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Where to have a better rest in Egypt - Taba and small resorts

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In addition to popular resorts, Egypt has small resorts that are remote from tourist centers. In the third part of our review of resorts, we will talk about these resorts. In the first two parts we told about Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh .

The first interesting resort is Taba , the resort is on the Sinai Peninsula, 220 kilometers from Sharm El Sheikh. The first disadvantage of this resort is that it will have to travel more than three hours before it, the road is not long, but winding.

The second drawback is the fact that this is a small city and the tourist infrastructure is poorly developed, there are almost no shops and restaurants, only discos in some hotels.

But, this resort has a huge number of pluses. These advantages for many tourists overlap and a weak infrastructure and a long trip from the airport.

The first charm of the resort is the beaches. On the one hand, the beaches are sandy and you can go to the sea without special shoes, on the other hand, near the coastal strip there are coral reefs to which you can swim.

For divers there are some very interesting places with coral reefs and an abundance of tropical fish. In Taba there are not enough tourists, places here are untouched.

The second advantage is the convenient location of the resort. From here, close to Mount Sinai and all the attractions of Sharm El Sheikh. The resort is right next to the border with Israel, and you can quickly reach Jerusalem or the Dead Sea; in Israel, Russian citizens can enter without a visa for up to 90 days.

On the map of the resorts of Egypt you can see the location of Taba.

Nearby is Jordan, where there is another famous landmark - the city of Petra, carved into the rock. This place is famous all over the world, especially the great contribution to the fame of Petra was made by the movie "Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade" with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery in the lead roles.

The attraction in Taba itself is only one, it is a fortress built by Saladin (Salah ad-Din), which is well preserved and is accessible for tourists.

This place was the intersection of roads, for the protection of the nodal region for the trade of the Arabs and built this structure.

The resort of Marsa Alam is often ranked as Hurghada. The distance from this resort to Hurghada is about 285 kilometers, so it should be considered a separate resort area.

In Marsa Alam has its own international airport, but charter flights here rarely fly, most tourists have to travel more than three hours from Hurghada.

The main feature of this resort is its small size and remoteness. On the beach here you can meet a turtle, in the water you can meet an octopus or a crocodile fish.

Fish-crocodile is a master of camouflage, most of the life she spends on the bottom, in anticipation of the victim. Do not worry, it is not dangerous, only 10 centimeters in length and not poisonous. It feeds on small fish and prawns.

Infrastructure here is poorly developed, no big discos, no entertainment complexes are here. This resort is ideal for lovers of peace and nature.

El Quseir Resort is located 140 kilometers from Hurghada. It is one of the most ancient cities in Egypt, it is about 5,000 years old, even under the pharaohs it was a large commercial port, which retained its importance under the Ptolemies and the Romans.

There are many places of historical excavation. Among the sights here you can see the ruins of an ancient fortress of the Roman period, a fort from the times of the Ottoman Empire and the mosque of Al-Farran, mosque is allowed to non-Muslims. And this is not a complete list of interesting places in El Quseir.

We recommend this resort for those tourists who already were in Egypt and would like to see something new for themselves.

In addition to the resorts of the Red Sea, Egypt has beach hotels on the Mediterranean coast . Tours do not sell here, but those who wish can book tickets and the hotel themselves.

The most popular resorts on the Mediterranean are Alexandria, Marsa Matruh and El Alamein.

The latter is of particular interest, it was near this city that the largest battle in Africa took place in the Second World War (or rather, two battles at different times). In El Alamein is a large military museum with an interesting collection of armored vehicles.

To all lovers of military history this resort will be very interesting. Collected here are exhibits from the times of the confrontation of 1941-45 and the technique of the Arab-Israeli wars. Tanks, guns will be interesting even to children.

The resort of Ein Sokhna is located near Suez. Tours to this resort are not sold, but you can buy a ticket and book a hotel yourself. This is a small resort, there are no shopping centers or water parks.

This resort is famous for its hot springs, which are nearby. The name of the resort is translated as "hot keys". Here you can go through many useful procedures.

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