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Beijing City

the great Wall of China

Великая Китайская стена

The Great Wall of China has a length of about 8,500 kilometers and, of course, it is wrong to refer it only to the city of Beijing. On the wall there are many sites where tourists are allowed, and it can be seen in several hundred cities in China.

The most interesting and visited sections of the wall are in the north of Beijing. Great Wall of China - sight of China # 1. Read in our article about the most interesting facts and ridiculous myths.

Forbidden City

Запретный город

The Forbidden City was built in the 15th century. From then until 1912 it was the main residence of all the emperors of China of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Now the palace is open to visitors, and every tourist can see firsthand where and how the Chinese emperors lived and worked. Traditional Chinese architecture, the throne of the ruler "under heaven" and the largest bronze lions in China - all this can be seen in the Forbidden City. All this in our article.

Sky Temple

Храм Неба

The duties of the emperors of China included not only the government of the country, but also ceremonies, which numbered several hundred. The most important of these is the sacrifice of the victims to the Great Heaven.

For the ceremony, the Temple of Heaven was located south of the Forbidden City. This is not a separate building, but a huge temple complex and a garden. Now the Temple of Heaven is open to tourists, and everyone can look at the main cult place of China.

Summer Palace

Летний дворец

The Summer Palace was a place of rest for the emperors. Rather, it looks like a big garden, not a palace complex. It's very beautiful here, and some tourists like it even more than the Forbidden City.

This place feels calm, it's not for nothing that it was built exactly as an "imperial dacha". You will see a boat made of stone, an imperial theater, a large pagoda and many more. Details in our article.

Tombs of the Ming Emperors

Гробницы императоров Мин

Each dynasty of the emperors of China had its own necropolis. The most famous such place in China is in the north of Beijing - this is the valley of the tombs of the Ming emperors. Here are buried 13 Chinese emperors, ruled in the 15-17 centuries.

To get here by public transport is very difficult, it's easier to visit the tombs during an organized excursion. There is a lot of interesting, but incomprehensible to the simple tourist. About all this read in our article.

Underground Palace Dinlin

Подземный дворец Динлин

In the valley of the Ming dynasty, archaeologists have uncovered only one grave - the tomb of Emperor Wanli. The tomb is called "Underground Palace", as the configuration of its premises resembles the Forbidden City.

Here you can see how the Chinese imperial tombs look, go down and visit the museum with items that archaeologists have removed from the burial. Read the article and see the photo.

Tiananmen Square

Площадь Тяньаньмэнь

The main square of China is Tiananmen. It is here that the most important sights of modern China are located, which we will discuss below.

This is the largest Uzhgorod area in the world, the size is 880 by 500 meters. In the center of the square there is a large stele - the Monument to the People's Heroes. Around it are located the rest of the buildings and monuments.

Mausoleum of Mao Zedong

Мавзолей Мао Цзэдуна

In the center of Tiananmen Square is the mausoleum of Mao Zedong. It is here in the central hall in the crystal coffin that the body of the leader of the Chinese revolution rests.

To look at Chairman Mao it is possible absolutely free of charge, but it is necessary to consider the inconvenient schedule of work of the mausoleum. In addition to the leader's body, here you can see a small museum. All this in our article.

National Museum of China

Национальный музей Китая

To the left of the mausoleum of Mao Zedong is the National Museum of China. His collection is in size inferior only to the Palace Museum of the Forbidden City.

Here you can see examples of ancient casting and ceramics, funerary costumes and coins. Here you can see the Terracotta Warriors - outside the city of Xian this is the only place where they can be seen. About many exhibits, we told in our article.

House of Parliament

Дом народных собраний

It is in this building that congresses of the Communist Party of China are held. Also here are the solemn receptions of foreign delegations and other official events.

In the rest of the time, everyone is freely admitted to the House of People's Assemblies. You can see a large meeting room, a banquet hall and other halls in the building.

China flag raising ceremony

Церемония поднятия флага Китая

Every morning in Tiananmen Square there is a solemn ceremony - the flag of China is raised here. It is from this moment in China that a new day begins.

