Pyramids - Part 1 - What is this cycle of mini-articles

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What is this mini-series of articles about?

The great Egyptian pyramids are reflected in many cultures or ideological currents. For example, Christians for a long time considered them to be something like barns that kept food supplies. Remember the legend of Pharaoh's dream and seven years of fat and seven years of lean? Some occult movements that experienced the dawn in the 18th and 19th centuries actively explored this topic, giving the pyramids a mystical meaning.

Even in our time, the arguments of scientists do not subside, and even serious periodicals publish real fables about the Egyptian pyramids. The pyramids fascinate anyone who comes close to their scale, and their riddles are still a matter of interest to crowds of people.

One of the most mysterious is the problem of the construction of these facilities. Recall that they were built more than 4 millennium ago. Almost every year new bold hypotheses are emerging about the methods used by the ancient Egyptians in the process of their construction. Some even suggest an alien intervention in this process and in the history of Egypt .

Precise theories about how ancient people, with the help of primitive tools and mechanisms could build such grandiose structures, are still not there. Each assumption explains a lot, but can not explain all the facts and give exhaustive answers.

Perhaps in ancient times there were more impressive (though not larger than the Great Pyramids in size) Wonders of the World, but all of them have not survived until our time, and the pyramids still stand. Egypt - the only country that can boast of the presence of an ancient miracle of the world on its territory.

Looking at the pyramids, it seems that the endless and irrepressible current of time simply skirts them without touching, and they are eternal, since they are not subject to this flow. This impression is diluted only by the crowds of tourists arriving from the resorts of Egypt to the pyramids, with pleasure making photos against the background of these giants.

Near the Great Pyramids, facts and conjectures, scientific theories and esoteric hypotheses were intertwined. And indeed, when you approach any of the pyramids, you understand that its step "the tongue does not turn" is called a step. You begin to doubt the facts about the pyramids, which yesterday seemed indisputable, and mythology begins to seem more than real.

In addition to discussions about construction and builders, the issue of the designation of these facilities is being actively discussed. The most common version is the tombs of the pharaohs, which is almost unquestionable. But, perhaps, the pyramids carried other functions. It could be some kind of model of a night starry sky, or they could perform other scientific functions. There are very bold assumptions that the pyramids were built not in the time of the pharaohs, but much earlier, and some serious scientific research gives us facts partially confirming these assumptions. According to these hypotheses, the pharaohs restored the Great Pyramids and adapted for their purposes.

The ancient civilization of Egypt left numerous monuments, including the Egyptian pyramids, the Sphinx, the Karnak and Luxor temples , the numerous tombs of the valley of the kings and much more. No subsequent civilization has become a full-fledged heir to Egyptian civilization and culture. Hellenistic Egypt, led by the dynasty of the Ptolemaic kings, can be called receivers. They built a famous temple in Edfu and a double symmetrical temple of the gods Sebek and Horus in Kom Ombo . But after them the ancient culture fell into decay.

Even hieroglyphic language already in our time scientists had to learn again.

With this series of articles, we will talk in detail about all the most important things that are connected with the Egyptian pyramids.

- Let's talk about the most interesting and courageous researchers of the pyramids and their works;

- consider the origins and construction of these structures;

- in detail we will talk about each pyramid separately;

- Let's talk about interesting theories and hypotheses;

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