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Tips for tourists: Austrian desserts, apple strudel

Apple strudel is not only the most popular Austrian dessert, but also the most famous Austrian dish outside. By recognition in Austrian cuisine, only Viennese schnitzel can compete with him. This dish is more diverse than it seems at first glance, it has many options for filling and execution.

Австрийский штрудель

The very word "strudel" is German, and it literally means "funnel" or something that is wrapped. The name completely reveals the recipe for the preparation, which you can find at the end of the article. The most important point in preparing a meal really is wrapping a dish in a large roll.

In the meantime, we will tell you what the strudel differs from similar dishes of other cuisines, and where in Austria a tourist can see the process of preparing it, learn how to cook it correctly and try all possible variations. It is a pity that this product quickly becomes stale, and it will not be possible to bring it as a gift from Austria .

Going to the shops in our country, you can find a lot of baked goods under this Austrian name, this is related to marketing, because the product with the name "strudel" looks more attractive than baking with the name "puff" or "patty."

We will understand what the real strudel differs from simple baking. The first important feature is that this dessert is served hot. If you are served a cold strudel during your trip to Austria, immediately ask for a replacement, since it is believed that only in hot form you can fully enjoy its taste.

The second important element is melted butter, which is used at all stages of cooking, they smear the dough so that the layers do not stick together and they smear the strudel on top before sending it to the oven.

Штрудель перед помещением его в духовой шкаф

The melted butter is applied with a special brush. It is the oil that betrays the ready-made dessert with a golden hue, one might say, forms its appearance.

Puff pastries are popular in many kitchens, for example, the famous Turkish baklava uses the same principle. The difference in the filling, which in baklava consists of nuts. The filling is the third important aspect in the strudel, which distinguishes it from similar dishes of other cuisines of the world.


The filling consists, most often, of an apple, a pear or a cherry. In addition to these three most popular options, often on tables in Austria, a strudel with cottage cheese, strawberries, raspberries or raisins is served.

The filling always consists of large enough pieces of fruit or whole berries, the use of very crushed pieces or jam is not allowed. Of course, the last rule does not apply to cottage cheese or raisins. In the filling necessarily add cinnamon and almonds, which give the dish its unique taste.

From the point of view of technology, the strudel is different. Either the majority of the filling is in the center, and the dough forms around it a multilayered crust (example in the photo above), or the filling is evenly distributed between the layers. Both options are equivalent, none of them is considered correct or incorrect.

Look at the process of making traditional strudel and try this dish, which has just been taken out of the oven, you can during the excursion to Schönbrunn .

Летний императорский дворец Шёнбрунн

During the visit to the summer imperial palace Schönbrunn a special mini-excursion is held, during which you will be shown the process of preparation and will let them participate in it. In the end, tourists are invited to try a real Austrian dessert. Recommended to see, this is great entertainment.

Раскатанное тесто

Apple strudel is the most popular Austrian dessert, other options are less common. Therefore, we publish his recipe:

Step 1. You need to prepare melted butter. Just heat the butter in a frying pan to melt it, and leave it for a while, it will cool down to room temperature.

Step 2. Take a yeast-free dough (there is nothing special about the strudel test, you can buy it or cook it from flour, yolk and vegetable oil), and roll it out. A special feature of this process is the need to make the dough as thin as possible in the center. On the edges do not pay attention, they can simply cut off.

Step 3. You need to prepare the filling. Take about a kilogram of apples, cut into small pieces, with a thickness of 4 to 5 millimeters. If apples are not sweet, then add sugar. In any case, add cinnamon and crushed almonds.

Step 4. You need to grease the dough with melted butter. This is necessary in order for the layered pie to remain so and not turn into a monolith. Apply a thin layer of oil to the dough.

Step 5. If you want to get a strudel, in which the filling is evenly distributed between the layers of the dough, apply the filling to the dough evenly over the entire surface. If you want to get a lot of fillings in the center, then put the filling on one of the edges of a long, but narrow strip.

Step 6. Wrap the strudel in a long sausage, at the edges, fasten, and top with melted butter.

Step 7. Put in the oven and wait until the syrup starts to flow from it. Pull it out and cut it into several pieces. You can sprinkle sugar powder on top. Serve hot on the table.

Come to Austria and do not try the apple strudel, you probably will not work. This Austrian dessert is served for lunch and dinner, you do not miss it.

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