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City of Artists Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic

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Altos de Chavon (Altos de Chavon) is best called a thematic village, although this definition does not give a complete idea of ​​what you will see in this place. Altos de Chavon is also called the city of artists, which is also true, since this place is inextricably linked with art, there is an art museum and the reconstruction of the Greek amphitheater, where concerts are held. We will talk about everything in order about this excursion in the Dominican Republic.

The main idea of ​​Altos de Chavon is to immerse the visitor in an atmosphere of medieval style, rather say the style of the early Spanish colonial era. All buildings here look as if they were preserved from this era.

In fact, all the buildings here have been built recently. Park Altos de Chavon began to build in 1976.

The construction was organized, the park was designed by two people, it is the former designer of the Paramount Pictures studio Roberto Copa (Roberto Copa) and the landowner Charles Bluludorn (Charles Bluhdorn).

This tour in the Dominican Republic is one of the most popular, many tourists complain that sometimes here "just do not push through".

If we mentioned the film company Paramount, then we will say that it was in these jungles on the Chavon River that the film "Apocalypse Now" was filmed.

The streets in Altos de Chavon are lined with cobblestones, most of the houses are lined with stone of different sizes, real metal hulls working on oil hang on the houses. Many tourists really have a feeling that they were in the Spanish city of the Middle Ages.

In the center of the village is a place very popular for weddings, it is the church of St. Stanislaus. It was here that the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Maria Presley. Many tourists, this refers to tourists from the United States, visit this tour in the Dominican Republic to touch the singer's life story.

St. Stanislaus is a defender of Poland, the church was named in his honor, as in 1979 the Pope John Paul II visited this church, and left some of that saint's remains there. Carved wooden statues in the church are also brought from Poland, from the city of Krakow.

There are several museums on the territory of the thematic village. One of them is an archaeological museum in which the finds of pre-Columbian era are collected. However, for ordinary tourists who are not interested in the life of Indians, it is not of much interest, here they come more out of curiosity.

The exposition occupies several rooms, mostly ceramics and bone products are exhibited here.

All the inscriptions around the exhibits are made in Spanish and English. There are no inscriptions in Russian, and the appointment of most items to most Russian tourists remains incomprehensible.

The situation with misunderstanding of exhibits is aggravated also by the fact that the guides in the overwhelming majority do not have the slightest idea about the exhibits and about the history in general, this is a big problem on many excursions in the Dominican Republic. But you need to pay tribute to the creators of the museum, about many exhibits in the pictures are told for what and how they were applied.

Three museums in Altos de Chavon are dedicated to art. There is a famous school of design, a branch of the Parson School of Design in New York.

There really are students. The full course at this design school is 2 years and consists of four disciplines. Interior design, clothing design, graphics and illustrations.

The museum exposition consists almost entirely of the works of school pupils created during the training. In total, about 100 students study here. 50 of them Dominicans, are selected according to artistic talent and study for free. The remaining 50 study on a fee basis, and can be from any country.

This school has given "a start in life" to many talented Dominicans. All of them, of course, are trying to move to live in the USA. Dominicans do not hide that most of them dream of leaving for the US, and many have already done so. In the last election in 2012, 100,000 people voted at the Dominican Embassy in New York.

There are many craft workshops where you can see firsthand the creation of objects and many shops where you can buy souvenirs. Of course, local shops sell both clothes and cigars, but prices are higher than hotels. We recommend regular souvenirs to buy in regular stores, and in Altos de Chavon you can buy products of local artisans.

On the territory of Altos de Chavon there are two restaurants in the Mediterranean style, where you can eat or just sit over a cup of coffee. Prices in them are quite acceptable.

The most interesting place in Altos de Chavon is the amphitheater, an exact copy of the Greek amphitheater. There are concerts here, Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias, Pat Shop Shop Boys, Durand-Durand and other famous artists performed here.

This amphitheater was opened in 1982 with the performance of Frank Sinatra and Carlos Santana.

Altos de Chavon is near the resort of La Romana, but excursions here are organized from all the resorts of the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana resorts can be reached in less than an hour. Usually this tour in the Dominican Republic is combined with an excursion to the island of Saona, these two places are close to each other, and in one day you can safely see both sights.

The size of the village is not very large, but there is much to see. We recommend that you expect to stay in the village for half a day. In this case, you will have the opportunity to see all the exhibitions and shops and fully enjoy the atmosphere.

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