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Страны мира

Tourist countries of the world - an alphabetical list and links to our articles.

Запретный город

The famous palace in Beijing - Forbidden City .

Китайские иероглифы

Chinese characters that tourists need to know.


Country Tunisia - interesting facts and important figures.

Метро Дубай

Metro Dubai - tickets, prices and scheme.

Что привезти из Турции

What to bring from Turkey for memory or as a gift.

Курорты Египта

Resorts in Egypt - map and comparison.

Carthage Land

The amusement park Carthage Land in Tunisia in the resort of Hammamet.

В Египет с детьми

In Egypt with children - advice to parents.

Виза в Доминикану

Do Russians need a visa to the Dominican Republic .

Аквапарк Альбатрос Джангл

Aquapark Albatross Jungle in Hurghada in Egypt.


The town of Pamukkale in Turkey.

Бурдж Халифа

The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai in the UAE.

Египетская кухня

Features and famous dishes of Egyptian cuisine .


The most interesting thing about the country is Nepal .

Доминиканское песо

Useful for tourists information about the currency of the Dominican Peso .

Порт эль-Кантауи

The resort area of Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia.

Пизанская башня

Falling Leaning Tower in Italy.

Дворец Шёнбрунн

Summer residence of the Emperors of Austria - Schönbrunn Palace .

Стена Плача

The main shrine of the Jews is the Western Wall .

Сколько лететь в Китай

How much to fly to China is the time of direct flights.

Аквапарк Клео Парк

Waterpark Cleo Park in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Что привезти из Италии

What to bring from Italy to a tourist as a gift to friends and relatives.

Что привезти из Греции

What to bring from Greece - useful souvenirs and gifts.

Манати парк

The best entertainment for children in the Dominican Republic is Manati Park .

Что привезти из ОАЭ

What to bring from the UAE - a gift and a memory.

Миграционная карта Египта

How to complete the migration map of Egypt .

Родосская крепость

The Citadel of Knights Hospitallers in Rhodes in Greece - Rhodes Fortress .

Виза в Китай

How to independently, cheaply and quickly issue a visa to China .

Пирамида Хеопса

The largest in Egypt is the Pyramid of Cheops .

Тунисский динар

The Tunisian Dinar is the exchange rate, coins, banknotes and key features.

Сколько лететь в Италию

How much to fly to Italy from Russian cities.

Что привезти из Австрии

What to bring from Austria - the best souvenirs and gifts.


Zoo Phrygia in Tunisia.


The main resort of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt is Sharm El Sheikh .


The resort of Hurghada in Egypt.

Арабские Эмираты

Arab Emirates - figures and interesting facts.


The largest antique amphitheater is the Coliseum in Rome.


Country Egypt - figures and facts.

Площадь Тяньаньмэнь

Home in China Tiananmen Square .

Сколько лететь в Израиль

How much to fly to Israel with a direct flight.

Дворец Кносс

The legendary ancient monument in Crete is the Palace of Knossos .

Метро Вены

Metro Vienna - scheme, rules, tickets and prices.

Что привезти из Израиля

What to bring from Israel - gifts and souvenirs.

Миграционная карта Туниса

The migration map of Tunisia is a sample of filling.

Гора Моисея

Climbing the mountain of Moses and forgiveness of sins in Egypt.

Крокодиловая ферма

Crocodile farm on the island of Djerba in Tunisia.

Китайский Новый Год

Chinese New Year . Main traditions and customs.

Что привезти из Египта

What to bring from Egypt - popular souvenirs and gifts.

Виза в Египет

Do I need a visa for Egypt for Russians?

Метро Шанхая

Scheme, ticket prices and features of Shanghai Metro .

Сколько лететь в Египет

How much to fly to Egypt - the time of flight direct flights.

Остров Джерба

Djerba Island in Tunisia, useful information for tourists.


The largest emirate of the UAE is Abu Dhabi .

Сколько лететь в Тунис

How many flights to Tunisia are direct flights from different cities of Russia.

Погода в Тунисе по месяцам

The weather in Tunisia by months - the temperature of water and air.

Город Помпеи

Excavations of the city ​​of Pompeii in Italy.

