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The city of Alexandria in Egypt on the Mediterranean Sea

The city of Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, this city is located along the Mediterranean coast for 35 kilometers (a record for Mediterranean cities) and is one of the largest ports in the world.

Of course, the city has many attractions, an excursion to the city of Alexandria in Egypt, we will describe in this article. During the tour you will see the ruins of the ancient city, the al-Mursi Abul Abbas mosque, the new Alexandria library and much more.

Александрийский парк - парк Монтаза (Montaza park)

At the beginning of the tour, everyone is brought to Montaza park, he is on the road. This area is a great recreation.

Visiting card park is a bridge with columns of light red color and lanterns, you see the column in the photo on the right.

The park was broken more than a century ago, and was the residence for the rest of the Egyptian sultans, since that time the nobility has settled in this area. Of course, no one was allowed to settle in the park itself, near the palace. I knew how to buy and built houses in the surrounding areas.

The word "sultan" we did not quite apply. At the time of the foundation of the park Egypt was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, and the local ruler was called "khedive". The Khedives were governors of the Ottoman Empire on the one hand, but their power was inherited.

The palace and park Montaza built the last khedive of Egypt, Abbas II Hilmi-pasha. In Egypt, he is considered a national hero, as he fought for the independence of Egypt from Britain and even adopted a constitution that declared Egypt a republic. It is believed that he sacrificed the throne for the independence of the people and the freedom of the country.

Дворец эль-Харамлик в парке Монтаза

The Montaz Palace has been preserved from the beginning of the 20th century almost unchanged. Rather, this palace is called el-Haramlik. He was very fond of using the presidents of Egypt, Arvar El-Sadat and Hosni Mubarak, as their residence. The first was killed, the second while under arrest, the palace, in our opinion, can be safely called unhappy.

You will be given a walk in the park, there is a very beautiful nature, many kinds of shrubs, flowers and grasses.

Природа в парке Монтаза

Photo gallery PHOTO from Montaz park.

The following attractions, which carry tourists in Alexandria, belong to the ancient period. Before we talk about them, we will remember a little history.

Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great during his famous campaign in Persia. A reader who knows geography will immediately notice that Egypt is clearly not on the way from Macedonia to Persia. This is true, but Alexander had to go to Egypt, because in his rear there was still a very strong fleet of Persians in the Mediterranean, which prevented him from receiving the support of his army from Macedonia.

Памятник Александру Македонскому

Egypt was conquered almost without resistance, the Egyptians were not devoted to the Persian Empire, they gladly accepted the new ruler, recognized that Alexander was a direct descendant of the god Amun (do not confuse the first letter of A, not O).

Alexander claimed that he was a descendant of Zeus, the main god of the Greek pantheon. The priests of Egypt had enough of this fact to recognize that Zeus and Amon are one and the same god, and Alexander is godlike, he was recognized as a pharaoh.

In the photo on the left is the most famous monument to Alexander in Egypt near the new Alexandria Library.

Alexander founded a new city, the main task of which was to link Greece and Egypt. Named the city of Alexandria, later this name will give even more than a dozen cities, so this city was usually called Alexandria of Egypt. By the way, this is the only Alexandria that exists to this day.

Alexandria has long been the capital of Egypt, from its inception in 331. Naturally, there are many historical monuments of ancient times left here.

The first monument is an amphitheater.

Развали амфитеатра

In many sources it is called Roman, although it has much more Greek features. The first thing that catches your eye is the small size of the amphitheater. For a large city like Alexandria, this object is clearly too small. Visually, you can estimate its capacity, not more than a thousand spectators. It was a theater that was used to stage plays, political gatherings and various kinds of competitions. There were no gladiatorial battles and noisy performances for the crowd.

Колонна Помпея

The second relic of the ancient era, this is Pompey's column.

Let us briefly describe who Gnei Pompey was. He was a Roman politician and commander in the time of Julius Caesar, by the way, he was married to Caesar's daughter.

This is the largest Roman column outside of Rome and Constantinople. Such columns were built in honor of the grand victories of the Roman generals.

The most interesting thing about Pompey's column is that she has nothing to do with Pompey himself. It was built already 350 years after his death in honor of the victory of Emperor Diocletian.

This is a monolithic column with a height of 20.5 meters, a diameter of 2.7 meters. Indeed, an impressive structure, and it's amazing how well it survived so well.

Indeed, Gnaeus Pompey did not win any victories in Egypt, where did he come from his triumphal column? Pompey arrived in Egypt in 48 BC, after the defeat in the war with Julius Caesar, where he was beheaded. That's really who went to Egypt unsuccessfully.

The next attraction worth noting is the Alexandria Library. Of course, this is not an ancient library, famous throughout the ancient world. This is a new building that was opened in 2002.

Александрийская библиотека

The building has a very interesting design, which was selected in a competition of 1400 projects. The author of the project was Snohetta company from Norway. Near the library there is a monument to Alexander the Great, at the entrance there are monuments, near the library there is a pond.

The main reading room is right behind the glass sloping roof, which you see in the photo above. The library is designed for 8 million books. Inside there are four museums, four art exhibitions, up to 15 temporary expositions, a planetarium and a laboratory for the restoration of old books and manuscripts.

Of course, you can go inside and even get to read a book that the library has in Arabic, English and French, but time, usually, on an excursion on it is not given.

See the PHOTO gallery of the Alexandria Library.

Continuation of the review of the excursion to the city of Alexandria in Egypt read in the second part of our review.

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