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Hurghada - the city and resort of Egypt on the Red Sea

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Of all the resorts of Egypt, Hurghada is probably the most popular. Hurghada is well located on the coast of the Red Sea, where the clear sea and the whole year are warm weather, suitable for beach holidays. Also, from here you can quickly get to any sights, the choice of excursions is the widest.

Hurghada can be considered a very young city. In the early 80's there was a fishing village, and now the population of the city has already passed the mark of 100 000 people.

Of course, this is not a record of growth. The record belongs to the city of Shenzhen (China), which has managed since the beginning of the 80s to grow from a fishing village to a city with a population of 15,000,000 people.

Since then, Hurghada has grown to the largest resort center. This year-round resort, about the weather in Egypt you can read our review . Water is suitable for swimming all year round, its temperature does not drop below 22 degrees Celsius.

In addition to Hurghada itself, in this area there are several more small resorts, their distance from the city does not exceed 50 kilometers. These are resorts: El Gouna (15 km), Makadi Bay (20 km), Safaga (30 km), Soma Bay (25 km), Sahl Hasheesh.

In Hurghada, sandy beaches, but there is an important nuance, which must be told. In the Red Sea there are coral reefs, and in the sea you can enter only in special shoes, so as not to cut your legs. Some tourists do not like it very much, but this does not go anywhere.

Safety shoes can be bought directly at the hotel, or, cheaper to buy in a store near the hotel. Costs it is inexpensive, about 20 dollars.

You can buy these shoes from us, but it is not sold in every store, it is often difficult to find it.

At this resort, a lot of hotels, more than 250. Hotels of different "star", find a suitable price for everyone can. Since the resort is year-round, then the prices here, traditionally, are lower, because hotels never completely stand idle, business overheads are lower.

Another important advantage of Hurghada, the availability of its own international airport.

The airport of Hurghada is small, rather it can be called cozy.

Denoted officially as HRG, do not confuse.

Despite the small size, the airport is quite modern, can accept even heavy aircraft, such as the Boeing 747, has "sleeves" for all types of aircraft.

If you are aiming at attractions, then Hurghada can be called the most reasonable choice, from here arrange excursions to Luxor and the valley of the kings, drive to safari in Egypt , and, of course, cruises along the Nile. If you buy a ticket to Sharm El Sheikh, then all these attractions will be for you "overseas", and in the literal sense, beyond the Red Sea.

There are several attractions that are located directly in Hurghada. Before them you can take a taxi.

The Abdulhasan Elshazi Mosque is built in the Turkish style. The mosque was opened only in the middle of the last century.

This mosque is not a tourist attraction, and non-Muslims are not allowed inside. You will have to admire the beauties of this mosque from the outside. She's really beautiful.

If you are very curious, you can look at the decoration of the mosque from the outside, some tourists do it.

When they built this mosque, the calculation of the number of believers was clearly wrong, now the mosque can not accommodate all those who wish to pray. Often, especially on Friday, people pray in pavilions nearby or in the courtyard.

The next attraction is related to the Christian religion. The Coptic Church of St. Shenouda was built in 1922. Some sources say that the church is built for the oil industry by the British, but this is not entirely true.

It began to build the British, but in the end the church was transferred to the Copts. Many of the British outlines have remained, but the church is Orthodox, not Anglican.

Saint Shenouda was born a shepherd, but from a small age he fasted. Arriving to his uncle, one day he heard a voice from a god who said: "Shenuda! You have already become the father of hermits! "

Saint Shenuda lived in the 5th century and was an exemplary monk. Saint Shenouda founded two monasteries, the first bears the name of Saint Besoy, the second was named in his honor. Both monasteries are valid until today.

A large number of church photos, see our photo gallery from Hurghada.

The complex "1000 and one night" was created especially for tourists. This is an entertainment complex with restaurants, where traditional shows with belly dancing, equestrian stunts, fakir show and other performances are held.

The show is held in a hotel called Alf Leila Wa Leila, it will be interesting for everyone.

In this show show dances with clubs, dances with skirts, belly dances, camels, horses and wedding ceremony. In general, the whole color from one place, it's convenient.

Basically, the elements of the show tell the story of Egypt from the era of the Pharaohs to the present day. The most beautiful thing in the show is the scenery, which is the hotel itself.

Many tourists will be interested to see a show of dancing fountains. It can be viewed at the Paradise Golden 5 hotel, which is located far enough from the city center, and you can get a taxi, although your hotel may be in the same area.

From interesting entertaining places in Hurghada you can note the city aquarium, where you can see the underwater life of the Red Sea and the water park of the Sinbad Hotel. Neither from the first nor from the second you should not expect something outstanding. Egypt is positioned as a place of inexpensive rest, huge oceanariums and outstanding water parks here do not build, this is not the United Arab Emirates.

Hurghada is a paradise for divers. Visibility in the Red Sea is simply wonderful, and the variety of marine life is simply enormous.

The Red Sea is very warm, it owes it to so many fish, crustaceans and corals.

Around Hurghada there are more than 50 popular dive sites, in almost every major hotel you can find a diving center.

Conclusions: For those tourists who have set their sights on Egypt's attractions, Hurghada will be the best choice. For lovers of beach holidays, there is no particular difference in the resorts of the Red Sea. For fans of scuba diving Hurghada will also be an excellent choice.

Read the second part of this article, in which we will talk about the second popular resort of Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh.

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