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Sölden Ski Resort

To date, Sölden is the largest ski center in Europe of high class. It will satisfy the needs of both beginners in winter sports and professionals.

Самый популярный австрийский горнолыжный курорт

This is the only ski resort in Austria with three peaks with a height of 3 thousand meters. The "Big Three" includes Gaislachkogl (3058 m), Tiefenbachkogl (3309 m) and Schwarze Schneid (3,370 m). They are equipped with observation platforms for admiring fascinating views. To Tiefenbachkoglu there is an opportunity on the gondola to rise from Tiefenbach. From the peak lifts and tracks will be delivered to Rettenbach, Giggijoch, Gaislachkogl.

Sölden - a few villages, hamlets along the river Etzaler-Ahe. Among the famous mountain villages, Obergurgl and Hochgurgl are very popular. These are highland resorts, a paradise for extreme sports. From here on the highway (June-September, about 14 € per car) follow the Timmelsjökh pass (2509 m). In the towns of Langelfeld and Umhausen, only the development of skiing areas has begun, but 16 km of ski, mostly "red", routes have already been laid.

The valley of Otztal is chosen not by chance for a ski resort. The uniqueness of the microclimate, and the terrain is protected by high mountains from four sides, allowed to hold competitions here on a world level. Since 2002, the first stage of the World Cup in Alpine skiing has been held in Sölden.

What objects of infrastructure will please Sölden

For tourists who prefer a quiet holiday, Sölden will not work, because it is very noisy, especially in the evenings. The resort created a lot of various amenities and fascinating moments. Let's talk about some of them.

To ensure that tourists do not get bored, around Sölden grew up like mushrooms, restaurants, cafes and bars (over 50), about a dozen nightclubs were built, as well as the Freizeit Arena wellness complex, the Aqua Dome and Langenfeld spa complexes Thermal Spa ». The equipment is rented in 5 centers, in 6 schools it is taught to ski, on snowboard. There are clubs of mountaineering, paragliding. And that's not it.

In April, the ice festival "Hannibal" is held in Sölden.

The resort has a lot of Russian-speaking instructors.

On Wednesdays in the valley passes the Tyrolean evening: men in shorts sing, dance, pour mulled wine to those who wish.

Shops are open until 18:30. In them you will be offered a ski service (ski care): wax treatment of skis - 15 €, edge sharpening - 25 €, scratch removal - 35 €.

Приятная атмосфера альпийской деревни

And now let's talk about apress-ski (with fr. "After skis"). The expression itself sounds promising, for Sölden it is very suitable. In Tyrol, the most noisy parties, bars with live music, discos and unforgettable skiing on the night lanes. We were worried about the availability of a cinema, restaurants, sports shops here. The city is strewn with souvenir, grocery shops.

Suffice it to say "Boarderspark Giggijoch" (under 17 seats in Giggijoch). This is a fan park with rails, springboards, fan-boxes and half-pipes. A fairy tale for snowboarders.

Be careful, since snowmobiles (machines making skating tracks) can appear suddenly. Trails are put in order several times a day. Fortunately, these machines are signaling and squeaking.

We advise you to use, especially in the summer, the Otzal Card (its cost is about 47 € for 7 days). The payment includes a trip to the swimming pools, museums, discounts on equipment rental, transport (local) and lifts throughout the region.

At 12 km from Sölden built "Aquad" - a spa with thermal pools right on the street. There is also a German sauna, climbing wall, shops, restaurants, a 4-star hotel.

Price policy of the resort

The cost of a ski pass (passes in the form of a card for passage to the ski lifts) depends on the age of the skier and the dates of his stay in Sölden.

Склоны для профессионалов-горнолыжников

One day for 1 adult on average costs 44 €, holidaymakers up to 15 years, the pass will result in 29 €, from 15 to 19 years - 36.50 €. For six days: 208,50 €, 125, 50 € and 161,50 € respectively. For 12 days: add to each digit for 6 days for 120 € (this is an approximate price, you know, prices have the property to increase).

In the ski schools, group classes are held, which cost 52 € for 1 day, for three days - 110 €. There is also a ski school for children from 3 years old. 6 days of training in it will cost 210 € (for 4 hours of classes per day, including lunch). For private lessons with an individual instructor will have to lay out 180 € (4 hours a day).

There is a kindergarten for children from 3 years. It costs 48 € per day, including lunch. The same number of nurseries for kids up to a year.

A ticket to Aquadom costs 20 €, children get a 50% discount, the time is not limited.

"Snowy days" in Sölden

Snow in Sölden is always: "worried" about this two glaciers Rettenbach and Tiefenbach. This is a place for impatient people who want to quickly get on the ski track. Since October, the upper tracks are pleased with the snow cover. Season of skiing here runs from December to the beginning (sometimes until the middle) of April.

In March, we do not recommend visiting the resort: snow is replaced by rain, the sun is cloudy, you can ride in puddles. Let's just say, from 6 days 2 days for skating will be yours. With the help of modern technologies, snow can be made artificially, which is what happens in Sölden. This process captures an area of ​​100 km, which is 69% of the total area for skiing. In any weather, snow will be provided.

