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Buying souvenirs and gifts is just as much an interesting part of the rest as excursions or pleasure from the beach, the sea and the sun. Shops and souvenir shops in Israel are full of colorful and amazing products. But what is first of all worthy of the tourist's attention?

Amulet of Hamsa

The word "khamsa" in Arabic means "five" or "five". Hams amulets have the shape of an open palm. This symbol is not one thousand years old, and it is found in almost all cultures of North Africa and the Middle East since the heyday of ancient Assyria and Babylon.

The open palm is a symbol of friendliness. It shows that a person does not hide anything in his hand, and, therefore, he does not have malicious intent. It is believed that the amulet of Hams protects from evil eye and evil witchcraft.

Its function is similar to the popular Turkish souvenir "Nazar" in the form of an eye in a blue frame. In Israel, even combine the two amulet, placing such an eye in the center of the palm.

Hams amulets can be found in souvenir shops in different designs. This metal trinkets, rag crafts, leather products, and even ceramic plates and sausages of characteristic shape.

It is believed that this is the most popular Israeli souvenir, due to its cheapness. A simple keychain can be bought for 2-3 Israeli shekels , but do not be surprised by the inscription "made in China" on it.

Dead Sea Cosmetics

The Dead Sea is a unique body of water with a salt content of 300 to 350 grams per liter. This is almost 10 times more than in the neighboring Mediterranean Sea.

The composition of salt in the Dead Sea is unique. In other seas, the main component of salts is sodium chloride, and in the Dead Sea this substance is only 30% of all dissolved salts. The water of the Dead Sea also contains chloride of calcium, bromine, magnesium and potassium.

It is this "motley" composition of substances dissolved in the waters of the Dead Sea that makes it a place of attraction for tourists who want to rejuvenate or recover from illnesses.

Mud from the bottom and Dead Sea salt are used to produce cosmetics that are in constant demand among tourists.

The most common such gift is bath salts, which nourish the skin with microelements and relax, thanks to the bromine contained in them. A jar of salt can be bought at a price ranging from 30 to 300 Israeli shekels, depending on the weight and composition of the salt.

Following on popularity - rejuvenating and strengthening creams for the face, hands, feet, hair and even for nails. Prices - from 50 shekels and up to infinity. The number of trademarks of the cosmetics of the Dead Sea is huge, and it is difficult to orient tourists. On the other hand, there is no big difference in the composition, and many are guided only by price.


Hummus is a paste made from peas "chickpeas" with the addition of garlic, olive oil and lemon. This is a popular food product in Israel, which is enjoyed by many tourists, and some travelers bring hummus home as a tasty gift.

There is not much point in this, as hummus is also sold in Russia, for example, in supermarkets Auchan or Metro Cash & Carry. From Israel it is necessary to carry only rare grades. The average price of a jar of 500 grams of humus is 10 Israeli shekels.

Hummus in Israel is considered an exclusively local product, and the inscriptions on cans are made only in Hebrew. A tourist can find it difficult to understand which kind of hummus is inside.

Fortunately, about 10% of the population of Israel are immigrants from the USSR. You can always find a store with a Russian-speaking seller who will help you choose the right variety.

Candlestick Minor

It is this candlestick that is depicted in the center of the emblem of the State of Israel. Initially Minoroy called the lamps, which burned olive oil, but now tourists are sold and oil lamps, and candlesticks. Candlesticks are cheaper and more popular as souvenirs.

Perhaps, this is the most colorful gift from Israel, but also the most useless. After all, no one is using candles, and in the interior of most Russians' apartments the Minor candlestick will look ridiculous.

The Minor form is a central core and six branches - three on each side. The first lamp of Minor was in the mobile temple of the Jews during the exodus from Egypt. It was made of gold and weighed about 35 kilograms.

Of course, now tourists are offered candlesticks from modest copper, bronze or iron. There is such a souvenir from 30 shekels and to infinity, depending on the size, material and decor.

Liqueur «Sabra»

This liquor is considered Israel's national alcoholic beverage, although it was invented recently - in 1963. Liqueur Sabra is made from fruits of kumkuvata, although many sites on the Internet call it chocolate-orange. A bottle of 0.5 liters costs from 100 to 120 shekels.

Pomegranate wine

In Israel, many varieties of wine are produced, but not all of them should be taken home with them as gifts. The most colorful and delicious is pomegranate wine.

The production of wine is not taxed in Israel with such large taxes as beer or vodka. Prices for wine in stores are moderate - from 20 shekels per bottle to 0.7 liters.

Travel agencies in Israel like to drive tourists to wineries and there to sell the same wine for 50 shekels. But on wineries you can try pomegranate for free and decide whether it is worth giving him a place in the suitcase on the way home.

The most famous brand of pomegranate wine is Rimon Winery. This wine costs from 70 shekels per bottle and more. But the quality of this wine justifies the price, and beautiful packaging will make it an excellent gift.

It is worth remembering the restrictions on the importation of alcohol into the territory of the Russian Federation. Duty-free can enter up to three liters of alcoholic beverages.

Good purchases in Israel, and read our other articles about this country ( links below ).

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