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Klagenfurt Cathedral in Austria: description and photos from the tour

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The capital of Carinthia, the city of Klagenfurt is very small, with a population of no more than 100,000 people. The main church of the city and all this area in Austria does not look superficially, but the interior decoration is not inferior to the main cathedrals of the country, even St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna .

Главный алтарь Клагенфуртского собора

The Klagenfurt Cathedral is dedicated to St. Peter and Paul, the apostles, who martyred under the persecutions of Christians in the Roman Empire .

Behind the main altar is a picture that depicts the farewell of the apostles before their death, several more times they can be seen on different frescos on the walls and ceiling of the cathedral.

These saints are revered by all denominations of Christianity. July 12 is celebrated the day of Saints Peter and Paul.

As we have already said, outwardly the main cathedral of Klagenfurt is not distinguished by the grandeur and pomposity, which the Catholic churches are famous for. The cathedral was built in 1578 by order of the city of Christophe Windesch. And it was built in those times, when in Carinthia the majority of the population adopted Lutheranism (one of the Protestant movements).

Клагенфуртский собор

This is why he is famous, since the period of Protestantism in Austria was very short-lived and it is the largest Protestant (rather, formerly Protestant) church in the country. In addition, it is the first large Protestant church in Austria.

The cathedral was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, but it did not last long, as in 20 years the process of counter-reformation began, that is, the return of Austria back to the bosom of the Catholic Church. The process was bloodless, and the church eventually ended up in the hands of Catholics.

The cathedral acquired its present appearance only in 1963, when the ruins of the hospital building were completely dismantled. During the Second World War, surrounding buildings were badly damaged by bombing, and as a result they decided to simply dismantle. The facade was finished only in 1973.

From old times only fragments of bas-reliefs that you can see in our photo gallery have been preserved.

The interior of the cathedral was almost completely destroyed during the great fire of 1723, when almost all of Klagenfurt was burnt. The church began to be reconstructed almost from scratch.

Ornamentation on the ceilings appeared at this time, and the drawings themselves appeared later. As well as new altars, the central part of the main one you saw on the first photo in this article.

Орнамент на потолке Клагенфуртского собора

Different murals are made by different artists, and many differ in style. Below you will find a small gallery of photo murals on the ceiling of the Klagenfurt Cathedral.

In 1787 an important event occurred. The leadership of the diocese Gurka moved from the city of Gurk to Klagenfurt. Despite the move, the diocese is still called, it was not renamed.

We are afraid that many readers have not understood what we said in the previous paragraph, so let us explain some of the terms. The diocese is a unit of territorial division in the church. Often, the boundaries of the diocese coincide with the administrative boundaries of regions and regions of countries, but this is not necessary. At the head of the diocese is a bishop or archbishop.

Klagenfurt is governed by the Diocese of Hurka, which in turn is subordinated to the archdiocese of Salzburg. Priests also have a strong vertical of power. After the transfer of the bishop and the leadership of the diocese to the city, they needed a cathedral. There was no other pretender, and the cathedral of Peter and Paul became the main Catholic church of Carinthia.

Убранство Клагенфуртского собора

Since then, the decoration of the cathedral has become richer and more beautiful, there have been no serious shocks with the temple, and the collection of works of art inside was only replenished.

Now they welcome tourists here. Admission is free and you can take photos without restrictions. If you are lucky to get into the church during the service, you will be able to listen to the organ. All photos of the main altar of the temple and the altars of the chapels you will find in our large photo gallery from the cathedral of Klagenfurt .

Of all the works of art, our attention was mostly drawn to the staff. Unfortunately, the guide could not say anything about his appointment and history, and there was no explanatory inscription near him. We present you a small gallery of photos of this masterpiece.

The paintings in the cathedral are made by famous artists in Austria, but we will not go into this topic, since they are not very well known to us. For example, Martin Johann Schmidt is a very famous Austrian Baroque artist, here is his last work. A painting behind the altar of Daniel Gran, also a very famous Baroque painter of the 18th century.

See our photo gallery , and read other articles about the sights of Klagenfurt and all of Austria ( links below ).

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