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Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel - independent review

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On our website, we rarely talk about hotels. We write only about those in which we were personally, and we can give them an objective assessment and support this evaluation with evidence in the form of a photo. This time, in the field of our view, the Harmony Makadi Bay hotel has arrived at the resort of Makadi Bay in Egypt.

Harmony Makadi Bay is popular with Russian tourists. Several tour operators from Russia - Coral Travel, Tez Tour and Sunmar are working with it.

Half the hotel guests are Russians. The rest are representatives of Arab countries, some Western Europeans and Chinese. The latter stop here for a few days as a "transit point" on the way to the sights of the Nile Valley.

Russian orientation of the hotel is felt, although it is weak. Almost all the staff of the hotel speaks Russian, but the knowledge of the language is superficial - a couple of phrases, but no more. In the hotel all the inscriptions are dubbed in Russian, although with errors.

The Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel has many "pluses" and "minuses". And first of all we will tell you about the drawbacks, since one drawback can "cover" all the advantages. No wonder they say: "A fly in the ointment in a barrel of honey."

The first negative is water

Drinking tap water is one of the main actions that can not be done in Egypt . Accordingly, in all hotels guests are given bottled water.

At Harmony Makadi Bay, one bottle of 1.5 liters and one 0.5 liter is allocated to each room. It turns out - one liter per person per day (if there are two people living in the room). This is for drinking, brushing teeth, mouthwash and other needs.

Some guests have enough of this, especially if all the rest spend in the bar. In most cases this is not enough, especially if you live together with a child.

Out of habit, we went to the nearest bar to ask for another bottle of water, we are used to the fact that the hotel has 5 stars with bottled water no problem. The bar refused. We went to the reception desk.

At the reception desk, they explained to us that the water above the norm - charge! This was the most unpleasant surprise that no one expected. Do you think that "all inclusive" without fresh water is nonsense? And at Harmony Makadi Bay this is considered the norm.

In bars and restaurants there are coolers, from where you can collect water for free. Fortunately, most hotel staff have such a property as "conscience," and do not pay attention, but some hotel employees drive tourists away with bottles. It all looks just disgusting. For one such attitude to the guests Harmony Makadi Bay hotel can be safely "hung on the board of shame" of the Egyptian tourism industry.

The second negative - the state of numbers

The deplorable state of the rooms does not immediately strike you, you will gradually feel it more and more.

Why tourists rush first thing right after the flight? That's right, to Egyptian electrical outlets , to put on charging smartphones, tablets and other devices. In our room worked only one outlet, and the state of the other two you can see in the photo in the gallery on the right.

The bed "fell through" in some places. Naturally, we decided to look at the reason for this, and it turned out that the mattresses supporting the boards were not fixed in any way and went off in different directions (pictured right). We have eliminated this problem ourselves.

The fridge did not work at all. It turned out that the heaters in it worked and were properly heated, probably, the freon flowed out. However, we did not need a refrigerator, we decided to just forget about it.

The bed linen was more or less clean, but huge blank spots of incomprehensible origin shone on the coverlet (pictured right).

All rooms in the hotel are divided into "smoking" and "non-smoking". In our "smoking" room there was no ashtray, and we still did not understand the difference between these two types of rooms. By the way, the lack of ashtrays was visible from the balcony, from which a "wonderful" view of the number's butts appeared (photo on the right).

Most surprised by the air conditioner. He worked, but with the noise of the plane taking off. The air conditioner had a remote control, but the device did not react to the signals from the remote.

We began to look for the receiver of the console signal and found it in the corridor. Photos of this "disabled" you see on the right. Who and why he was mocked, we do not know. As a result, the panel worked, but to control the air conditioning had to approach the receiver closely.

In the bathroom was the most interesting - a hairdryer. The device is huge (in the photo on the right), right on the front panel of which in big letters was written "made in China", and 2 times! Apparently, this hair dryer - some kind of special pride in Chinese industry.

In the next photo you see the Egyptian tuning of this device, skillfully made of transparent tape.

And of course, furniture with splits, cracked plaster, a fallen off handrail in the bathroom. The lock of the balcony door was in terrible condition and did not close. Fortunately, our room was on the third floor, for us this castle was of no fundamental importance. All this is in the photo gallery below.

Of course, for many tourists the decoration of the room is of no fundamental importance. But you will agree, the choice between a dream in the heat of 30 degrees or sleep under the infernal hum of an air conditioner is not the best prospect. The hotel administration Harmony Makadi Bay should think about this.

