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Austria - the birthplace of Mozart and waltzes, Viennese schnitzel and apple strudel. Vienna is the city of the most beautiful palaces of Schönbrunn, Hofburg and Belvedere, the majestic cathedrals of St. Stephen and Votivkirche. Austria - one of the best destinations in Europe for sightseeing.


Tourism in Vietnam is rapidly gaining momentum. The country has everything for a good holiday - tropical beaches, interesting places for tourists, amazing local cuisine and a unique flavor of Vietnamese. Read our reviews about this amazing country and plan your best vacation.


Greece is a unique combination of sea, sun and interesting historical sights. Here, tourists are waiting for the beautiful beaches of the islands of Rhodes and Crete, excursions to Knossos Palace, the Acropolis of Lindos or the Rhodos Castle, as well as all the delights of Mediterranean cuisine.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise with a warm and clear sea. But not only beaches attract tourists, because in the Dominican Republic there are many interesting tourist places - the island of Saona, the village of Altos de Chavon or the park of Manati. And the original Caribbean cuisine will amaze even experienced gourmets.


Egypt is the birthplace of the most ancient civilization, from which thousands of monuments have been preserved. Tourists in Egypt are also waiting for cozy beaches, coral reefs and tropical fish, fun water parks and incendiary discos. In Egypt, you can find two dozen resorts for every taste.


Israel is a small country with a huge concentration of attractions. It is here that Jerusalem is the holy city of the three religions. Fans of beach holidays in Israel will be no less interesting, tourists are waiting for Eilat on the Red Sea and resorts of the Mediterranean and the Dead Seas.


Jordan - a place of biblical events, colorful culture, interesting cuisine and one of the most famous resorts of the Red Sea - the city of Aqaba. Walk around the ancient city of Petra, famous in the movie "Indiana Jones 3: The Last Crusade" - an obligatory part of the excursion program for Jordan.


Spain - a sunny beaches of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, exquisite delicacies of local cuisine, ancient monasteries and cathedrals.


Italy is a country where the monuments of the era of ancient Rome coexist with Renaissance masterpieces. The Roman Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa are known all over the world. Italy is more often chosen for excursion rest, but the beaches of the country are worthy of attention - the city of Rimini and the resorts of the island of Sicily.


Information and interesting facts

Tips for tourists in China

China Attractions

China is a mysterious country for Russians with a rich history and colorful culture. Here, advanced technology coexists with ancient monuments, and the famous Chinese cuisine will amaze even the inveterate traveler. For beach tourists, China is interesting with Hainan Island and Sanya resort.

What to bring from China the great Wall of China Chinese currency
How long to fly to China Forbidden City Internet in China
Visa to China Terracotta Army Yellow Crane Tower


Cyprus is the island of the birth of the goddess Aphrodite. Here tourists will find not only sandy beaches and clear sea, but also a lot of historical, natural attractions, water parks and huge shopping opportunities.


Cuba is an island resorts, similar to a tropical paradise. A beautiful picture of advertising, where a tourist in a deckchair under a palm tree sips a cocktail of tropical fruits, is just fine for Cuba. And the island is famous for its rum and first-class tobacco. Read about all this in our reviews.


Morocco is located in the westernmost part of the Islamic world, this area is called the Maghrib. For Russians, Morocco is a mysterious country where much is unclear and interesting. Tourists in Morocco are waiting for the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, shopping centers Casablanca, beautiful mosques and palaces.


Nepal is a country of mountains and the location of the highest peak in the world of Everest. Nepal for tourists is mountain trekking and stunning mountain views, this colorful culture, Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas. But it is more than another to look at the country itself and the life of Nepalese.

United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

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Tips for tourists in the UAE

Sights of the UAE

The Arab Emirates diversifies its economy by investing oil revenues in other sectors of the economy. The development of tourism is their priority. Tourists in the UAE are waiting for the magnificent beaches of the Persian Gulf and man-made attractions - Dubai Fountains, Burj Khalifa, Ferrari Park.

What to bring from UAE Dubai Emirate Burj Khalifa
Alcohol in the UAE Metro Dubai - scheme in Russian Dubai fountains
Emirate of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Mosque Dubai Mall


Thailand is famous for its tropical islands, beaches, unsurpassed colors of Bangkok and much more than what we on this site do not write, because we can read children. Thailand is not for nothing considered one of the main tourist destinations in Asia, because 30 million tourists come here every year.


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Tips for tourists in Tunisia

Things to do in Tunisia

Tunisia is very popular with tourists from Europe, especially from the French, because French is the second state language here. Russians here go less willingly, and in vain, because in Tunisia, beautiful sandy beaches and a host of tourist attractions - Dugga, El Jem, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.

What to bring from Tunisia Carthage Map of Tunisia with resorts
How much fly to Tunisia El Jem Weather in Tunisia
What money in Tunisia Sidi Bou Said Zoo of Phrygia


Turkey has always been popular with Russians, and all thanks to the "All Inclusive" system and a good "price-quality" ratio of rest. Mediterranean resorts of Turkey can boast not only sandy beaches, but also interesting sights - Pamukkale, the city of Mira and Kekova, the mountain Tahtaly.