Отличное место для здорового семеного отдыха

In the New Year holidays, the weather does not fail in terms of snow and sun, but it can lead to the presence of places in hotels. Often already in November, and even earlier, there are no vacant seats there. Think out plans for the holidays in advance and book a room. After all, one of the main moments on vacation - peace of mind for the livability of life.

Let's note some important places of the resort and the time of their work, so that there is no unpleasant surprise in Sölden.

On the outskirts (from the southern side of the resort) the cableway "Gaislachkoglbahn" begins. It opens in the last days of June and runs through September inclusive, as well as from the first days of December to April. Walk on it costs 7 €. The cable car leads to the summit of Gaislachkogel. From it you can already choose one of 20 tracks. In the summer, they follow the cable to Lake Gaisiher-Zee.

The toll road "Gletscherstrasse" leads to the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers. May-October is the time when the road is open. The fee for traveling by car is 16,5 €, for buses traveling by motorcycle and passengers - 5 €.

Are we going to a resort or flying?

The nearest to Sölden was the airport in Innsbruck (83 km, about an hour drive). To Salzburg airport go 262 km, and to Munich - 288 km (about 3 hours of travel). Innsbruck arrives both regular and charter flights.

The train will take you to the necessary station "Otztal Bahnhof". And from there by bus. After overcoming 37 km, you will be near the main hotels of Sölden.

On the ski trails of the Austrian fairy tale

Sölden is located at an altitude of 1377 m above sea level. The paths for skiing are raised to a height of 1377 m to 3250 m. The length of the ski roads is 144 km.

Большой лыжный праздик на склонах Зёлдена

There are about 150 trails in Sölden, and they are all ready for use. The resort offers three levels of routes: "blue" with a length of 67 km, "red", length of 48 km, "black", stretching for 27 km. 2 km away from the ski routes. For freestyle are equipped with 6 hectares of figures in Almdudler Snowpark. There are 4 freeride zones on Sölden. One of the longest descents lasts more than 15 km: from the Schwarze Schneide site (3340 m) and down to the valley (1350 m).

The ratio of roads and ski lifts is such that there is no congestion near each route. At the disposal of the skiers are 5 cabin lifts, 19 chairlifts, 10 rope tows. There are gondola / funicular - 8. The capacity of the tracks is 70 thousand people per hour.

There is a half-pipe, 2 snowboard parks. 6 km length of tracks for cross-country skiing. The toboggan tracks took 13 km. There are paths in 4 km for a night glide on snow - №3. It will be fascinating to ski down the tunnel between the glaciers.

For beginners, we recommend the 13th and 15th tracks, and on the glaciers - the "blue" tracks No. 30, 33, 38.

The choice of hotels is - and it is huge!

Top 5 popular hotels in Solden.

1.Das Central - Alpine. Luxury. Life 5 *.

The winner is "Travellers' Choice 2016". What is called, on skis enter the hotel territory. Of course, there are standard services. Among other things, we would like to mention: a shuttle bus, multilingual staff, babysitting for children, and an animal permit. The hotel is located between two lifts "Giggijoch" and "Gaislakkogl".

Price: from 116 € per night per person (data for 2016 year).

For current prices, please see the form on the right.

2. REGINA 4 * Super

It is included in the list of the best hotels in Sölden. Here is the SPA-center "Aqua Vitalis", next to the ski lift "Gaislakhkogel". To the city center - 3-5 minutes by foot. In the hotel, in addition to standard services, there is a salt grotto, bio sauna, steam baths: steam, Turkish, flower, herbal; baths: Cleopatra, Seral; rooms with water beds, ice fountain. Supposed breakfast and dinner (the choice is varied, there is also a diet menu).

Price: from 75 € per day per person (data for 2016).

For current prices, please see the form on the right.


Located in the center, next to the health center "Freizeit Arena". In a step from you there will be bars, restaurants, discos and a lift "Gigiyoho". Before Gaislachkogol, take the ski bus for 5 minutes. The hotel room has a room for breakfast and relaxation, a room for storing skis, parking. Wi-Fi paid. Power is not included. Whichever number is chosen (all depends on the number of people living in it), the apartment will have everything you need to sleep, wash and cook.

Price: from 100 € per day per person (data for 2016 year).

For current prices, please see the form on the right.


The hotel was built in 10 minutes walk from the Gigiyoh lift, 100 meters from the bus stop. From the rooms are offered apartments and 2-3 room rooms for 2-6 people. The rooms have bath / shower, kitchen, toilet, TV. No food. Vacationers use the services of the Aqua Vitalis center in the Regina Hotel 4 * free of charge.

Price: from 110 € per night per person (data for 2016 year).

For current prices, please see the form on the right.


Ski lifts are located a few meters from the hotel, near and the stop of the skibus. The hotel is decorated in a chalet style (combination of stone and wood). Rooms with a capacity of 2-4 people, they have everything the same as in previous hotels, only on a smaller area, the kitchen is combined with a room, there is no food.

Price: from 114 € per night per person (data for 2016 year).

For current prices, please see the form on the right.

Among the unnamed, but also popular, we note "Liebe Sonne" 4 *, «Dominic» 4 *, «Aqua Dome» 4 *. On average, accommodation at the hotel will cost from 80 € per night and above. The more quality the living conditions and the closer to the ski lifts, the more expensive.

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