And the next evening we met our new neighbors. They "hang out" in the corridor by a group of four. Unfortunately, it took time to get the camera, and the three fled in different directions. It was possible to photograph only one - the most daring.

In the photo on the right you see a traditional tourist companion at the Harmony Makadi Bay hotel. These are quite large specimens of red ants, in Russia such large specimens are not found.

A couple of times on the territory we saw local pest control centers, strolling with clever expressions of faces. Apparently, they are not very active. All the tourists with whom we communicated, told that in their room the ants also live.

The third negative - the sea

You settled in the room and you think: "God damn it with the number, we came to the Red Sea!".

You go to the sea and there you see the picture as in the photo on the left. What is it? This is called "ebb". This picture is observed here most of the time.

After the beach there is a long shallow depth of all knee-deep, and the real sea begins only behind it. When the ebb is flowing, it generally dries. Only local herons are happy with this (see photo ), who gladly eat all the fish that did not have time to swim out to sea.

Of course, tourists from this picture there is no joy.

In the brochures of Harmony Makadi Bay hotel they write that this shallow area is ideal for children. Nothing like this!

The bottom here consists of silt, and as soon as you step on the bottom, the water turns into a dark slime. See the photo on the right, there we just "caught" this moment in the frame.

In addition, the sea stars of black color and frightening species live in the mud. We have not found out whether they are stingy or not, but we do not recommend trying. Remember that the treatment of such "communication" with marine animals may not be covered by insurance in Egypt .

Would you like to let children in there? We do not think so.

In the article about what to bring to Egypt , we wrote that it is desirable to take special shoes from Egyptian coral. Here it is not desirable, but necessary. Sand on local beaches is a mixture of fragments of shells (pictured right). Walking on it with your bare feet is impossible, just like you will be circumcised.

For the passage to the sea in the hotel Harmony Makadi Bay built a long pier (pictured right), but it does not save much the situation. At its end there is a special platform, from which you can go down two flights of stairs to the sea.

Once the steps of the stairs were wrapped in a rope, which was already almost completely decayed. It's scary to go down, the steps are slippery. Below you are waiting for a 10 to 5 meter sea platform, within which you can swim. Sorry sight.

If you pass on the beach to the left to the border of the neighboring hotel Azur, then there is a small lagoon in which you can swim (pictured right). The problem is that not all tourists know about this. Behind this lagoon is a sandy island. After passing through it, you will find another entrance to the sea, but the bottom here consists of large boulders.

Many guests of Harmony Makadi Bay go swimming in the lagoon of the neighboring hotel Azur, there is much better. The bottom there is muddy, but the depth is normal for swimming.

Summing up this aspect of the rest, we can say: "If you want to see the beauty of the Red Sea and have plenty to swim in, the Harmony Makadi Bay is an erroneous choice."

The lack of work is the motto of Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel

If we were asked to characterize the Harmony Makadi Bay Hotel in one word, then this would be the word "flawed." It is felt in everything. Against the background of beautiful advertising descriptions, reality turns out to be very sad.

You see it right away, as soon as you are settled into the room. Guests are immediately required to leave their luggage on the street. On the left, you can see how it looks. Behind things at the entrance no one looks. Agree, the alarming moment.

Then tourists are forced to fill out some form with names and surnames, dates of departure and other data. In fact, all the information should already be at the personnel, and to rewrite the passport data in the computer the employee of hotel of 5 stars should be able. Or are we wrong?

In the advertising description of the hotel Harmony Makadi Bay it is written: "Electric cars go by the territory". They do travel, but only with check-in and eviction to deliver things. Just because they will not drive you.

Electric cars are not enough, as they all stand in the parking lot in a broken state. We found them and photographed them, see the photo on the left. On the territory of tourists have to walk, and the territory is large.

One of our neighbors very correctly expressed, we quote: "The territory is big, but stupid." All the clearings between the houses are of the same type, there are almost no remarkable places. Not surprisingly, some tourists manage to get lost here.

Only a couple of bushes were decorated with eyes and a smile (pictured left). This can be noted as "a drop of creativity in the ocean of monotony."

In addition, the territory is rarely and badly cleaned. Right on the first day we noticed on the path of glass from a broken glass. Began to bet on the subject of when they will be removed. As a result of the tote, no one won - on the 7th day at the time of our departure from the hotel, the glass was still lying there (pictured left).

The advertisement states that the hotel has baby cots. It's true, really there is. After two days of hiking at the reception desk we managed to take one. The restaurant has highchairs. There are two of them, which is logical, would be one, would be a chair. Store with wet napkins, these chairs are always dirty.

