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Manati Park (Manati park) in the Dominican Republic between Punta Cana and Bavaro

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Park Manati is called the best place in the Dominican Republic, where you can go with children, although for adults it is no less interesting. Here you can see exotic animals, see the show with them and many more interesting things. All this we will tell in order.

The very word "manati" in Spanish means "manatee". This animal is also called the "sea cow". Unfortunately, there are no manatees in the park, which is sad. This is a rare and endangered species of animals, which simply do not exist in Russian zoos.

The name is quite understandable, since manatees are one of the symbols of the Caribbean islands.

Manati Park is located in the resort town of Bávaro (the correct stress on the first syllable), which is close to the resort of Punta Cana. It is with these two Dominican resorts that it is the easiest to get here.

Special buses are used to transport tourists to Manati Park (pictured right). They go on a certain route with constant stops near large hotels. To confuse them with any other is impossible, in large letters "MANATI" is written on them.

If you want to go to Manati Park, then you just need to go to the reception desk of your hotel and ask about whether there is a stop near your hotel. If the stop is nearby, then just go out in the morning on it, the bus will come for half an hour.

If there is no stop, then ask the hotel employee to contact the park and "book" the arrival of the bus to you. The route of one of them will be slightly adjusted, and he will call your hotel at a certain time. Time should be remembered and be near the hotel at the appointed hour.

The trip on this bus is difficult to call comfortable. As you noticed, he does not have windows, and all the dust flies directly to the tourists. In addition, a lot of tourists want to get to Manati Park, and it makes even unplanned stops even more than laid along the route.

As a result, the path can take up to an hour. Although the distance from the farthest hotel of Punta Cana to the park does not exceed 20 kilometers. The situation is also exacerbated not by the highest quality coverage of local roads, some of which are unpaved.

On the road there will be fun music playing, and some drivers also sing, you too can join them if you are bored. But we recommend stocking up something for fun and for themselves and children. Panorama around is not very fun, mostly hotels.

Park Manati is called the best place in the Dominican Republic to travel with children. With this it is difficult not to agree, since he has no competitors. In the thematic village of Altos de Chavon, the children will be simply bored, and a trip to the island of Saone with the obligatory boo ..., sorry, it is difficult to call a rum for a child.

When you enter the park, then "eyes run" away from the abundance of greenery and its diversity. But before the entrance you have to pay. The entry fee at the time of writing is USD 35 for adults, 20 for children between 2 and 12 years old, children under 2 years old are free.

The first thing after the entrance is not to run to watch the animals or go straight to the bar or restaurant. Near the entrance you should immediately see the schedule of the show animals and immediately plan on which of them you want to go.

Shows are arranged strictly on schedule, and it often changes. The show of dolphins, parrots and Indians of Taino is arranged twice a day, and the show with horses only once. Immediately see which of them are interesting to you and remember the time of the meeting so as not to miss.

The park is large enough in size, in 80 000 square meters it is quite possible to get lost. Use the scheme, on it figures of large size indicate the places of entertainment with animals.

In between programs, you should walk around the park and see animals, there are almost 200 species of crocodiles, iguanas, turtles, crabs, snakes, parrots, flamingos and other exotic birds. Many of them are endangered, and they are difficult to see elsewhere.

Manati Park is both a zoo and an amusement park at the same time, and it is also a fully scientific institution with the aim of preserving rare species of animals. There are few such parks in the world, the Phrygia Park in Tunisia is immediately recalled.

An important warning that hangs at the entrance to the park, and we will also do it. Watch out for the children! Wildlife can be dangerous! Some species are predatory here, and although they are kept behind a fence, with an unsuccessful combination of circumstances, animals can bite.

The parrot show consists of their singing and tricks. The second most interesting, even it is difficult to imagine that parrots can do such pirouettes. Singing parrots, and especially choral, is not so common in zoos in the world. Perhaps, we can only remember the Wuhan Zoo in China.

The show of dolphins and sea lions is quite ordinary. Dolphins jump through the hoop and shout at the command of the trainer. Many, probably, were at a similar show in Turkey in the water park of Troy or somewhere else.

The show of horses consists of their dances. This view has a quite definite name "dressage". The view is very beautiful.

A separate show is the show of the Indians of Taino (Arawak), who inhabited the Caribbean islands before their discovery by Europeans (see the article "History of the Dominican Republic" ).

In Manati Park there is a whole village in which the life of these people was reproduced. However, almost all of them became extinct from the diseases brought by Europeans several hundred years ago, so the reconstruction is very approximate.

The actors themselves are not Indians, as can be seen at least from the photo on the right. The Indians simply could not have such a difference in the color of the skin inside one Caribbean archipelago. But they dance very incendiary. When you look at them, these small details are simply forgotten.

In addition to dances, the actors demonstrate different rituals and ceremonies. They burn something, they worship someone. About the Indian rituals, we know not much and only thanks to the records of the missionary monks who came to the "New World" to convert the Indians to the Christian faith.

Separately, we should talk about swimming with dolphins. This service was worth at the time of writing 125 USD. By world standards this is very cheap. Passes this entertainment three times a day: the first time very early in the morning at 9-00, the second time at 14-00 and the third at 17-10. However, at the time of your visit, the prices and the schedule can change.

Children can participate in the growth of 90 centimeters. And, if your child has not yet grown above 120, then you will have to accompany him. Quite forgotten about the nice bonus, at a price of 125 USD included an entrance ticket to the park.

There are several food establishments in the park. This is a pizzeria, a snack bar, a barbecue restaurant and a burger cafe. The prices are high, but we would not call them "scrapers". It is quite possible to allow yourself to refresh yourself during a break between the performances of animals.

In addition, there are several souvenir shops in the territory, where artisans make souvenirs to order. The most interesting handicrafts that tourists have not taken with them are exhibited in a small museum.

In order to take a quick look at all the most interesting things in Manati Park, you need a whole day of your time. If you want, you can go around the whole park and see all 4 shows even before lunch, but for this you have to come here before 10-00, when the first performance begins.

Back to your hotel you can get on the same bus. They are called "Guagua" ("Guagua"). Just do not forget to tell the driver the name of your hotel, if next to him there is no scheduled stop.

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Working hours: from 9-00 to 18-00.

Entry price: 35 US dollars for adults, 20 for children.

How to get there: from the resorts of Punta Cana and Bavaro there is a special bus of the park. If he does not stop near your hotel, ask the reception desk to order his arrival.

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