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Do I need a visa to the Dominican Republic for Russians: the cost and decoration

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To enter the Dominican Republic, Russians do not need a visa, but it will be necessary to tinker with documents a little. On the border, a tourist is required to purchase a "tourist map" for 10 US dollars and fill it.

Many Russian lovers of the beach, the sea and the sun, the latter causes difficulties. In this article we will give an exact instruction on how to fill this document and give an example of the correct design of the "tourist map".

In total, the authorities of the Dominican Republic charge tourists twice. The first time you enter the country, and the second time you leave. Both times at the Punta Cana airport, this is done under the rhythms of cheerful musicians (pictured right). Apparently it's easier for tourists to part with money.

The first amount of 10 USD you pay in the form of a "tourist card", the second time the devastation of your wallet is called "airport tax", and it is already equal to 20 US dollars. Dominican authorities are somewhat reminiscent of cunning Arabs, who take $ 1 to climb a camel and 10 dollars to get down.

Conclusion. Do not forget to stock a 20-dollar piece of paper for leaving the Dominican Republic. It is better to immediately postpone it, so as not to experience problems at the airport.

However, some tourists manage not to pay this fee, simply pretending that they do not know anything about it and do not understand any other languages, except Russian.

So, you arrived in the Dominican Republic, most likely, to the airport of Punta Cana. You need to find a vending machine for the sale of "tourist maps." It has the corresponding inscription "tourist cards" or "tarjeta del tourista" (this is in Spanish). In it we buy this document. A denomination of 10 USD is better to stock up in advance .

Many recommend purchasing a card in advance at the embassy or via the Internet. On the website of the Ministry of Dominican Republic there is a service (a picture from the screen on the left). But for a tourist who bought a package tour, there is no serious meaning to this.

Even if you pass first, you will still wait for all the other travelers around the bus. The transfer you have a group, everyone is waiting for the very last person to go to the hotel.

Also you can choose in which currency to pay, or 10 dollars, or 10 euros. Just in case, if you do not have an American currency, but there is a European currency available, you can pay it off.

After that, the "tourist map" needs to be filled, which causes difficulties for many, since there are no inscriptions in Russian. All explanatory notes are in English and Spanish. The fact that it is not free gives even more fear. At the airport of Punta Cana, there are people who will fill it for you for a modest sum of $ 5.

The form of the document varies frequently and, perhaps, you will receive not exactly the copy that we provide.

The map consists of two parts. The top (large) you will take away when passing passport control. The second (lower) will be left to you, and you should leave it for yourself until the end of the trip.

The procedure for filling the top of the tourist map in the Dominican Republic. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The first column (1) is for your name . Write exactly from your passport in Latin letters. For example, "IVANOV"

In the second column (2) enter your name exactly as in the passport. For example, "IGOR".

The third line (3) is for the date of your birth . We write first a day, then a month and then the last two digits of the year. Example - "16 06 83".

On the fourth line (4) you need to write your citizenship . Write "RUSSIA" or "RUSSIAN".

In one of the squares under the number five (5) you need to tick a box indicating your gender . Do not confuse, the top box is a man, and the bottom one is a woman.

On the sixth line (6) write the number of your passport . Rewrite it from your passport. Space between the series and the number can be left, but you can not do. As you wish. An example is "76 984562".

In the seventh line (7) enter the number of your flight . An example is "SU152".

Eighth field (8) is the country of your residence . Write "RUSSIA".

In the ninth field (9) you need to write down the address of your permanent residence . No one will check the spelling, write as you like. Example "Moscow, ulitsa Stroiteley, 25-17".

The tenth field (10) seems mysterious to many. This is the clarifying information about the region of your residence . Americans write here the name of their state. You can write "Samarskaya oblast" or "Moscowskaya oblast" or simply "Moscow".

In the eleventh column (11) you need to specify the name and address of your hotel. Write only the name of the hotel , there will be no complaints against you.

The twelfth column (12) is your occupation . Write "worker" or "manager", no one will check.

Field number thirteen (13) - marital status . Left square - not married (not married), right - married (married).

At number fourteen (14) it is necessary to indicate the purpose of your visit to the Dominican Republic. Put a tick in the top left box. It means "rest". Of course, the Dominicans originally translated the Spanish word "recreo" into English. The English word "pleasure" is literally translated as "pleasure".

In the picture on the left is a correctly filled "tourist map". You can use it as a sample.

Fifteenth line (15) misleads many by its name in Spanish "FIRMA". The main thing, do not write here the name of the company in which you work! Here you need to put your signature .

And in the last sixteenth column (16), you need to specify how many days you will be in the Dominican Republic.

The lower part fills a little differently. The fields (1), (2), (3) and (4) are exactly the same, this is the surname, name, date of birth and citizenship .

In the fifth column (5), you need to specify the destination of your destination when departing from the Dominican Republic. That is, we indicate the city in which we fly back. Write "MOSCOW", "SAINT-PETERSBURG" or "EKATERINBURG".

In the sixth column (6) write the return flight number to your home country.

In the seventh line (7) write the date of departure from the country . That is the number, month and year, when you will depart from the Dominican Republic.

An example of the correct filling of the second part of the "tourist map" is shown in the photo on the left. Click on the photo to enlarge.

This part you leave at home and keep until departure from Dominican Republic home. You will need to show it at passport control. Better immediately put it on your passport so you will not lose it.

Most importantly, do not put it in your luggage. This is the most common problem situation, since luggage is handed over before passport control.

Have a good rest and read our articles about the Dominican Republic ( links below ).

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