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Overview: the sights of Egypt and what to see interesting

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Egypt - a special country, with unique natural conditions and position, it is thanks to the floods of the Nile River, bringing an abundance of water, there developed a developed culture even 5000 years ago. Thanks to the neighborhood of the desert, which excludes serious forays of nomadic peoples, this civilization has maintained its culture for thousands of years.

Of course, not one ancient temple was preserved in its original form, and only one tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun came to us intact. But, in this form, the ancient temples are amazing with their greatness, and the stories of the ancient battles, carved on their walls, amaze the imagination even now.

We will try to tell you about the most interesting places, based on historical chronology, from the most ancient to modern.

The most ancient attraction of Egypt, of course, are the pyramids, which served as tombs of the Pharaohs of the Ancient Kingdom. In Egypt, many pyramids, the first of them was built by the Pharaohs Djoser, the construction was conducted by its chief minister Imhotep. Joser was the first pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty and it was he who initiated the "fashion" for the pyramids.

This pyramid is not very popular among tourists, it is not very well located, as well as the pink pyramid and broken pyramid. Excursions to these pyramids are long and exhausting. The other three famous pyramids, on the other hand, are very well located, these are the pyramids of Cheops, Khafra and Mikerin, which are located on a plateau near the city of Giza .

The city of Giza is next to Cairo, they are even united into a single "urban agglomeration" of Cairo-Giza. The excursion to the pyramids is convenient to combine with visiting other Cairo attractions, about which we have a separate article .

In the time of the Old Kingdom, the capital of Egypt was the city of Memphis, which was near modern Cairo. Unfortunately, the pyramids are the only attraction that has come down to us from this era in such a state to be interesting to the ordinary tourist.

The period of the ancient kingdom ended, most likely due to natural changes, and after a period of anarchy, a new era of the Middle Kingdom began, and the central government moved to the south, to the city of Thebes. Now this place is the modern large city of Luxor.

If you are aiming to see the sights of Luxor, then we recommend that you go to a holiday in the resort town of Hurghada, as from the second popular resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh to Luxor to get a very long time. Even from Hurghada, an excursion to Luxor takes a whole day, moreover, it is necessary to go out again in the dark, and to return late at night.

The main sights in Luxor are described in the reviews on our website, they are the colossi of Memnon , the Karnak temple , the Luxor temple , the temple of Queen Hatshepsut , the valley of kings and queens .

All of them are not far from each other, but you will not be able to see them in one day, in case of one-day excursion you will either have to sacrifice any of them, or "run through" all very quickly. We recommend a two-day excursion to leave in memory good impressions from ancient temples and burials.

The following attractions are upstream of the Nile, for their inspection you need to go to a special cruise on the river, usual excursions here do not carry, too far and tedious.

Above the current from Luxor is a temple in the city of Edfu , dedicated to the god Horus, which was built later, under the Ptolemaic dynasty, the rulers of Egypt of Greek origin. And above is one of the most interesting and colorful temples, a temple in Kom Ombo , dedicated to two gods, Gora and Sebek, it is here that you can see mummies of crocodiles.

And further upstream is the city of Aswan, famous for its dam, built by engineers from the USSR.

In the city itself you can see the dam and the Aswan HPP, as well as the Nubian village and the botanical garden , the latter was built here not accidentally, because Aswan is considered one of the most arid cities in the world.

Read a detailed overview of the excursion to Aswan, the links above, we added it with several photo galleries, in which you will find a photo of all the most interesting places in the city and its surroundings.

In ancient times the sovereignty of Egypt stretched far to the south, up to Ethiopia, and the territory where Aswan is today was far from border, the fortresses were built and temples were built to the south. The most famous of them is the temple of Abu Simbel , built by Pharaoh Ramses II in honor of himself and his wife Queen Nefertari.

This temple is famous for the fact that it was moved to a new place in the construction of the Aswan HPP, when it was threatened with complete flooding, if it happened, now it was already arranged for scuba diving. The second important feature is the fact that the small temple in Abu Simbel is dedicated to a woman that was very rare in the ancient history of Egypt.

Cruises on the Nile are arranged either against the current, and then you visit Luxor first, and the rest of the sights are in the order that we described above.

Either the cruise ship can follow the current, and then the Abu Simbel temple will be your first in the list, and then on our list, only, on the contrary, with the ending in Luxor.

Egyptians from ancient times travel on the Nile, because if you go with the flow, you carry a river, and in the opposite direction the wind blows, for travel you only need to put the sail.

Both options are good, of course, if the excursions at the time of your visit to Egypt are possible. For example, at the time of writing this article, the political situation is still tense, we are in anticipation of presidential elections and excursions are not held at all.

The next interesting place is the city of Alexandria. It was founded in 332 by Alexander the Great (Great) himself. In total, several dozen cities with this name were founded, so it is more correct to call this city Alexandria of Egypt, as, actually, it was done in ancient times.

Now this is a large city, the second most populated country in the country, where you can see many interesting places. It is the residence of the kings and presidents of Egypt and Montaza Park, the ancient amphitheater and the modern Alexandria Library .

Other sights of Alexandria are the El-Mursi Abul Abbas Mosque, the zoo and the citadel of Kai Bay .

In ancient times, Alexandria had two miracles of the ancient world, but they did not survive to this day. The famous Alexandria lighthouse, however, can be seen, since the citadel of Kai-Bay is built of stones that remained from the lighthouse. The second miracle was the Library of Alexandria, there was nothing left of it, because it was destroyed several times during its existence.

We wish you a pleasant stay, we do not doubt that our reviews will give you the opportunity to choose the most interesting excursion program for you.

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