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What money in Egypt: currency 'Egyptian pound'

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Many tourists rested in Egypt many times, but they did not see the money of Egypt, and do not know what the Egyptian pound looks like. In this there is nothing strange, in the tourist zones in Egypt take dollars and euros, you can buy anything without touching the local currency.

The money of Egypt is called the Egyptian pound. This currency was introduced in Egypt in the middle of the 19th century, of course, it looked different and had a completely different value. He replaced in Egypt the previous main currency, the Egyptian "piastre".

Remember the parrot in the movie about the pirates, who shouted: "Piastres! Piastres! ". Currencies with this name went to the Ottoman Empire and Indochina. Since Egypt was a part of the Ottoman Empire for a long time, the local currency was also called that way.

After the introduction of the Egyptian pound, the piastres also remained, but on the sidelines. The Egyptian pound is still divided into 100 piastres.

Officially, in the tourist zones of Egypt you can trade for US dollars and euros. It is more convenient for tourists and for sellers, for this reason, most tourists did not see the money of Egypt in their lives, although they visited Egypt several times. If necessary, the currency can be exchanged in hotels or in banks.

Official currency designation: EGP. Such an abbreviation is used in banks and other financial institutions.

In shops on the price labels, the usual designations LE or E or E are used. With the last two, everything is clear, £ is the pound symbol, just the letter E is added - which means - the Egyptian pound.

The designation LE seems more mysterious. This abbreviation of "livre egyptienne", so called the Egyptian pound in French.

Official course:

Exchange rates for: January 24, 2013

1 Egyptian pound = 3.182 Russian rubles
1 Egyptian pound = 0.056 US dollars
1 Egyptian pound = 0.046 euros

1 Russian ruble = 0.314 Egyptian pounds
1 American dollar = 17.712 Egyptian pounds
1 euro = 21.931 Egyptian pounds

The Egyptian pound is a currency not only for Egypt itself, in Palestine there is such an area called "Gaza Strip", this name has no relation to any gases, just a central city called Gaza. In this area, which is controversial between Israelis and Arabs, this currency is also used. We hope that none of the readers there will not get there, it's troubled.

Let us turn to the physical incarnations of Egyptian money, banknotes and coins.

Coins in Egypt are diverse. In circulation there are coins 5, 10, 25, 50 piastres and 1 pound. Coins 5 and 10 piastres did not formally go out of circulation, but it is almost impossible to meet them.

The coin in 5 piastres depicts the pyramids in Giza, and on the coin in 10 piastres the mosque of Mohammed Ali. Attention! To the famous American boxer, this mosque is not directly related, it is named after the commander and ruler of Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha.

Please note that there are no denominations of denominations on the coins in figures familiar to us. The nominal value is denoted by Arabic-Indian numerals. The big circle is 5, the wand is 1, the point is 0. It's not hard to remember.

In free circulation, you can find coins of 25, 50 piastres and 1 pound.

The coin of 25 piastres is probably the most "boring" of all, which we told about in our reviews. On both sides, the nominal value was written, only on one side it was written in convenient numbers, 25pt.

On a coin of 50 piasters, Cleopatra is depicted on one side and denomination by two kinds of figures on the other.

On the coin, one Egyptian pound depicts the funerary mask of the pharaoh Tutankhamun on one side, and on the other hand the denomination is written in Arabic-Indian numerals and the Latin one says "one pound", which means one pound.

Fortunately, on all these coins the denomination is written in usual figures, and it is clear that you have the coin in your hands.

Egyptian metal money has one feature. In different years, coins of the same denomination were issued, but of different diameters and weights. If you find two coins, one a little bigger, a second a little smaller, do not be surprised.

Denominations can be denominated in 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Egyptian pounds. In the recent history of Egyptian money there were notes of 25 and 50 piastres and 1 Egyptian pound, but these banknotes are completely withdrawn from circulation, they can not be paid for, and you can change them only in the bank. Although, the chances that such a note will fall into your hands are incredibly small.

The National Bank of Egypt has long promised to introduce a banknote in 500 Egyptian pounds, but so far no one has even seen its layout.

Traditionally, on one side of the banknotes, the inscriptions are made on Arab-Indian numerals and Arab buildings are depicted; on the other side of the banknote all inscriptions are made in English, the figures usual for us are used and the monuments of ancient Egypt are depicted.

The undoubted advantage of Egyptian paper money can be considered the fact that the principle "the larger the denomination, the greater the size of the bill" is fully observed. The 200-point note is not only longer than all the others (17 centimeters), but also wider, 8 centimeters wide (the other bills have 7 centimeters).

A big disadvantage of these bills is a very similar color scheme. Be careful if you have to deal with the money of Egypt, be sure to check the denominations of banknotes, in Egypt there are a lot of people trying to deceive tourists and slip a smaller denomination banknote.

An interesting fact for tourists, the currency of Egypt can not be exported from the country. Although, the customs does not look at it, as there is usually no one willing to take out money, tourists simply do not change it, they cost dollars or euros.

At the end of this article we will tell you what is depicted on the banknotes.

Front side Backside
5 pounds The Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Cairo Engraving of the Pharaoh near the Nile
10 pounds The Al-Rafai Mosque in Cairo Statue of Pharaoh Kafra
20 pounds Mosque of Mohammed Ali in Cairo The War Chariot of the Pharaoh
50 pounds The Abu Harayb Mosque in Cairo Temple of Edfu
£ 100 The Sultan Hasan Mosque in Cairo Great Sphinx
200 pounds Kanubey al-Ramah Mosque in Cairo Statue of a sitting scribe

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