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How many flights to Austria from Moscow and other cities

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In this article, we will talk about the flight to Austria, in which cities the planes from Russia land, and how many hours it is necessary to fly to Austrian airports from Moscow and other cities of our country. Also, we will list the cities of the Austrian Republic, in which you can buy a ticket for a direct flight from Moscow.

Many people like to travel to Europe precisely because of its proximity to Russia and the opportunity to travel by train, as not everyone loves or can fly on airplanes.

This is the reason why not many flights fly to Austria , just many prefer land transportation. Please do not be surprised at the small table content in this article.

The distance from Moscow to Vienna is about 1700 kilometers in a straight line. Accordingly, at a passenger airliner speed of 850-900 kilometers per hour, the path should be about 2 hours. In fact, it is slightly larger, as the planes on this route do not fly straight, but make several "hooks".

The flight will pass over the territory of Belarus and Poland, and the only major city that you can watch in the porthole is Polish Krakow.

Unfortunately, this direction is not so popular with Russians, and you can fly to cities of the alpine country by direct flight only from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar.

(the information is current as of this writing, April 2014)

Approximate flight times from these cities to the capital city of Vienna are shown in the table on the left.

Residents of other cities in Russia will have to fly to Austria with a transfer in one of the above cities. It is best to fly through Moscow airports, because in this way you can fly not only to Vienna, but also to other cities of the Austrian Republic.

The main airport in Austria is called "Vienna-Schwechat". It is named not in honor of one of the famous Austrians , in just the name of the town nearby. It is located 18 kilometers from the city, and a special CAT train runs between the airport and the city. At the station you can already take the Viennese metro and get anywhere you want. Of course, you can take taxi services, but in Austria everything is expensive , including transportation.

From Moscow airports you can fly direct flight not only to Vienna. Direct flights fly to Innsbruck and to Salzburg. In Salzburg it was possible to fly regular flights of the airline "Atlant-Soyuz", but now it no longer exists. At the time of writing this review in Salzburg it was possible to fly seasonal flights of Ural Airlines, Yamal Airlines and Transaero.

In Innsbruck there are Austrian Airlines flights, but they are also seasonal and fly only in the winter. The flight has the number OS 672, and the reverse OS 671. Innsbruck is almost 400 kilometers farther from Moscow than Vienna, and fly here for 30 minutes longer.

Traditionally we will tell you about the most popular aircraft on this route. This is Airbus A320, which is used by Austrian Airlines on regular flights. In the vast family of medium-haul airliners Airbus, which consists of similar in construction A318, A319, A320 and A321, the A320 is the most massive. At the time of this review, more than 3,000 aircraft are in operation worldwide.

The family of these aircraft provides the main turnover and profits of the company Airbus, to tell the truth, without them the corporation would long ago have gone bankrupt or simply left the market of passenger airliners.

For example, this situation occurred with the corporation McDonnell Douglas, which could not stand competition and was absorbed by Boeing. Some of the readers, perhaps, still managed to fly to DC-8, DC-9 or even DC-10, which now can be seen only in parking lots. By the way, one plane McDonnell Douglas DC-9 exactly costs at Domodedovo airport, we saw with our own eyes.

Salon A320 is executed under the scheme "3 + 3", as at all narrow-fuselage airliners, including its main competitor Boeing 737-800.

But, Airbus is considered more comfortable. There is more space between the seats, more space on the shelves for hand luggage. In the design process, the company's engineers tried to make the plane better than its competitors. It turned out this way, for each parameter a little bit, but better.

For those readers who are afraid of aircraft, and in particular air crashes, we will say that the Airbus A320 has very good accident statistics. Of course, the very phrase "good statistics of accidents" sounds already scary, since statistics of catastrophes can not be good.

But still, if compared with a competitor Boeing 737, then the A320 seems much safer. During the entire operation of this aircraft with him there were only 6 accidents with large casualties among passengers.

Another remarkable fact about this aircraft is that its production was partially transferred to China. Some of the planes are produced in Germany, but some are collected in the heaven.

Perhaps the plane on which you fly to Austria will be of Chinese origin. We understand that some readers are a little scared, but so far nothing bad with these planes has happened, there is no cause for concern.

Enjoy your flights to Austria, we hope that they will be fun and not be tiresome. Read our other reviews about Austria ( links below ).

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