This action is famous throughout the world primarily with a gesture of a soldier, sharply throwing the angle of the flag upward. This ceremony is looked at by a few tourists, since it is very early to get up.

Beijing Zoo

Пекинский зоопарк

Symbols of China are interesting for all tourists. The big panda is one of the symbols of the country, and it is most convenient to watch it in Beijing Zoo. In addition to pandas, you can see about 500 species of large animals.

Chinese salamander, red-footed ibises, Chinese alligators and golden snub-nosed monkeys are the incomplete list of animals from China, which can only be seen here.

Peking Oceanarium

Пекинский океанариум

This oceanarium is located on the territory of the Beijing Zoo, and it is convenient to visit them in one day. There are seven rooms dedicated to different climatic zones of our planet and their aquatic inhabitants.

In the Peking Oceanarium, a large amphitheater is set up, and marine animals show. Going here is a great entertainment for the whole family.

Shanghai City

Yu Yuuan Garden

Сад ЮйЮань

The YuYuan Garden (or "Joy Garden") is considered the main historical sight of Shanghai. Here you can see the buildings in the traditional style and a huge collection of rare stones, very appreciated in ancient China for unusual shapes.

Near the YuYuan garden is the biggest tourist market in Shanghai, which we also talked about in detail in our article.

TV Tower The Pearl of the East

Телебашня Жемчужина Востока

TV Tower The Pearl of the East is the most popular observation deck on the city of Shanghai. Unlike other sites, the floor here is transparent, which gives tourists an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to make interesting photos.

The pearl of the East is another obligatory element in all excursion programs in Shanghai.

The embankment of Vaitan

Набережная Вайтань

Walking along the embankment of the Bund (or Bund) in Shanghai is also an obligatory part of all city excursion programs. From here the skyscrapers of Pudong district are best seen. In addition, visiting the waterfront is also free.

Along the embankment of the Waitang are the buildings of old Shanghai, built here by Europeans even at a time when Shanghai was one of the few cities in China open to foreigners.

Nanking Street

Нанкинская улица

It is also called "Shanghai Arbat". This street is really similar to the Old Arbat in Moscow. Along the street there are shops - from boutiques of expensive brands to simple shopping malls. On the street itself, entertainment is arranged for tourists, and wandering merchants are walking.

On Nankin Street, you should be cautious, beware of theft and fraud. This topic is also touched upon in our article.

Temple of the Jade Buddha

Храм Нефритового Будды

Imagine a statue almost 2 meters high and weighing 3 tons from a single piece of jade! Why submit when you can see it? In Shanghai, in one of the temples is exhibited just such a statue of the Buddha Gautama.

We told how to get to this temple, how much is the entrance and examination of the statue. We also described in detail all the other places in the temple that will be of interest to tourists.

Shanghai Museum

Шанхайский музей

Ancient seals, coins of China and the countries of the "silk road", national costumes, bronze ware and ceramics can all be seen at the Shanghai Museum on People's Square in Shanghai.

The entrance to the museum is free for all comers. This is a unique opportunity to see one of the largest collections of ancient art in the world. Read our article, where we talked about the time of work, how to get here and the exposure of the Shanghai Museum.

Shanghai Oceanarium

Шанхайский океанариум

Shanghai Oceanarium is located next to the majestic skyscrapers of Pudong District. Against this background, he looks like a "baby", but does not become less interesting from this.

It is famous for its 155-meter tunnel through its largest aquarium. In total, there are 9 zones in the Shanghai Oceanarium, where animals are divided according to geographical principle. In total, there are about 300 species of marine animals. At certain hours, sharks and other fish are fed there. Read all about this in our article.

Skyscraper Jin Mao

Небоскреб Цзинь Мао

The tower of Jin Mao (the tower of Golden Prosperity) is a skyscraper built around the figure "8". The eight in China is a number of prosperity and wealth. Eight is present everywhere in the construction of this skyscraper.

For tourists, the Jin Mao Tower is interesting for its viewing platform, shopping center in the basement part of the building and unique architecture. There is no other such skyscraper in the world.

