Interesting facts about the Sphinx at the pyramids of Giza - part 2

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Let us return to the very subject of research

A huge sculpture with a trunk of a lion and a human head is directed in a direction from the country Egypt to the East. It is made of a single piece of limestone, as well as the entire base of Giza, 72 meters long, 11.5 meters wide (in the shoulders), and a height of 20 meters.

The similarity of the appearance of the head of the Sphinx with the face of Pharaoh Chefren is scientific disputes. Numerous sculptures of the pharaoh Khafre in the last century were discovered and investigated by Borchardt. Taking into account their style, type and methods of processing stone, the scientist listed these statues not to the IV dynasty, but by the time of the XXV or to the XXVI dynasties, for which there was a strong interest in the historical heritage of Egypt . It was in this period in a large number of masters made sculptures of pharaohs of early dynasties.

In 1988, scientists from Japan conducted a special study using echolocation, which clearly showed that the blocks from which the figure of the Sphinx is collected date from a more ancient period than the building material of the Great Pyramids . Note that this is not an indication of the age of the Sphinx monument itself, but the dating of the building material itself.

In addition, Japanese researchers have made several discoveries. They found a laz that led to one of the pyramids (the Khafre pyramid) from the left paw of the statue. A small tunnel starts not on the surface, but at a depth of about two meters below the base level of the monument.

He goes under the ground at an angle, but to track its way the Japanese equipment could not. The leader of the expedition Sakuji Yoshimura promised that he would return to Egypt with a new and more perfect device, and will continue this important and interesting study.

Even before the Japanese, this problem was dealt with by scientists. The American expedition led by Thomas Dobetzki conducted seismic reconnaissance around the Sphinx. What they discovered, they described as "hollow patches in the rock under the figure of the Sphinx." In particular, he gave the following description:

"The cavity is large enough, 9x12 in size with a depth of 5 meters. The origin of the hollow section is probably man-made, since it has a rectangular shape. "

Also, the sculpture of Sfinax was explored by hydrologists, although it would seem strange to see them on the Giza plateau. They found traces of erosion, which were caused by streams of water near the paws of the statue. The age of these water tracks is estimated at 10-12 thousand years, that is long before construction. This can be regarded as a certain, albeit uncertain, confirmation of the hypothesis of some mystic lovers that the complex on the Giza plateau was built more than once.

The theory of water and erosion is not as incredible as it seems at first glance. In past times, the climate in Egypt was not the same as now. There was much more moisture, and, consequently, vegetation. Reservoirs were not uncommon. The last great ice age ended about 17,000 years ago, and even the version of the flooding of this territory by the sea does not seem incredible.

Do not forget about the floods of the Nile River, which have always been unpredictable. The priests watched, but they did not learn to predict it, the results of measurements can now be seen in the temple of Kom Ombo . And rains in ancient times in Egypt could well have taken place. And the fact that traces of water erosion are found on the entire surface of the statue, just confirms the fact of climate change.

Next to the sphinx, archaeologists have found a temple, which is now called the "temple of the valley." It is not often seen by tourists arriving on an excursion from the popular resort cities of Egypt . Traces of water erosion are also visible on it. This temple can partially confirm the theory of the repeated use of pharaoh structures of the Giza Valley. "Valley Temple" is faced with granite slabs above, but if you look at the stones under the lining, traces of water are visible there. The cladding was done during the time of the ancient kingdom, that is, probably the foundation of the church stood here earlier. In addition, the cladding blocks, which in style and appearance do not differ from the characteristic building materials of the dynasties of the New Kingdom, are strikingly different from the blocks of the foundation of the temple. Fortunately, the buildings of these times have been preserved enough - this is the temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple , the funeral temple of Hatshepsut and the temple of Ramses II in Abu Simbel .

The famous professor of the University of Boston Robert Shoch expressed the version of the earlier temple. He expressed his point of view this way: "I am sure that the back surface of the cladding blocks of the temple was specially fitted by the ancient builders so as to fit perfectly to the uneven surfaces of the bearing limestone blocks."

If you use this theory, you can restore the supposed sequence of events. About the 10th millennium BC an unknown civilization erected a complex in Giza (near modern Cairo ). In them, three planets were supposedly shown, and the statue of the Sphinx points us to the date of construction. The complex was abandoned and already in the period of the Old Kingdom was rebuilt by the pharaohs. There is a suggestion that the Great Sphinx itself was once a statue of a lion, and the head of a man was already annexed by new builders - the Egyptians.

Of course, this is a very bold theory that goes against most of our scientific ideas about the history of ancient Egypt. But, you see, she has proof, and she has a right to exist.

In addition to these hypotheses, many lovers of mysticism are beginning to remember Atlantis, and it is attributed to the Atlantean people, but this, in our opinion, is already too much deepening in mystical theories, and it is almost impossible to find any proof of this.

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