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Food in Egypt: national cuisine and what's fed in hotels

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Food in Egypt is diverse and interesting, although the hotels in the menu do not abound in national cuisine. In restaurants you can try the full range of dishes, although most tourists buy tours on the "all inclusive" system, and in a restaurant in such a situation it is not profitable to walk.

Ethnic cuisine of Egypt was formed from traditional Egyptian cuisine, whose roots go back to the time of the pharaohs and cuisine of the Ottoman Empire, under the dominion of which the country was for a long time.

From ancient cuisine Egyptian cuisine got a variety of bread and flour dishes, from the Turks got kebabs and meat dishes, oriental sweets, from the Arabian cuisine came fish dishes.

Since in Egypt it's hot, we'll start our story with drinks. The first most colorful drink of Egypt is squeezed out of reeds. This juice is called Asyrasab (or Asyr Asab) , we can not say exactly how to write the name correctly.

The drink turns out to be sweet, often the juices of other fruits are added to it, this can change the taste. The natural color is green, but it can also change depending on the impurity. This drink is considered by the Egyptians as national, however, many countries consider it to be national, for example, India, Pakistan or Vietnam.

Often for tourists they arrange an attraction, when you can squeeze this drink yourself and then drink it. This is very interesting, but we want to warn that it is not safe. Such attractions often do not fully correspond to sanitary standards, and in combination with hot weather the result can be an intestinal infection. Our advice to you, to buy juice in a bank, is safer.

The next drink, which the Egyptians consider their national, is karkade .

In fact, it's tea, brewed from flowers of hibiscus, which is drunk either hot or chilled. Karkade has a dark red color, tastes a bit tart, often sugar is added to it.

Arabs consider it a very useful drink, although its healing properties are greatly exaggerated.

Bread and flour products are the basis of Egyptian national cuisine. This is not accidental, since ancient times the food in Egypt was mostly vegetarian. Thanks to the silt that is brought here by the Nile River every year, the valley yielded huge harvests of barley and wheat.

But, for cattle breeding this region is not adapted. There are no meadows and fields with grass, there was nowhere to graze the cattle. As a result, since ancient times the Egyptians ate a lot of plant food and little meat. Its role was played by the fact that meat quickly spoiled in the heat, it could not be stored.

Wheat tortillas , perhaps, are more popular in Egypt than we have bread. Each self-respecting institution prepares them in its own bakery, often, according to its own recipe.

According to taste and density, Egyptian wheat cakes are more reminiscent of those familiar to us, Uzbek, only diversity is much more. The cake should be easily peeled, making bread suitable for sandwiches.

Meat dishes in the national cuisine of Egypt are also present, but they are of a Turkish shade. This is primarily kebabs of all kinds, but we described them in detail in our series of articles on Turkey.

The second popular meat dish is the jacket .

Most of the sweaters are similar to our cutlets, in the classic version, they are minced meat balls with onions. Sometimes they add rice, and they look like our meatballs.

The second interesting meat dish is pastrama , it's jerky. The drying process is the only way to keep meat fit for a long time. It is assumed that this method came here together with the Ottoman Empire.

Of course, meat dishes in Egypt are not limited to meatballs and dried meat. There are a lot of recipes for baked and roasted meat, perhaps we will tell about them in our articles in the future.

Legumes are an integral part of Egypt's national cuisine. Beans were for the ancient Egyptians a source of protein, because they ate a little meat. Beans are most often used in soups and soup.

Since Egypt is an eastern country, it is worth talking about oriental sweets.

The most important national sweetness of Egypt is the bass . This pie is prepared from dough from manga, the dough is soaked in syrup and baked. A slice of almonds is put on the ready cake and cut into small pieces.

The taste of the bass is similar to the mannik pie, only very sweet. Instead of almonds, other nuts or nut crumbs can be used. The shape of the pieces, like that of baklava, is rhomboid.

Baklava is also popular in Egypt, it is one of the few dishes in Egypt, which they do not consider their own. About the origin of baklava, we wrote in an article about baklava in Turkey .

Unfortunately, many hotels offer tourists only dishes that are the most similar to European ones, and little is known to our tourists in Egypt.

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