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Country Egypt: description and information for tourists

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Country Egypt, perhaps, is one of the most interesting in the world. According to the wealth of history, it is second only to China , and the concentration of historical monuments is only the Vatican.

Let's start with a story about the location and geographical features of Egypt. The country Egypt is in Africa, right at the junction of Africa and Asia. Despite this, in ancient times Egypt did not become an important transport hub between the continents, in Africa there were no developed civilizations, or rather, almost none. Now here is the Suez Canal, which passes all cargo between Asia and Europe.

The Nile River

From time immemorial, the basis of the life of Egypt was the Nile River. Until 1970, this was the year of the construction of the Aswan Dam, the Nile flooded once a year, flooded the entire valley, bringing here water and silt, which is a good fertilizer. All the agriculture of Egypt was built precisely on this spill, after the spill Egyptians sowed wheat and barley, and after they harvested a rich harvest. The harvest was huge, it was enough not only for the food of Egypt itself, even the Roman Empire depended on the harvest in Egypt.

After the construction of the dam by the joint efforts of the engineers of Egypt and the USSR, the situation changed slightly. Now the spill is under the control of the person, and floods, which often caused serious damage, are no longer there, the supply of agricultural land has improved and in some fields the crop is harvested three times a year.

The dam in Aswan still has monuments in honor of the builders and friends of the USSR and Egypt (pictured right).

The climate in Egypt is hot, about the weather in Egypt we have a separate review .

Economy of Egypt

The economy is based on tourism and agriculture. The main tourist centers are on the Red Sea, they are described in detail in our reviews. This is Hurghada , Sharm El Sheikh and other small resorts.

In Egypt, a lot of cotton is grown, which is not surprising, because cotton loves the heat and does not like rain, in Egypt for this culture, ideal conditions. Near the centers for growing cotton is a textile industry. In the delta of the Nile, grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits are grown.

There is almost no processing industry and minerals in Egypt. As a result, Egypt is quite a poor country, Egyptians are forced to buy almost all the machinery, electronics and equipment abroad. GDP per capita in Egypt is 4 times lower than in Russia.

Alcohol in Egypt

If you are going to the hotel by the all-inclusive system, then you do not have to worry, the hotels always have alcohol. The difference lies in the ultra-all-inclusive system, when you can consume alcohol of foreign origin and simply all-inclusive, when you want to drink locally produced drinks.

In Egypt, the sale of alcohol is prohibited, there are only duty-free shops at the airports of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh, where you can buy alcohol only in the first 2 days after arrival, and only in limited quantities, namely 2 liters of strong alcohol or 12 liters of beer per adult. The passport will put a special stamp on you, and you will not be able to buy it for the second time.

You can bring alcohol with you, officially there is a limit of 3 liters, but we did not see that someone was not allowed to pass with a lot. Some go with full suitcases of alcoholic drinks in their luggage, they do not make claims.

The population of Egypt

The population of Egypt is 90% of the Arabs and 10% of the Copts, and the division is mainly based on religious principles. The Copts are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians, in the 7th century the Arab caliphate conquered Egypt from Byzantium, the Arabs began to settle in the country, and the indigenous population of the Arabs was called the Copts.

Most of the population of Egypt has nothing to do with pyramids, ancient temples, or hieroglyphics. The Arabs destroyed the ancient relics more than they did. Of course, now, all antiquity is valued and respected, as it brings profit in the form of a tourist business.

Even in the construction of platinum in Aswan, a large archaeological monument, Mount Abu Simbel, had to be moved, as it was threatened by flooding. When you visit this landmark, you can learn the details of this transfer.

The Copts do not like the Arabs, the Arabs do not like the Copts. As soon as riots occur, Coptic Orthodox churches suffer first. On a religious basis, the population of Egypt is divided into Muslims (90%) and Christian Copts (10%). There are still small ethnic groups, such as Berbers and Nubians, but they are very few.

Geography of Egypt

Most of the country is occupied by the Sahara desert, about 96% of the territory is unfit for economic activities. About 3% of the country is in the delta of the Nile River, home to 97% of the country's population.

The rest of the population lives on the coast of the Red Sea, just in the tourist centers of the country. In the deserts, there are still nomads, they are very few, they are very aggressive, a lonely tourist is better not to contact them, they are often armed.

Egypt in the west borders on Libya, the one in which the dictator Muammar Gaddafi was recently overthrown. Egypt in the south is bordered by Sudan. In the east, it has a border with Israel and the Palestinian Authority. As you noticed, the region is not very calm.

Political situation in Egypt

Now the political situation is complicated. Until 2011, the country was ruled by President Hosni Mubarak, his presidency lasted for 30 years, he took office after the death of the previous president Anwar Sadat, who was killed right during the military parade.

The rule of Hosni Mubarak lasted 30 years, it can not be called very successful, the country did not solve its problems with poverty and unemployment, although the achievements during this time were. In 2011, there was a revolution, the people took to the streets, demanding the resignation of the president. The unrest lasted from January 25 to February 11, and ended with the resignation of the president.

The unrest of 2011 was serious, about 300 people were killed, the Cairo Museum was plundered. Excitement even touched tourist centers, Sharm el-Sheikh was introduced troops, on the streets of the resort were tanks, however, before the clashes in the resort cities did not reach.

After the revolution of 2011, the power passed to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the situation stabilized, but tension remained. On June 24, 2012, presidential elections took place, in which Muhammad Mursi, the representative of the Islamic movement "Muslim Brotherhood", won.

This movement is officially recognized in Russia as terrorist and its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited. In 2012, the representative of the movement became the president of Egypt.

Mursi tried to introduce a new constitution, which designated sharia as the basis of Egypt's laws. This caused mass discontent among the military and in the political circles of the country, again mass protests began in the country. July 3, 2013 Muhammad Mursi was arrested, the constitution was abolished, the power again went to the military. Victims this time amounted to more than 600 people killed and several thousand wounded.

At the moment (November 2013), the country is ruled by the VRIO of President Adly Mansour along with the military. The parliament that adopted the constitution was dispersed. The activity of the organization of Muslim brothers is prohibited.

Part of the population supports Muslim brothers, and there are occasional disturbances. The political situation in Egypt can be called stable, but a new fire of uprisings can erupt at any moment.

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