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How to get from Vienna airport to the city center

The problem of how to get from the airport to the city is always relevant. Of course, you can always take a taxi, but that would not be an excuse for us to write an interesting article. If you arrive at Vienna airport (Schwechat), then the most convenient way is to take a special CAT train (abbreviation of City Airport Train). He will quickly take you to the center of Vienna, and, at the same time, well devastate your wallet.

The flight to Austria lasts not so long, from Moscow it will take no more than 3 hours, and tourists are often still full of strength not to take a taxi at once, but to use more economical transport.

Поезд CAT, курсирующий между аэропортом и Веной

The CAT train is the fastest and most comfortable way to get from Vienna airport to the city. Of course, it is quite expensive, the ticket price is 12 euros.

On the other hand, a taxi ride will cost you around 40 euros (do not be surprised - Austria is an expensive country ), so we can not call it the most expensive way. For those readers who consider 12 euros too high a price, we'll tell you how you can save a little on the ticket and on the second train S7, which is much cheaper.

Let's start with the positive moments that await you when traveling on a CAT train. This is the fastest transport from the airport of Vienna to the Wien-Mitte station (next to the Landstraße metro station Vienna at the intersection of the green and orange branches) it takes you 16 minutes.

It is very comfortable, it has plenty of room for luggage, two-story train cars with comfortable seats. On the train hang monitors that show videos, but everything we already listed is in our aero-express in Moscow and other similar trains in different countries.

CAT has a feature that other trains do not have on the world's airports (at least, we have not seen this in others). Directly on the train you can see the airport's scoreboard, which is very convenient in some situations. For example, you go to the airport to meet someone, and you can already see on the train whether his flight has landed or not. Alternatively, you can find your reception number on the train.

Поезд CAT

CAT does not have any high speed characteristics, it's not a "maglev" in Shanghai. Its put 19 kilometers it passes at a speed of 70-75 kilometers per hour. Slowness is a distinctive feature of the Austrians , do not be surprised.

Let's talk about what types of tickets can be and how you can save money. In the table below we gave all the options for buying tickets with the cost and price for 1 trip.

Таблица с ценами на билеты на поезд CAT

As you have noticed, it is most advantageous for an independent traveler to buy a return ticket over the Internet, so you can pay the lowest possible price of 8.5 euro. You can buy a ticket on the official website http://www.cityairporttrain.com/.

Attention! A ticket purchased online must be printed, do not forget.

Attention! During the purchase of the ticket you will be asked to enter the phone number. Do not be surprised, there is a way to get a ticket via SMS to your mobile phone. We do not know if this SMS will come to a number in Russia, we did not try.

Between tickets purchased online and tickets purchased in the vending machine, there is a significant difference. During the purchase of the ticket through the Internet you will need to specify exactly the day when you will go from the airport and back, tickets will be valid only on this day. A ticket from the machine will work only on the day of purchase when traveling "there", and back you can drive on any of the days within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Заказ билета на ребенка до 15 лет

Children under 15 years old can take the CAT train for free, and the website states that they are children up to 14.99 years. It looks ridiculous, and it's not entirely clear why they wrote it. For children, you need to buy a separate ticket, although it is free, but it should be.

We do not know what the controller will say when checking, if there is not, we did not encounter such a situation. By the way, about the controllers. The Vienna railway company provides a unique "ticket with delivery" service, that is, it is not necessary to buy a ticket, you can board a train and pay the ticket for the ticket and for this service. It is worth the extra two euros.

Расписание следования поездов CAT

You will find the train schedule for CAT on the right. Trains depart every 6th and 36th minute of every hour. Very convenient and understandable schedule, which fits perfectly into the concept of "comfort expensive."

Another very convenient service when traveling to CAT is the registration at the Wien-Mitte station. You can register right after buying a train ticket where there are no queues. Registration opens 24 hours before the departure time and ends 75 minutes before departure, ideally if you are late. But, this service is available only upon presenting a ticket for the CAT train.

Registration at the station is not valid for all airlines. There is a list of air carriers that are connected to the system, and there is no Russian carrier in it (at the time of writing the article). Austiran Airlines is the only company that is on this list and flies to Russia from Vienna.

Full list of airlines that support this service: Adria Airways, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air China, Air New Zealand Limited, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Continental Airlines, Inc., Croatia Airlines, Egyptair, LOT - Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, Luxair, NIKI, SWISS, TAP - Air Portugal, Tyrolean Airways.

And the latest information about CAT, which we can share, but which of all the above will be the least valuable for tourists. On the train you can buy an annual subscription, which costs 680 euros.

Find the platform with which the CAT is sent is not difficult, everywhere there are green signs with a picture of the train. You will arrive at the station, and from there you can take the metro to Landstrasse (crossing 3 and 4 branches of Vienna metro). If you have a small luggage, you can immediately see some of the sights. St. Stephen's Cathedral , Belvedere Palace and Hofburg Palace and the Habsburg Treasury are nearby.

Cheaper train option

If you are not satisfied with the price of a trip to CAT, and you want to get from Vienna airport to the city cheaper, then you can use another train called S7. To get on it, you need to buy a ticket in another machine with the inscription "S7" and proceed to another platform, following the signs "OBB Train".

Train S7

This trip will already cost 4.2 euros, and on the same ticket you can still go to the Vienna metro.

Agree, the price is much more democratic, but it will take a little longer, namely 25 minutes instead of 16. It also leaves every 30 minutes, but starts moving earlier in the morning, the first train leaves the airport at 4-53 in the morning.

Inside this train is not so comfortable, it looks more like our regular train. But, for such a price is quite acceptable.

Of course, from Vienna airport there are also buses, but the way by train is more versatile, therefore, we recommend it first.

We wish you a successful flight to Austria, and read our other materials about this country ( links below ).

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