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Metro Vienna: map and diagram in Russian, how to use

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The Vienna metro has many features, which we will discuss in this article. In the middle of the article you will find an interactive map with the names of stations in Russian. Of course, you can immediately go to the map, but we recommend reading at least about the order of payment of travel, otherwise there is a serious opportunity to "get in trouble".

Vienna Metro consists of 5 branches and 74 kilometers of tracks, it can not be called big, however, there is one record in the asset of this subway.

This is the longest planned metro in the world. If you have been planning to repair your apartment for five years already and think it's a long time, pay attention to the Vienna metro. The first subway project was proposed in 1844, and the first branch was launched in 1978.

The administration of the capital of Austria considered various projects for 130 years, but all of them either were rejected or partially realized.

The Metro in Vienna is called "Wiener U-Bahn" or simply "U-Bahn". "Bahn" is a German train, and "U" is an abbreviation for "unterirdisch", which translates as underground. This is the first feature of the Vienna subway, when you look for the entrance to the metro, you need to look for the letter "U" rather than the letter "M".

Also in Vienna there is a system of commuter trains, which is called S-Bahn, do not confuse. On one of the branches of S-Bahn S7 is Vienna airport, and S-Bahn is the cheapest way to get from Vienna airport to the city .

The second and most important feature is the procedure for paying for travel. Attention! Entering the subway, you must have a "marked" ticket with you. That is, you should not just buy a ticket, but also mark it with a special validator. Ticketing machines and their "validation" are located near the entrance to each station.

If you do not buy a ticket or mark it, you are considered a free rider. For many it sounds wildly, but a stowaway in Austria is considered a criminal offense, equivalent to theft.

Of course, you will not be imprisoned, but you will have to pay a fine. At the time of writing this article, it is 103 euros per person. Of course, the prices in Austria are high , but even for the Austrians - this is a serious amount. That is, if you get together, you have to pay 206 euros. The rates for fines are growing every year.

On the trains go controllers, which because of the uniforms are called "black cap." Tourists will also have to walk with them to the nearest police station, as they can not write out a fine to you and they do not have to take cash outside the law department either.

In order not to get into this unpleasant situation and not spoil your holiday, remember two things. First, you need to buy a ticket, and secondly, you need to "flush it" in a special machine. All this is at the entrance to each station. There are no turnstiles, no control at the entrance, the metro is allowed freely.

The journey to the Vienna subway costs 2.1 euros or less, everything depends on the ticket that you buy. Children under 6 years old can travel free of charge, for children older than you need to buy a special "half-price ticket for children and dogs," the name caused us a lot of laughter. This ticket costs 1.1 euros. We did not understand that it was funnier, the fact that children were equated to dogs, or that 2.1 divided by two equals 1.05, not 1.1.

Better to buy a ticket for 2 trips, it costs already 2.6 euro or a special ticket "Vienna Shopping Ticket", which allows you to travel without restrictions from 8 am to 8 pm. By the way, unlimited tickets also need to "celebrate" . It is worth the "Vienna Shopping Ticket" 5.7 euro.

Another interesting solution is "The Vienna Card". Its price is 19.9 euros, but you get unlimited trips for 72 hours and discounts on visiting museums and exhibitions.

All the prices we quoted at the time of writing this article and at the time of your visit to Austria they can grow.

In total there are 5 branches in the Vienna metro, they are designated as U1, U2, U3, U4 and U6. And here there is no typo, since the U5 line does not exist. It was planned to be built as a separate branch, but eventually it became part of the U2 line. Two new lines are planned for construction by 2020, they will be called U5 and U7.

Below you will find an interactive metro map of Vienna. Just click on the branch you need, and you will see it big with names in Russian.

Another very interesting fact. Vienna Metro operates on weekends and holidays 24 hours. And this is not the whim of the metro administration in the pursuit of profits, this is the decision of the city's residents.

In February 2010, a referendum was held, in which the crowns voted for the subway to work at night, and on September 4, 2010 the trains began to walk around the clock on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Here's to you "European democracy" in action.

On weekdays, special buses run at night, replacing the subway. The intervals of trains in the Vienna underground are quite large. Usually it's 5 minutes or longer, although in the "rush hour" they are reduced to two minutes. In the quietest time the interval of train movement can reach half an hour.

One more interesting and important information. The transport network is divided into zones, and information about this you will find on the information stands. Many tourists ask where in the Vienna metro are different zones? We answer. All of Vienna is in one zone, which is numbered 100.

Theoretically, you can go to another zone if you take the S-Bahn train, then you have to pay more. Tickets for the metro are also valid for trams, buses and S-Bahn trains.

Successful trips to you, and pay attention to our articles about Vienna and Austria ( links below ).

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