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How to fly to Egypt from Moscow and other cities

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Most tourists never ask "how much to fly to Egypt", as they know that this aviation route is familiar to many and no one complains of a tiring flight. For those who still want to know this, we'll tell you about the flight time, and about the popular on this route plane Boeing 737.

In Egypt, two airports that take charter flights with tourists. This is the international airport of Hurghada and the international airport of Sharm el-Sheikh, an unusual roof is his "visiting card" (pictured right).

The difference in flight time between them is not great, about 10 minutes, and maybe less, it depends on the flight route. We will only give the time to Sharm el-Sheikh to avoid confusion.

Of course, Egypt's central international airport is Cairo's airport, the country's capital, most regular flights arrive here. Regular flights of companies Aeroflot and EgyptAir fly to Cairo. In Hurhadu and Sharm el-Sheikh, too, there are regular flights, but they happen very rarely.

The distance from Moscow to Sharm el-Sheikh is not large, only 3,100 kilometers. Sharm el-Sheikh is on the same longitude with Moscow, but despite this, Egypt lives in Eastern European time, that is, Egypt is 2 hours less than in Moscow. When calculating the flight time and time of arrival, do not forget to take into account this fact.

The distance of 3100 kilometers is great for small airliners, although large aircraft on these routes also fly. The use of such giants as the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A330 is justified, since the flow of passengers from Russia to Egypt in summer can be compared only with the flow to Turkey, and in winter it is generally the most popular route.

They fly, most often, narrow-fuselage aircraft, such as Boeing 737 and 757, Airbus A320 and A321. Of course, they are not very comfortable for passengers, but four with a small hour, but it takes so long to fly from Moscow to Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh, you can spend in such conditions. The main thing is not to take a lot of hand luggage with you, there are few places on the shelves in these planes, it happens that not everyone has enough.

The routes of flights to Egypt are not always direct, they depend on the schedule of other flights and many other factors. As a result, the flight time for some airlines from closer cities can be even longer. In this table we gave values ​​for the most popular airlines.

Time may differ from flight to flight on different days, as some "corridors" for flights may be open on some day, and on the other day they are closed. If your flight time will be different from the time in our table, do not be surprised.

Boeing 737 is the largest passenger airliner. Airbus 318, 319, 320, 321 can not overtake the number of airplanes produced. Airbus likes to consider all these models together, but still they do not even reach the Boeing 737 all together. All in all, more than 8,000 aircraft of this model are produced modifications, while the company Boeing is not going to stop, is preparing to start the release of new series, which will be called "MAX".

Modification of the aircraft is indicated by three digits after the name, for example 737-300, 737-400 or 737-800. Usually, the larger the digit, the newer the modification, the latest ones are called Boeing 737-900 or Boeing 737-900ER, which, however, do not fly on charter flights to Egypt. But the Boeing 737-800, the penultimate version, flies, you can take a plane to Sharm-el-Sheikh from Krasnodar and some other cities, they are in the park of the airline Orenburg Airlines.

The first aircraft of this series was sold back in 1968, but do not worry, these first aircraft have not been flying for a long time. The first 737s were short-range aircraft, such an aircraft would simply not reach Egypt, its practical range was 2,600 kilometers, and from Moscow to Sharm-el-Sheikh, as we have already said, 3,100 kilometers, and this is straight. The aircraft accommodated only 100 passengers, whereas modern models can already accommodate up to 200 people.

And now we are forced to report the sad part of the information about this plane. He very often gets into an accident, even taking into account the very large number of cars produced. Altogether there were 71 aircraft crashes connected with the death of passengers, and if we take into account other accidents without loss of passengers and planes affected by terrorism, there are 175 lost Boeing 737.

The cabin of the aircraft is made according to the "3 + 3" scheme with one central passage. Not the most successful scheme for passengers, the person sitting near the porthole will not be able to get out into the corridor, if the remaining two do not leave, the places on the luggage shelves often do not suffice, and at the moment when the liner staff carries drinks or lunch, nor stretch your legs, nor on an important matter to get out.

We wish you a successful flight to Egypt, only four hours on the plane, and you will meet the hot Egyptian sun and warm sea.

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