What can I bring from Greece: souvenirs and gifts

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"Everything is in Greece," says the saying. And you can bring a lot of interesting things from here. About the most useful and tasty gifts and souvenirs from Hellas (the ancient name of Greece), we will tell in this article.

Olive oil

Greece occupies the third place in the world for the production of olive oil and the very first place for its consumption.

Each Greek on average uses 25 kilograms of this product per year. Despite this, the production of olive oil is much faster than consumption, and Greece is one of the largest exporters in the world market for olives and products from them.

It's no wonder that Russian tourists are primarily driven from Greece by him. The price of 1 liter of olive oil in Greek resorts is 5-6 EUR, meanwhile as an oil of this quality in Russia you can buy for 12-18 EUR.

Greek olive oil has one feature, which is not, for example, Tunisian . In Greece, a wide variety of climatic zones, from the mountains in the north, to the islands in the south. Accordingly, and the oil from each region has a unique taste and smell.

We will not advise any sorts, because "there is no taste for the color, there are no comrades", but simply recommend buying more different species from different regions of the country. There are no restrictions on the export of this product from Greece, unlike Tunisia, but there is no need to overdo it.

Remember that after the Greek customs you will pass Russian, and you may be suspected that you are not importing oil for personal use. It is not worth taking more than 5 kilograms.

Many people are concerned about how to choose a good oil. Everywhere you can read that you only need to buy olive oil marked "Extra Virgin", which means that it was obtained as a result of the first pressing.

In fact, almost all the oil is on sale just the first pressing. The fact is that on the second pressing there is already very little product. You can try to squeeze a rag yourself. Of course, most water will be squeezed out for the first time, and in the second one the amount of water will be much less. With oil, also, it is difficult to find second-pressing oil on sale.

It is best to focus on the indicator of "acidity". Any olive oil contains malic acid. The level of its concentration is considered an indicator of the quality of the oil. The lower it is, the better. In the photo above, the labels of bottles of olive oil from Greece are shown. On one of them there is an inscription that the acidity does not exceed 0.5%, this is a very good indicator.

The second important indicator is the "age" of the oil. See the date of bottling on the label. Olives in Greece are harvested in November and the oil should be the last harvest. If you are not a connoisseur of olive oil, then focus on these two indicators: acidity less than 1% and age less than a year.

Chees Feta"

On how to properly call the product "feta", opinions diverge. It is called "cheese" or "brynza". In our opinion, it is more correct to use the term "brynza", it is closer to it both in appearance and in technology of preparation. The price of feta in Greece is about 12 EUR per kilogram, it is not very expensive for such an original gift.

A real fetus is done only in Greece. And this is not a subjective opinion, but a European Court decision of 2002. During the trial, the Greeks seized the right to call this word only a Greek product.

The main opponents in this dispute with the Greeks were the Danes. Several companies from Denmark produced a similar product also called "feta". The court decided to terminate this practice. Danish, French and German cheeses are now called "Feta-style".

Interesting fact. The first mentioned feta producer was not even a man, but the Cyclops Polyphemus in Homer's ancient poem Odyssey.

Feta is made only from sheep's milk. It is allowed to add goat milk, but only up to 30%. As a result, it is difficult to buy a truly original fetu outside of Greece. For example, in Russia in stores you can buy the product "Fetax" in a stylized package, but this processed cheese has a vague relation to fete and to Greece.

The shelf life of feta is very long, up to several months. The only thing that should be taken into account during transportation is that feta is stored in the brine, and it is necessary to provide reliable packaging of the product, otherwise the brine may spill.

Cosmetics and hygiene products from olive oil

From olive oil in Greece, they produce natural soap and cosmetics of high quality.

Add fruit extracts and aromatic oils to the soap. This is an excellent gift for the fair sex. Especially popular are sets with a price of up to 20 EUR.

Olive soap is advertised as hypoallergenic (not causing allergies). In fact, the allergy to it is, like any other oil. If you do not believe, then you can go to the polyclinic and ask the allergist. In addition, various extracts, chocolate and milk are mixed with the soap, and the allergy can be caused by them.

Many people buy cosmetics based on resin wood mastic. Mastiff is a very "whimsical" plant and is rare. In Greece it grows only on the island of Chios. Cosmetics from it are very rare and such a purchase is very beneficial.

The only thing that we recommend is not to use such cosmetics at once, but try to apply it even to the skin of the hand. The resin of the mastic tree can be a strong allergen.

Fur coats and leather products

Many tourists go for fur coat or sheepskin coat to Turkey and Greece. Both these countries are large processors of skins. If you are well versed in leather products and can distinguish a quality item from a bad thing, then it's worth buying yourself such an expensive thing.

Otherwise, we do not recommend such purchases. Remember that in this country you are on a tourist trip. If you find a defect, then you will not be able to return to the store in Greece. Rather, you can, but it's an expensive pleasure to fly to Greece by plane.

If you liked leather shoes, a belt or a handbag, then, of course, buy. Risk in this case is not great, their quality is easy to understand "by touch," and most of the defects can be seen with the naked eye.


We wrote about this in detail in the article: what to bring from Turkey . Gold is traded on international exchanges, and its price is almost independent of the country. Nobody will sell gold for 500 rubles, if it is worth 1,000 on the exchange. Remember, it will be difficult for you to return to Greece to file claims.

Greek honey

A gift from Greece, which we consider the best in terms of price and quality. Greece has a much hotter climate than ours. Honey is harvested almost all year round, as the flowering of plants continues all the time.

Firstly, honey in Greece is always fresh. The main thing, look at the date on the package, so as not to accidentally buy a stale product.

Secondly, Greek honey differs from ours in consistency. It is less dense. Some people like it very much, and some it seems unusual.

In Greece, a more diverse flora and varieties of honey is much more. Some types of Greek honey are not candied for several years.

In addition to the honey itself, we recommend that you take a closer look at Greek sweets , most of which are prepared with its use. It is a pity that they will not be able to bring them home fresh.

It is difficult to describe all varieties and this is not the purpose of this article. Just look for a private store where honey can be tasted and choose the one that is more like it. The seller will always tell you how long each type has and how best to store it.

Hand-made figurines

Tourists are very popular souvenirs in the form of small figurines depicting gods, philosophers and speakers. The Greeks make them by hand, and each can be considered an author's work of art.

We know some tourists who have already collected large collections at home. It is especially interesting to buy an image of one of the ancient gods, if you know what kind of god it is and what it patronizes.

We recommend buying a statuette of the god Hermes, he commands trade and money. For many Russians, these problems are urgent.

The girls will like the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite or the goddess of fertility Artemis, giving happiness in marriage.

Very popular are statuettes that depict famous works of art. For example, a miniature copy of the statue of David by Michelangelo , Venus de Milo or Venus with a picture of Sandro Botticelli.

Separately, we should talk about the famous alcoholic beverages in Greece , read about them the second article of our small cycle.

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