Shanghai World Financial Center

Всемирный шанхайский финансовый центр

This skyscraper among tourists is known under the ridiculous nickname "opener". This name was given to the World Financial Center by its unusual design. Tourists even joke: "If they have such an opener, what kind of bottle do they have?"

On the top floor there is an observation deck for tourists. There is no transparent floor, as in the tower of the Pearl of the East, but this platform is larger in size and is always free. Under the skyscraper, tourists can visit the shopping center with many shops.

Shanghai Tower

Шанхайская башня

The second tallest building in the world, second only to the Burj Khalifa in the Arab Emirates. It was opened in 2015, and several weighty world records immediately fell. Now, on the Shanghai Tower is the highest observation deck in the world, on which you are dominated by the fastest and longest elevator on our planet.

The Shanghai Tower is interesting for its architecture, it is interesting to see even from afar. Several layers of glass separate the main rooms from the external environment. Such technologies ensure environmental friendliness and safety.

The Maglev train

Поезд Маглев

Could you think that public transport can be a landmark? In Shanghai, this is possible. This train takes travelers from Shanghai Pudong Airport to the city center in just 7.5 minutes at a speed of 430 kilometers per hour.

Is it worth to look at this? No, do not look! It is necessary to take a ride on this train. It is unique in the world, and you can ride it only in Shanghai.

Xi'an City

Terracotta Army

Терракотовая армия

This is an army of 8000 clay soldiers in full size, armed with real swords, spears and crossbows. This army was created for himself by the first Chinese emperor Qin Shihuandi, he wanted to reign not only in this world, but also in the next.

Terracotta army lay in the ground for 2000 years, until it was excavated by archeologists in the 70's. The city of Xi'an became famous due to the Terracotta Army and became one of the main tourist destinations in China.

Tomb of Qin Shihuandi

Гробница Цинь Шихуанди

Surprisingly, this largest and richest tomb of Chinese emperors has not yet been discovered by archaeologists. The Chinese are not sure of their ability to preserve all the finds and do not risk opening the tomb of the first emperor Qin Shihuandi.

This is not even a tomb, but a whole funeral complex with a diameter of about 6 kilometers. Here you can see the famous Terracotta Army, visit the museum with finds from excavations and climb the mound, under which the Emperor is buried.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Большая пагода Диких Гусей

This is a very interesting example of the architecture of the Tang Dynasty. This architectural style is simple and beautiful at the same time. The Wild Goose Pagoda is open to tourists, everyone can climb to the very top.

Inside this pagoda is a unique collection of ancient Buddhist texts, statues of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Some statues and scrolls can be seen, but most are only available to Buddhist scholars.

Wuhan City

Yellow Crane Tower

Башня Желтого Журавля

The Yellow Crane Tower is a symbol of the city. It was built in the era of the "Three Kingdoms", and has since been rebuilt several times. Despite fires and reconstruction, the tower retained the style of China's ancient architecture.

The Yellow Crane Tower is open to tourists, everyone can freely climb to the uppermost floor and enjoy views of the city of Wuhan and the Yangtze River.

Museum of Hubei Province

Музей провинции Хубэй

The Hubei Provincial Museum is located in Wuhan. There are exhibits from different epochs of ancient history of China. Ceramics and bronze weapons, clothing and tools, coins and jewelry.

Hubei Museum is famous for its collection of items from the tomb of Marquis I. There is a unique bell tool - the only one that survived completely. Read all about this in our article.

Wuhan Zoo

Уханьский зоопарк

The zoo of the city of Wuhan impresses with its impressive size. It is always free, and many animals walk in the park next to visitors. If the animal is not dangerous, then it is not fenced off with a mesh or glass.

The Wuhan Zoo contains two large pandas. And although these animals are most often asleep, they even in a dormant state cause only rough and positive emotions in children and adults.

Temple of Guiyang

Храм Гуиян

Guiyang is the main Buddhist temple in Wuhan. Many tourists do not understand that there may be interesting? It turns out a lot. Here you can put incense in the censer, throw a coin for accuracy or beat in a large bell for the fulfillment of desires.

The Guiyang Temple is famous for its huge statue of the Buddha Maitreya, which hundreds of travelers from all over China come to see.

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