France is the number one tourist country in the world in terms of attendance. Dozens of famous sights of Paris, the magnificent beaches of the Côte d'Azur, ski resorts of the Alps are waiting for tourists. We will help to plan the time well.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the island of Ceylon, is famous all over the world for its tea. But Sri Lanka is also an excellent resort with warm waters all year round in the Indian Ocean. But it's worth remembering the rainy season, and take this factor into account when planning a holiday. There are also many historical sights - Temple of the Tooth of the Buddha, Adam's Peak, Sigiriya Fortress.

Czech Republic

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Tips for tourists in the Czech Republic

Sights of the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is known to Russians as a country of beer and hockey. But tourists are more attracted by the castles of the Middle Ages and the charm of old Prague. Most of the tourists come from the Czech Republic with the best impressions, and the sources of these impressions are varied - someone is delighted with the statues on the Charles Bridge, someone tried amazingly for himself a dish of Czech cuisine, someone was amazed at the grandeur of the castle Karlstejn.

What to bring from Czech Republic Metro Prague in Russian Prague Castle
What money in the Czech Republic? Prague Chimes The Charles Bridge
Alcohol in the Czech Republic Vyšehrad Karlštejn Castle

Blog of the chief editor

On the pages of this blog our editor-in-chief tells about little popular topics for tourists, about poorly known sights, about elements of culture and traditions of different peoples. The blog also touches on general topics about tourism and tourism.

Also read a separate blog about Egypt and a blog about the history of China .

What is a tourist country?

It would seem that we all know the answer to this question. The word "tourist" we call countries that are interesting for travel. But we always evaluate this "interest" from our point of view, without thinking that someone can be interesting to someone, and someone in it will not see anything attractive.

For example, any Russian without any delay will call Turkey and Egypt as tourist countries. Everyone knows that Russians are coming here to the beaches of the Red and Mediterranean seas. Antalya, Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh know everything.

But if you ask the townsfolk about Austria , not everyone recognizes this country as a tourist destination. However, in Vienna to see the palace Schönbrunn and the treasures of the emperors of the Habsburgs more people come to the year than live in Austria itself.

Or one more vivid example is the country of China . Every year, twice as many foreign tourists come here every year than Egypt. Many want to see the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army . If you ask ordinary citizen in Russia, not everyone will call China a tourist country. Our fellow citizens associate this country with cheap smartphones and a huge overpopulation.

Types of tourist countries

We subdivide all tourist countries into several groups.

The first group is the countries of beach rest. Leaders among the Russians are Turkey, Egypt and Greece. Further on descending in statistics of tourist branch we will find Tunisia , Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Dominican Republic and Morocco . Almost all these countries are described on our website with varying degrees of detail.

The second group is the countries of excursion rest. This is Austria, China, Japan and other states. We are proud of our informative section about Keith, which is already being selected to the size of 100 articles.

Of course, on other sites you will find more pages about China, but our reviews differ in the large volume, the completeness of the information provided and the rich photographic material. We do not make small pages where only general information is given, and some promises of a wonderful holiday are published without any evidence. Everything is described in detail, we give concrete and valuable advice. Remember at least our articles " What to bring to China ", " Taxi in China " or " Visa to China ."

On the site we place special software modules that provide the visitor with up-to-date information. In the article " Money in China - everything about Chinese yuan " you can always see the current exchange rate of the Chinese currency, which is updated four times a day.

The third group is the countries of sport and extreme tourism. We first described Nepal with its famous tracking around Annapurna and the base camp of Everest . Many beach and excursion countries can boast of opportunities for sports and extreme. Remember the same Egypt, where the resort Dahab is an important area for water sports. Hainan Island in China is popular for surfing. Diving in the Dominican Republic is one of the most interesting entertainment.

Which country to choose for a holiday?

This is a complex issue, which every tourist answers independently. We will try to talk about our views on this issue.

First of all, we recommend to forget about the concepts of "prestige" and "steepness". We assure you that so far no one has had a good vacation, going to a place where it is more prestigious, not where you want.

Listen to yourself and ask yourself what exactly you want? Would you like to just lie on the beach in a deck chair, or do you want to see the Colosseum in Rome ? Follow the call of your heart, and there are always options to plan your vacation. The choice of a modern tourist is simply gigantic. You can buy a package tour, you can book the hotel yourself and buy air tickets. You can buy a cruise or go to the right place by car. 50 years ago our grandparents had no such opportunities.

Choosing the right country and the purpose of the trip, you need to decide on the form of buying services. Will it be a batch tour or an independent trip. When we talk about package tours, we mean not only tours to beach hotels, which occupy an overwhelming position in the Russian tourist services market. There are sightseeing tours, loved by many travelers. Very popular bus tours to Germany, Austria or Italy. It often turns out that they can save a lot of money in excursion holidays, although they will somewhat restrict you in freedom of movement.

An independent journey is always complete freedom of choice. But for this type of recreation it is desirable to know foreign languages, and this causes problems for many Russians.

Many are embarrassed that they do not know languages ​​well, they are not sure of their abilities. In fact, you do not need to be fluent in English, German or French. Remember the movie "Brother 2", how did the character of Sergei Bodrov speak in English? Barely, but it was quite enough.

Understand, no one will laugh at you if you speak ill. On the contrary, you will be encouraged. You can say so that you understand, it's already good.

Do not be afraid of travel, do not be afraid of anything. Go to the travel agency or to the website of booking tickets and hotels, buy the right package and enjoy the realization of your dreams. We will always help our articles and bring you the most important information, no matter which country you choose for your holidays.

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