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Weather in Egypt by months: water and air temperature

You can describe the weather in Egypt as hot, which is not surprising, because the climate here is a tropical desert. Winter in Egypt is warm, summer is hot.

Пустыня в Египте

Not all of Egypt has the same climate. The weather is different at the resorts of the Red Sea, in Cairo and on the Mediterranean coast.

About the Mediterranean coast, we will not talk in detail, since it is almost impossible to buy a tour there.

The weather in Cairo is important, as many tourists go here on excursions. The weather in Cairo differs from the weather in the popular resorts of the Red Sea. It's just usually 2-3 degrees cooler than in Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh. We will not separately consider the weather in Cairo, simply subtract from the temperature parameter of 2 degrees.

The first thing we will talk about is precipitation. With precipitation in Egypt, everything is very simple, they are not here. To demonstrate their level, we have prepared a diagram.

Диаграмма сравнения кол-во осадков в Москве и Хургаде

The blue bars indicate the precipitation levels in each month in Moscow. But these small bars are the levels of precipitation in Hurghada. Even in the United Arab Emirates, and it would seem, where there may be even drier, the rainfall is several times higher.

If you catch rain in the resorts of the Red Sea, take pictures and shoot immediately, this phenomenon is very rare here, there are years when there is no rain at all. In Cairo, rain is more frequent if the average rainfall for a year in Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh is only 5 millimeters per year, in Cairo it is already 25 millimeters.

The next important factor for recreation is the temperature of the sea and air. Egypt is called a year-round resort, and it's true. The water temperature in the Red Sea does not drop below 21 degrees Celsius. Water with such a temperature is difficult to call warm, rather cool, but it is quite possible to swim.

Диаграмма температуры воды в Красном море

Of course, from June to October, the water temperature is just wonderful, this attracts many of our tourists in Egypt.

The air temperature in the resorts of Egypt in the summer is quite hot. The following diagram shows the average peak temperature during the day (red) and at night (blue). Even in January, which is considered the coldest month in Egypt, the temperature usually reaches 22 degrees in the daytime, and the record temperature in January is 30 degrees Celsius.

Диаграмма температуры воздуха днем и ночью в Египте

In the hottest month, July, the temperature during the day usually goes up to 36 degrees, and the record value is 46 degrees Celsius.

In case you want only to lie on the beach, then, of course, Egypt will be convenient for you at any time of the year. But trips on excursions and sightseeing are usually associated with a long stay in the open air, and for many tourists during the summer months it will be exhaustingly hot.

The weather in Egypt is characterized by an almost total absence of clouds. There are 3,800 sunny hours in the year, which is almost a record. For example, in Moscow there are only 1,700.

Of course, to get a tan Egypt is almost perfect, but remember that the sun is "evil" here, you can burn very quickly. We recommend using a protective cream, summer spend most of the time under a beach umbrella.

Ветряные мельницы

Another important factor in assessing the weather at the resorts of Egypt is the wind. The wind blows constantly, during the year the average value of its speed varies from 4 to 6 meters per second. In the summer it is very pleasant, as the wind refreshes, but in the winter time it makes the weather in Egypt, subjectively, colder. Some people think that the temperature in the sea is higher than in the air.

The wind in Egypt is ideal rather not for tourists, but for the development of wind power, than the Egyptian authorities do.

The "wind season" begins in Egypt in February and lasts until July. It can not be said that it is clearly pronounced, just the winds are more intense at this time. Often in February, the wind speed reaches 15 meters per second in the daytime. Keep tight hats, and stock up with something weighty so that things do not fly away.

Conclusions: The weather in Egypt is suitable for beach holidays all year round. For trips to places of interest, it will perfectly suit the whole year, except for the summer period from June to September, at this time it can be exhausting hot.

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