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Overview: prices for tours to rest in Egypt 2014

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Hotels in the resorts of Egypt are open all year round, and prices do not "jump" as much as, for example, in Turkey or Tunisia . On the schedule of prices for rest, you can find some patterns that will make it possible to purchase a package advantageously by simply selecting the date of departure correctly. We will talk about this in this article.

Splashing in the sea in Egypt can be all year round, even in February the temperature of the Red Sea does not drop below 20 degrees. Of course, there are not many people who want to plunge into the winter months, mostly our compatriots.

Europeans do not hurry to climb into the water, preferring heated pools and the opportunity to simply sunbathe. Despite all this, Egypt is the most affordable way to get to the sea and the sun in the winter.

A very important question, which tourists are asked. Where to go, to Sharm or to Hurghada? Where is cheaper?

Externally, prices in hotels in Hurghada seem a little more affordable, but do not forget that in Sharm El Sheikh you can enter without a visa, just put a stamp on your passport. At the airport of Hurghada you will have to buy a visa worth 15 USD, and in 01.05.2014 it will cost 25 USD.

We have formed a chart on which you can compare prices throughout the entire 2014 season. We will use it to show when it is most profitable to buy a tour to Egypt, and at what time the probability of occurrence of "hot offers" is greatest.

This chart is generated by the prices of one of the good 5 star hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, a 7 day tour for two people.

There are always two periods when the behavior of prices for tours resembles the launch of a rocket into space. The first falls on the first days of January and is related to the New Year holidays, and the second falls on the first days of May, when in Russia, however, as in many countries of Europe, the "Labor Day" is celebrated (in each country the holiday is called in its own way).

In 2014 there are no exceptions. May Day gives about 50-70% increase in the price of the tour to Egypt, and the closer to the holidays, the more expensive the tours. Wishing to spend the May Day holidays, lying on a deckchair by the sea, we give a more accurate schedule for this period.

Weekends in May in 2014 from May 1 to May 4 and from 9 to 11-th number. And it is logical that many people want to leave on April 30 to spend the weekend at the resort, and take as few compensations as possible for compensatory holidays. On April 30th and May 1st, there is a peak in prices for tours to Egypt.

Of course, this chart should not be perceived as absolute, it can change even the day after the publication of this article. But he shows the main trends accurately. Another peak occurs on April 26 and 27, as the week from 28.04 to 04.05 contains only three working days and many people want to fly out for vacation the day before on the weekend.

Many tourists try to wait for "hot offers" these days. According to our observations, this idea comes to the buyers of permits immediately after they see the prices.

Immediately we can warn that really "burning" permits in these days does not happen and can not be. Of course, there will be a lot of tours marked "hot", but the prices will not be much different from usual ones. Wishing to cash in on your credulity will be many.

Tours at really low prices arise when the organizers of tours (tour operators) need to urgently sell air tickets or hotel rooms. You understand perfectly well that this situation is excluded for the May holidays, already for two weeks tickets for many flights have been fully sold out, and places in some hotels are no longer there.

Conclusions about the May holidays. If you want to relax and take a minimum of time off, but do not want to pay a lot of money for a ticket, then you need to take a tour with a flight on the 7th or 8th. You will have 3 days off, and the prices for tours to Egypt during this period "do not bite."

The next part of the diagram shows us a quiet plot until the middle of July. Do not forget about the holy month of Ramadan, which in 2014 falls on July.

Of course, Ramadan does not directly impede rest in Egypt. This is a secular country, and the laws of the Sharia are not valid here.

There is an opinion that at this time it is profitable to make purchases, as deceiving the holy month is very sinful. It is considered, if to ask, whether the good is sold by the trader, he will answer fairly.

Muslims at this time are forbidden to eat, drink and smoke during the day, and many believers fully observe this post. In the United Arab Emirates, for example, the law prohibits everyone, including tourists, publicly eating and drinking water, but in Egypt there are no restrictions for holidaymakers.

The Egyptians themselves become more passive, slower, make everything slow, it looks dull. In any case, it is difficult to rest, knowing that the person who brings you drinks, the thirst is the most tormented.

Let's sum up, if you do not care about the staff, then you can safely go on tour to Egypt in July. If compassion is developed, then it is better to choose another month.

August is considered the hottest month in Egypt, the temperature rises in the day, usually up to 35-36 degrees of heat, and sometimes the thermometer shows 40 or more.

Lying on a deckchair and under the umbrella of tourists, the heat is only a joy, especially if the bar with soft drinks is nearby. But for fans to see the sights of the country, of course, August is not the best month for a trip.

Prices start to rise in late July, and reach a peak in early August. Compared with the previous period, the cost of rest increases by 25%. For many tourists, especially those who go on vacation with children, the choice is not so great. From the summer months we recommend June, as the prices in this period are not high.

After August comes the "velvet season" and prices fall, however, like the temperature. September is a very good month for holidays in Egypt. October is even better in terms of weather, as the heat subsides, but prices also rise slightly in connection with this.

Prices for advance booking are known to us only until October, so we can not comment on the November and December proposals.

It is easy to forecast them, since the situation will not change, in November the cost of recreation will not differ from October. And in December, prices will fall by about 10%, and we are waiting for a sharp increase in prices for tours to the new year.

The latest information that many readers expect from this review concerns the likelihood of "burning" tours to Egypt. Catch cheap offers from mid-May to the end of July, they will be enough. In August, you should not expect to buy a really cheap tour, since those wishing to take a seat on a charter flight and a hotel room will be much more than rooms and seats in the cabin.

Have a nice trip to Egypt. We wish you to choose the right time for rest, and save money to realize your cherished desires. Read our other materials about Egypt ( links below ).

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