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The main Austrian national is the 'Vienna Schnitzel'

The Vienna Schnitzel, along with the apple strudel , is the "visiting card" of Austrian national cuisine. If you try a real dish, and it's best to do it in Austria , you will understand that it is different from the schnitzels offered in Russian restaurants. We'll figure out how it should be and how to look.

Венский шницель

Honestly, this dish is not useful, so for lovers of healthy food, we would not recommend it. On the level of health benefits, it can be characterized by the phrase: "Hello cholesterine!".

A real Viennese schnitzel is made from veal, beating it according to the principle "the thinner, the better." The thickness of meat should not exceed 4-5 millimeters. Finished semi-finished products can be bought in stores in Austria, but they are frozen and they can not be brought home as gifts from Austria , and the taste is not at all what is in the restaurant.

For those who like to cook by themselves, we say that a piece of meat is preferably cut along the center along, this technology is called a "butterfly". With this method, you can achieve the desired thickness of meat and the right size of the piece is much easier than beating it. This method is clearly illustrated in the photo below.

Способ разрезания мяса для получения большого тонкого куска

The resulting piece of veal is enveloped in eggs, flour and breadcrumbs, and quite abundantly.

The frying process is the most important in preparing the national dish of the Austrians. Fry a Viennese schnitzel in melted lard or butter. Oils should be plenty, so that the piece just floats in it. If the fat or oil is put in insufficient quantities, that the breading can not be roasted normally, and the appetizing appearance will be lost.

Процесс жарки Венского шницеля

The first sign that you are trying a real Viennese schnitzel is the size. It should be as thin as possible and as wide and long as possible. It is desirable that it be larger than the plate on which it is served.

An example of such a piece you can see in the photo below. A great specimen from one of the restaurants in Vienna. A huge and evenly fried real Viennese schnitzel. You noticed a lemon, which is traditionally served to this dish, it is believed that the dish with it will taste better.

Венский шницель должен быть больше тарелки

As a side dish, this dish is usually served with greens, potatoes or some salad.

There are a lot of different opinions about the history of the appearance of the Viennese schnitzel in the national cuisine of Austria. One of them is the legend that he was brought here from Italy by the Austrian commander Count Radetsky, which is not entirely true, since there was simply no such dish in the cookbooks of Italians of the time (mid-19th century).

The most plausible version of the origin of the Vienna Schnitzel is the version of the natural evolution. Even before the 19th century, Austria mastered the technology of deep frying of dishes in oil and breading, known for the popular chicken dish called Backhendl and several other similar recipes.

For many tourists visiting Austria, information about the name of this dish in German can be relevant, as the menu is not always translated into English, and even more so in Russian.

A real Viennese schnitzel is necessarily prepared from veal, and only in this case it can bear such a name. Of course, according to this recipe you can cook cheaper meat, the most popular option is pork due to its low price. But in this case the dish has no right to be called Wiener Schnitzel, but should be called Wiener Schnitzel with the addition of other words identifying the type of meat. This is the law, and it is impossible to violate its restaurants.

In simple words, if in the menu you see simply the name Wiener Schnitzel, then the dish should be made of veal, if after this phrase there is something else, then other meat is used.

We wish you a great and delicious schnitzel during your visit to Austria.

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