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What can I bring from the Dominican Republic: souvenirs and photo gifts

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In this article we will talk about what tourists from the Dominican Republic are taking as gifts, souvenirs and items for memory. Of course, we wish you a good mood, a lot of impressions and an excellent tan. But in detail we will dwell on material objects.

The most famous Dominican gift is, of course, "rum". Alcoholic beverage from sugar cane, which is inextricably linked with the theme of pirates and piracy. Pirates used rum at all from alcoholic predilections, or rather, the main reason for consumption was not at all a craving for the "green snake." Water in the Caribbean islands was not of the best quality, it was necessarily mixed with rum to disinfect. Rum was chosen precisely because of its mass production, because a lot of sugar cane was grown there.

The most famous rum is Brugal. This brand is considered to be national in the Dominican Republic. The company has been producing alcoholic beverages since 1888. If you buy rum as a gift, then it is better to buy exactly Brugal, since it is considered the most recognizable, even the logo is similar to the flag of the Dominican Republic .

The number of Roma brands in the Dominican Republic is several hundred. The rum can be either light (almost transparent) or dark (brown). Often spices are added to the rum, which increases the variety of varieties of this drink.

Although there is no serious difference between "light" and "dark" rum, it is considered that the "dark" rum is intended for consumption in pure form or with ice. "Light" rum is for cocktails.

Also in the Dominican Republic you can buy rum with a taste and aroma of different fruits, the most popular type are banana and coconut varieties.

The price of the original rum in the Dominican Republic can range from 5 to 100 USD, depending on the brand and the quality of the drink.

The second important product of the Dominican Republic's agriculture is coffee.

Monte Real and Santo Domingo are world famous brands of Dominican coffee. Coffee in the Dominican Republic is very diverse. Many varieties with different flavors are grown here.

It is difficult to give advice on the choice, "there is no taste for the color of comrades."

Coffee as an answer to the question what to bring from the Dominican Republic, the most convenient. Unlike cigars and rum, this product is usually not considered a bad habit.

In the Dominican Republic it will be difficult to buy instant coffee, there is simply no culture of its use. Coffee is sold, usually in grains, it will have to be grinded and boiled.

Prices for good coffee in the Dominican Republic can be called ridiculous. A kilo of coffee can be bought here for 250-400 Dominican pesos (300-500 rubles). Compared to prices in Russia, where 400 rubles is 200 grams of good coffee, they really look ridiculous.

Do not miss a good chance to buy coffee at a low price, because unlike rum, there are no serious restrictions on the transport of coffee across the border.

Note that the weight of coffee is not indicated in kilograms, but in pounds. The package on the right says "1 libra". This is a pound (measure of weight) in Spanish.

1 Pound = 453 grams. Not all packages contain weight in grams, it is indicated only on packages of those goods intended for export. If the export of goods is not foreseen and it will be distributed only in the Dominican Republic, the weight is indicated only in pounds.

It's much easier to remember that 1 pound (1 pound in English, 1 libra in Spanish) is just under half a kilogram. The Dominican did not switch to the metric system, and many Dominicans "think in pounds," and not in kilograms.

Dominican cigars are not as famous as Cuban cigars, but the quality of tobacco in the Dominican Republic is not worse. The number of cigar brands is huge. For the production of cigars, no serious technology is required, and every farm that grows tobacco can afford to produce cigars on its own. Many people do it with pleasure and have their own brand of cigars.

The most famous cigars are Romeo Y Julieta and Cohiba.

Romeo Y Julieta - is not a purely Dominican brand. Cigars of this brand are produced either in Cuba or in the Dominican Republic in La Romana, one of the most popular resorts. By the way, for tourists organize excursions to the tobacco plantations and to the production of cigars, which are still made by hand.

The most famous admirer of the brand Romeo Y Julieta was Winston Churchill himself. In honor of Sir Winston named 7-inch cigars of this brand.

Cohiba is also a very popular brand of cigars. An interesting fact is that this brand is also of Cuban origin, but it is produced now in the Dominican Republic. After the coming to power of Fidel Castro in Cuba, many owners of tobacco plantations and cigar production just lost their business. New plantations and production, they opened in the Dominican Republic, so some brands of cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic and Cuba at the same time.

Some tourists try to bring very beautiful sea stars, which are caught during diving or on an excursion to the island of Saona . This is not a good idea, as corals and starfish quickly die after you pull them out of the water. Soon they will start to smell strongly and unpleasantly. In addition, the law prohibits them from exporting them from the country.

The most interesting thing in the Dominican Republic for the fairer sex is decoration. I'll give my ideas about the answer to the question what to bring from the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic there is amber, and jewelry with amber here is very cheap.

There is much more amber with fossils inside, and there is such a rare amber here is much cheaper.

Dominican amber made a huge contribution to science, it is thanks to this fossilized resin, scientists learned a lot about the evolution of living beings.

If in the Baltic there is almost always amber of yellow and honey color, then in the Dominican Republic red, green and blue amber is often found. The latter species is considered the most rare and valuable, and is found only in the Dominican Republic.

Jewelery using amber can be bought in many hotels and in stores. If you want to familiarize yourself with amber in the Dominican Republic, then in the capital of the Republic of Santo Domingo there is a whole museum dedicated to amber, where you will be able to see all kinds, diversity is huge. This place is called the World of Amber (Amber World).

The second very interesting stone that should be talked about is Larimar.

This stone can be found only in the Dominican Republic and nowhere else. This stone was known even to the Indians-Avarkam, they believed that this stone is born in the sea. On this thought they were brought to the color of a stone, it is white, blue, green-blue or blue. In fact, the stone is mined in mines. And the Indians found those specimens that the river washed away from the rocks. More details about the Indians are told in our article about the history of the Dominican Republic .

This stone has a small feature that we are required to report. If you get a blue stone, it will "fade" under the influence of sunlight, become more transparent. Such a stone will have to be protected from the sun.

Very unusual, rare stone. Removal of it from the Dominican Republic in large numbers is prohibited. But you can buy one or two jewelry.

Mamajuana. It is very difficult to say exactly what it is. In fact, this is a brew from a set of herbs, spices and alcohol. The best thing to call it is medicine.

This brew has countless recipes. He is credited with even more properties that are beneficial to health.

Most traders attribute the brew to the ability to treat all diseases, and, of course, unique properties to increase male potency. The latter property is advertised especially strongly, apparently it increases sales well.

Remember that whatever your disease you do not name, the merchants will always say that the mamahuana will cure it, and this is the best remedy.

Worth this drink is not very expensive, about 10 USD for 0.5 liters, not a very big price to try.

But do not forget that usually the medicine contains alcohol, and the import of alcohol into the territory of Russia is limited.

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