By the way, about the restaurant. What "clever" it occurred to make the main passage to the numbers right through the restaurant? I would like to see this grief-architect in the eye! People with suitcases are breaking through the queue for beef - this must be seen.

The food in the restaurant does not shine with variety. The site "knows" 451 recipe dishes from beef. Chefs at Harmony Makadi Bay know only 5 recipes. We counted about 15 cooks at the hotel, that is, 0.33 of the beef recipe for the chef. Not much!

For lunch and dinner, there is always one dish of chicken and one of the beef, after which there is always a line. For breakfast, pancakes and an omelette are prepared, followed by a turn.

The situation at dinner is a little better. At the time of our visit to dinner, an Italian restaurant was opened, in which there were no queues and the variety of dishes was better. Already in the bus on the way back we interviewed tourists. It turned out that most of the hotel guests did not know about it. We looked at the memo, which was lying in our room, there nothing is said about it. Another "minus" in the treasury of the administration - a memo with a description of the hotel needs to be updated periodically.

In the main restaurant (although it is more correctly called the word "dining room") a constant deficit of devices. First of all, the tea spoons come to an end already in the 20th minute from the moment of the beginning of work. At the 30th minute, the glasses for drinks, for the 40th cup and so on end. In Moscow, a teaspoon can be bought in bulk for 12 rubles! Is it really hard for the hotel to buy more cutlery?

I can not buy my instruments. There are only a few shops on site - a pharmacy and four souvenir shops. The pharmacy is outside the hotel near the entrance, and most tourists do not know about it.

Only in one of the shops you can buy drinks, some food and cigarettes. Fortunately, the prices here "do not break", a pack of imported cigarettes costs three dollars - the standard price for cigarettes in Egypt . A cola bank costs one dollar, a bundle of chips is two dollars.

A very good purchase in this store will be protective shoes. It costs only $ 5 here, which is cheaper than in Moscow. You will need these shoes even in the pool! Are you surprised?

In total, the hotel has three large swimming pools. All of them can be seen in the photo on the left. The first pool is right next to the main building, and its floor paints the legs in a beautiful blue color! If you want to preserve the natural color of your feet, then wear protective slippers.

The third pool also paints the feet, but not so much. But the third basin has another problem - there it is insanely stink of bleach. In this third pool children spend time just as there are water slides here.

And one more unpleasant moment. Getting out of the hotel is very difficult. The resort Makadi Bay is located far from settlements. There is no public transport from here. The only option is a taxi . At the reception desk there is a taxi call service, but the prices! In comparison with the price of a taxi on the counter, they are three or four times more expensive. Photo prices you can see on the left.

Small intermediate conclusions

In Egypt, there are many 5 star hotels that are better than the Harmony Makadi Bay. In Egypt there are many "fours" that are better than Harmony Makadi Bay. In Egypt there are even "treshki", which are better than Harmony Makadi Bay.

Summing up all the negative factors, we do not recommend going to this hotel. Only if the price of a 7-day tour is cheaper than $ 600 for two, then you can think.

Positive moments

For those few readers who have been able to finish reading the article before this paragraph, we will tell a little about the positive moments in the Harmony Makadi Bay hotel.

First, we note the good work of the animation team. In the photo to the right, her Russian-speaking representative is Victoria. She conducts a good work with guests - tells about the hotel, consults on any issues. Keep it up!

Animators are good at children's disco, they work "on conscience". Evening shows are repeated every week, in the program of a fakir show, oriental dances and more. In the evening without entertainment you will not stay.

There is a gym on site. It is very well located - right next to the central pool. The simulators inside are in working order. See the photo 1 , photo 2 and photo 3 .

The hotel has two more restaurants, where you can go to dinner. The first is a fish restaurant on the beach, made in the shape of a ship. Supper there is paid and costs 20 dollars.

The second is the restaurant of oriental cuisine next to the main building of the hotel. In this restaurant you can go once for free, and if the length of your tour is more than 11 nights, then twice.

Eastern dishes there are simply gorgeous. Sauces have a rich taste, the liver is fried just great. The dinner ends with an excellent dessert of Homme Ali and oriental sweets.

Perhaps, this dinner was our best impression for all stay in Harmony Makadi Bay. In the small gallery on the left we have posted several photos.

This is all that we consider important to tell about this hotel. To go here, or not, you decide. We tried to be truthful and objective in our assessments.

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