Океанариум в Дубай Молл

The Oceanarium in Dubai Mall is the price of entry and what can be viewed for free.


Ancient Roman city of Dugga in Tunisia.

Что привезти из Доминиканы

What to bring from the Dominican Republic - the best gifts and souvenirs.

Великие Египетские пирамиды

The main attraction of Egypt is the Great Egyptian pyramids .

Что привезти из Туниса

What to bring from Tunisia tasty, useful or just interesting.


Resort Eilat on the Red Sea in Israel.

Аквапарк Троя

Aquapark Troy in the resort Belek in Turkey.

Рас Мохаммед

Excursion to the Ras Mohammed Park in Egypt.

Альтос де Чавон

The city of artists in the Dominican Republic is Altos de Chavon .

Туры в Непал

Tours to Nepal - hiking, excursions, mountaineering.

Танцующие фонтаны Дубая

Dubai's dancing fountains are the largest in the world.

Египетский фунт

All about the currency is the Egyptian pound for tourists.

Мечеть Шейха Зайда

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque or the 'White Mosque' in Abu Dhabi.

Парк Феррари

Ferrari Park attractions and entertainment in Abu Dhabi.

Дубай Молл

The largest shopping mall in the world is the Dubai Mall .

Метро Пекина

Scheme, ticket price and features Metro Beijing .


China . Information about the country, where the facts, and where the fables.

Аквапарк Альбатрос Аква Блю

Aquapark Albatros Aqua Blue in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.


Climbing Everest - an adventure with a capital letter.

Великая Китайская стена

The main attraction of China is the Great Wall of China .

Такси в Тунисе

Prices, payment procedure and features Taxi in Tunisia .

Каирский музей

The largest collection of Egyptian antiquities is the Cairo Museum .

Что привезти из Китая

What to bring from China to a tourist - souvenirs and gifts.


The most famous emirate of the UAE is Dubai .


Resort Rimini on the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

Китайский юань

The most important information about the currency is the Chinese yuan .

Сокровищница Габсбургов

Relics of the Austrian Empire in the treasury of the Habsburgs .

Сколько лететь в ОАЭ

How many flights to the UAE by direct flights from Russia.


The city with white houses and blue windows - Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia.


The ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey.

Дирхам ОАЭ

The most important thing about the UAE dirham currency.

Терракотовая армия

Eight thousand clay soldiers - the Terracotta Army .

Талассотерапия в Тунисе

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia - procedures, prices and main centers.

Сколько лететь в Австрию

How much to fly to Austria - the flight time of direct flights.

Гробница Тутанхамона

Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Сколько лететь в Турцию

How many flights to Turkey from Russian cities by direct flights.

What our site is about

On the pages of chinainfoguide.info we would like to tell readers about the rest and travel, about the countries and cities, about the resorts and beaches. We are perfectly aware that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of such sites on the Internet. However, we were able to stand out among other projects, and we'll tell you how.

The three main components

We share the three main areas on which we conduct our work. Each of them is important, and is inseparable from the other two. They are more accurately called not the lines of activity, but the "basic themes" of our articles.

Firstly, this is the theme of "the country and its features." In articles on this subject, we try to give our readers an understanding of the specifics of each tourist country. Especially we focus on the interaction of local culture, traditions and customs with the Russian mentality.

Perhaps the most striking example of such an article is " alcohol in China ". In this review, we not only listed the main types and brands of Chinese intoxicating drinks, but accurately oriented Russian readers to what is expected of them. We hope, we have prevented many unpleasant surprises for our tourists in China. Also, we receive positive feedback from readers about other similar articles: " what to bring to China ", " how to bargain in China ", " what rosettes in Egypt ", " how to call from Egypt to Russia " and many others.

Secondly, this is the theme of "cities and resorts." Many tourists make a big mistake, not paying attention to the features of the resort, and focusing only on the choice of a hotel for a beach holiday. This negligence leads to sad consequences when negative reviews appear on the Internet with the content: "the hotel did not have any animation" or "until such an attraction reached 3 hours."

