 100 euros.

It's a very interesting gift, but it's not worth giving it to women, they can understand how a nasty subtle hint.

In the photo on the left is a good photo that shows their real shape. In fact, they are almost flat. This is the main feature of Austrian bells.

By the way, these bells are one more of the national instruments. The tool consists of a large number of them, each bell has its own size. This musical instrument is much more popular than it seems, and every reader has heard it. Sounds of the instrument from cow bells are used in popular songs, only to discern it is very difficult.

Often, as a gift from Austria recommend smoking pipes from Peter Matszhold . A very good gift, but only if you have an extra 1000 dollars, this is the average price tag for these tubes. All that you are trying to sell for 100 euros or less is an obvious forgery. Austria in general is quite an expensive country, read the article how much money to take with you and about the euro in Austria .

Frey Wille jewelry is more affordable. They are covered with special enamel and painted by hand. The price is from 50 euros and above. Very interesting things, a good gift for the fair half of humanity. But be careful, they are very actively forged.

The Austrians, like the Germans, love beer very much. We will talk about a penne drink later, and now we recommend that you bring a beer mug from Austria.

The variety of mugs in souvenir shops is huge, the most interesting, which we found, were decorated with the coat of arms of Austria. Eagle can be with one or two heads, and many tourists ask "What's the difference?". The coat of arms of modern Austria is an eagle with one head, and the double-headed eagle was the coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Beer dishes are made here both from metal and from ceramics, and the volume of mugs is from 200 milliliters to 2 liters.

Austrian ceramics are considered very high quality, and the best products are those produced in the castle of Augarten, but the prices for the original dishes and souvenirs from the castle "bite". Therefore, we recommend buying something simpler, just as a souvenir.

Now we will move on to those gifts that you can eat or drink. And the most exclusive gift, usable, is chocolate liqueur Mozart . We recommend it in the first place, since it is very original, you must agree, you will not find such a drink often.

The exterior design of this drink is excellent, it is suitable as a universal gift. Moreover, it is named after the most famous Austrian . The price is quite low, in supermarkets it can be bought for 8-10 euros.

Excellent combination of high quality and reasonable price. Liquor Mozart is of three types: black, white and gold. White and gold grades are not chocolate, but creamy-chocolate liqueurs, and only black Mozart is a classic chocolate liqueur, we recommend it first.

And since we have already started the topic of alcoholic beverages, we will continue it. Beer is loved in Austria no less than in neighboring Germany, but the foamy drink here is very diverse. In Germany there is a special law called Reinheitsgebot (Reinheitsgebot), which imposes on the brewers a large number of restrictions in the recipe. In Austria, there is no such law, and the field for experiments among brewers was wide.

We will tell you about the real varieties of Austrian beer. This is important, as many tourists bring German varieties from Austria, for example, Zwicklbier comes from Germany.

Stiegl - is considered the most popular, and it is brewed in Salzburg. It has its own main feature, as it is brewed at a plant owned by private individuals. All other large breweries in Austria, unfortunately, have already been sold to large international companies. Stiegl is cooked from spring water extracted in the mountains. If you decide to bring beer, then first of all, buy it.

Gösser - many consider the German brand. It is brewed in the region of Styria, this is south of Vienna. This is one of the oldest brands of Austrian beer, it was brewed in a monastery in the 15th century. In the town of Leoben you can visit the factory and the museum of beer and brewing.

Hirter - brewed in the area of ​​Carinthia, the famous resort with lakes . For this beer there is even a special application for the iPhone and iPad, we do not know what it does, try it yourself.

Zipfer - is considered the most innovative brewery. It was here that we came up with a packing for beer from 6 bottles and five-liter kegs, the engineers of the plant are constantly working on packaging, and this plant is famous.

Another traditional alcoholic beverage, but already strong, is schnapps, which in Austria, like in Germany, are produced preferably from fruits and berries. The most popular is apple schnapps, the less common is a drink made from pears, plums and cherries. As a gift from Austria we recommend Marillenschnaps (Marillenschnaps), it is the most national and is made from apricots.

And now we turn to dessert, both in a direct and figurative sense. Sweets Mozzotkugel are very common here, they can be found in every supermarket. But only in Austria in the city of Salzburg you can buy real sweets from the confectionery of Paul Furst.

These sweets have nothing to do with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, just bear his name. To be honest, he did not even try them, as they were invented after his death.

The candy consists of marzipan inside and chocolate outside, the result is a ball. Paul Furst invented them, but forgot to patent, as a result, now such sweets are made by many companies, but only in Austria you can buy the original Mozartkugel sweets.

Of course, this is not the entire list of interesting souvenirs that you can take with you from the Alpine country, perhaps we will add it. While on this all, read our other articles about Austria ( list below ).

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I'm going to Austria, and I was asked to bring a lighter brand imco as a souvenir. Tell me, please, is there an imco store in Vienna?
Alexander - GlavRed site

Probably, it is next to the IMCO plant. Guschelbauergasse 10-14 1210 Wien. Try to search there.

Many thanks! I will look for)

Well, what can I bring from Austria besides impressions, we will analyze in this article. Snow ball is a very beautiful souvenir. Inside the glass ball there are miniatures of the most famous Austrian constructions.

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