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The best resorts in Austria: Lake Carinthia in summer

Tourism is one of the most important sources of income in Austria, every year about 15 million tourists come here, which is almost twice as much as the population of the country. First of all, Austria is associated with mountain skiing and alpine slopes, secondarily with beautiful castles and Vienna, with excursion rest. But not many people know that in the heart of Europe, where there is no sea, there are beach resorts.

Озеро Австрии

These are the resorts of Austria at the lakes of Carinthia, which are considered to be among the cleanest in Europe. There are several lakes here, and it is believed that each has its own unique color. Lakes are fed by mountain springs, with this the purity of water and unique colors are associated.

Every year in May, when the beach season opens on the lakes of Carinthia, the Mayor of Klagenfurt sails by boat to the middle of Lake Wörthersee and publicly drinks water from the lake, thereby proving that the water in the lakes has remained clean. This ritual officially opens the beach season.

Most Russian tourists go to the beach exclusively at sea, so in this review we will tell you about the advantages of the "Austrian Riviera" in front of beach resorts and what are the disadvantages.

The first thing that confuses lovers of waves and sun loungers at the word lake, is the water temperature. Most tourists believe that the water in the lake is in any case colder than in the sea and it will be cold to swim. In our case, this is not the case, for example, the Wörthersee Lake warms up to 27 degrees in the summer. Such a pair of water can not boast resorts of the Aegean Sea, and even more so, Black. To this temperature, the water warms up in July and August in the resorts of Tunisia and Turkey .

Утиное семейство на озере

The water in the lakes is very clean, which, as we already mentioned, is confirmed every year by the Mayor of Klagenfurt, the capital of the region. This is the photo we made on Lake Wörthersee, it shows that the water is clear, the paws of the ducks can be seen perfectly.

Different lakes of Carinthia are at different altitudes from sea level and warm up to different temperatures, some ponds are warmer, some are colder. Klopeiner See is the warmest though small lake, its average maximum temperature is 28 degrees, and the coldest of the large lakes is called Weissensee and is at an altitude of more than 1000 meters above sea level, it only warms up up to 24 degrees.

Природа австрийских озер

The main advantage of the lakes of Carinthia is a unique opportunity to visit both the beach resort and the mountains at the same time. There is a very beautiful nature of the middle strip of Europe.

The second important factor for many tourists is the air temperature, which in summer, usually, does not rise above 26 degrees. For those readers who are fans of the heat, of course, we will recommend the Emirates or Egypt . But, for those who do not like the heat, and want to swim in warm water, there is no place better than the Austrian Riviera.

Fans of a beautiful tan in Carinthia should be very cautious, remember that you are in the mountains, you can get sunburned here very quickly and "burn" too.

The next part of our story will be devoted to active recreation on the lakes. On the water you can do sailing or windsurfing, the wind blows almost always. In some lakes, diving in a mask (skubbing) is possible, then not in all. Restrictions are imposed due to the fact that local authorities believe that at the bottom of the lakes there may still be unexploded ordnance of the Second World War. Of course, the prices for all these entertainments in Austria are much higher than in popular seaside resorts.

From active recreation on land, hikes to the mountains, bicycle trips are common here. In the mountains there are caves, the most famous of which is near Lake Klopainer-See, it is called Obir (Obir Stalactite Caves), the temperature in the caves falls in the summer to 8 degrees. In lakes, fishing is allowed, there are many kinds of fish, and you can rent gear.

Paragliding is a very popular entertainment when visiting the lakes of Carinthia.

Подъемник в горы

At the top of you will bring lifts, the ones that are used in winter for skiers. If you are an experienced paraglider, then of course you can take your equipment with you and jump alone. Ordinary tourists without experience can only jump with an instructor, as shown in the photo below. Pay attention to the couple on the orange parachute.


And of course, you will find beautiful views of the Austrian Alps. Rising in the mountains in any case is interesting, and it does not matter whether you decided to fly by parachute or not. Many are afraid, while fear is of two kinds. The first is fear of height, a second fear of price. Flight with an instructor costs about 120 EUR, and do not be surprised, because Austria is one of the richest countries in Europe, and the prices here are appropriate.

Вид с гор

The area is rich in historical sights, there are several medieval castles. In Klagenfurt itself there is a very interesting park of miniatures where you can see all the most famous buildings in the world, it's called Minimundus, read our review about this place .

To the west of the city of Klagenfurt there is a place called Warmbad Villach, where there are healing hot springs. Summing up everything that we told in the second half of this article, we can say that there is no shortage of entertainment and excursions on the lakes of Carinthia.

Средневековый замок

Along with all the advantages of resting on the Austrian Riviera, it is worthwhile to tell about the shortcomings. Austria is one of the richest countries in Europe , if you count by income per capita. And, naturally, the prices here are high.

If you want to spend time near clear lake water, then most likely you will have to go to a public beach. Of course, there are hotels with a private beach strip, but rest in such hotels is the most expensive. To go to a public beach you need to pay 3 EUR to 15-00, from 15-00 to 18-00 this pleasure will cost 2 EUR. After 18-00, however, bathing will be free, which is what our tourists use.

Prices for food here are also appropriate, a good dinner will cost 25-30 EUR, which is comparable to Moscow restaurants. Prices for all entertainment and excursions, too, are appropriate.

In the end, we can say that if you love the heat and the temperature of +30 for your rest is mandatory, then, of course, the lake of Carinthia is not for you. But if you like moderate temperatures, pure mountain air and crystal water, then you will have an unforgettable vacation. But, remember the prices and count your financial opportunities.

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