Always need to consider the features of the resort and relate them to your wishes on vacation. If you are aiming for some sights, then you need to consider the geographical location of the resort on the map of the country. For example, many tourists go to Sanya resort in China on the island of Hainan , and at the same time they want to see the Great Wall of China. It's almost impossible, the distance is too long. Or another example. Tourists come to the resort of Taba in Egypt and are surprised that there is no water park and other entertainment. If they had read our articles, they would have known about the features of this resort in advance.

Thirdly, this is the theme of "attractions". It is logical that tourists do not have so much time and money to see all the tourist places of the country. It is necessary to choose what is more interesting and important. In this choice, objective information is needed. Everyone needs to understand at least approximately what he will see, and whether he will be interested.

The Internet is full of articles that do not report anything concrete, but only promise unforgettable sensations, and rewrite the dry characteristics from Wikipedia. We try to tell objectively about all the positive aspects of visiting each landmark. And most importantly, the negative aspects.

For example, the city of Pamukkale in Turkey is a very popular tourist attraction. But guides never warn that from Antalya and other popular resorts before it will have to travel about 4 hours by bus. Another example is the city of Dougga in Tunisia. This is a very interesting sight for history lovers, but there's really nothing to watch here, since there simply are not any large structures. The Forbidden City in Beijing is another interesting example. An ordinary Russian here is little understood. It is necessary or to hire a guide who will tell you everything, or read literature about it in advance. And there are a lot of such examples.

Our mission

Our mission is to write a convenient and interesting site for tourists. Each material that we write and post should have the following properties:

- Only objective information and no hidden advertising. We do not pay for advertising, we do not post it.

- Full information without spaces. We try to reflect all the information necessary for tourists and necessary facts. Unfortunately, this does not always work.

- Content. It is this factor that we place at the center of our articles. We think it's better to describe 10 attractions in detail, what to do small articles with brief information about 100 tourist places.

- We always rely on many sources of information. We are distinguished by a good knowledge of foreign languages ​​and the ability to work with foreign sources. For this reason, we often provide information that is not available in the Russian part of the Internet.

What we want to do

We do not aim to describe all the sights of the world, to tell about each resort and every city. We want to write a detailed series of articles about each tourist country. This cycle should tell about every key feature of this country, all the most important sights and the most popular resorts.

We must answer 90% of the questions, and give them exhaustive answers. Every day we publish new materials and move towards this goal, although we understand that it is still far away.

Sincerely, team chinainfoguide.info

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Thank you for a very detailed and objective material on the Chinese theme.
Alexander - GlavRed site

Thanks for the compliment! We are trying.

See the editor's blog. There I write a lot about China.


Thank you very much for such interesting articles. <3 I'm madly glad that I found your site :) I would be very grateful if there is an article about Iceland, thank you <3
Alexander - GlavRed site

Thank you for the flattering words. Very nice.

It is difficult for us to write about Iceland, since none of us were there. But we will definitely try.

Great site. Sam has repeatedly been in China, all word for word! Very truthfully, with all my heart, I laughed, remembering my first visit and "shock" from alcohol, food and Chinese reality. Although, perhaps the exception was only the famous Sunfunhe, on the border with Russia, everything is much simpler there. Continue to travel and good luck to you!
Alexander - GlavRed site

Thank you very much for the compliments. We will continue to strive to make a good site with large and substantial articles.

I am very glad that I got on your site, wonderful materials. Thank you very much, it is very important now.

How I was looking for just such a resource as yours! Thank you! Found yesterday at around 1am, eventually fell asleep with a phone on my face in four with something)) read and read, and about those directions where I'm going and about already familiar places. The filing is wonderful, everything is available is described - just a holiday, not a site! Thanks again!
Alexander - GlavRed site

Thank you very much for the abundant compliments. We always try to write something new and interesting, and not trivial to advertise air tickets or hotels, as most tourist sites do.

Chic site! Many thanks. All information is correct. In fact, out of an abundance of such sites, I stopped for a long time only on yours. Thanks again for your work!

The best Russian-language site about Tunisia! Thanks for the info.

Thank you! Very detailed and qualitative information on the UAE. And most importantly - relevant.

What are you good fellows! Going to the UAE, the most detailed information about the country was found only from you (even a subway map in Dubai printed). Thank you.

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