How to fly to Israel from Moscow and other cities

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On this page we will talk about the time of flight to Israel, but not only. Flights to Israel have their own important features, which we will also talk about in detail.

An important feature - charter flights to the resort of Eilat

After the closing of sales of permits to the resorts of Egypt and Turkey, Israeli Eilat has become one of the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. At the time of publication of this article, charter flights here fly from seven cities of Russia. Further there will be only more.

But in reality, airplanes do not fly from Russia to Eilat at all. The arrival airport for these flights is not Eilat, but Ovda.

The airport of the city of Eilat is very small with one single short stripe. It is rarely used for international flights.

In 2017, Eilat will open a new large international airport, and then charter flights will land there.

While all flights from Russia make a landing in Ovda, and tourists go to Eilat on tourist buses. Even before the hotel closest to Ovda in Eilat go for about an hour. In addition, strict passenger control procedures in Israel delay some passengers, and the entire group is waiting for those who are late.

Warning . Do not expect that you will be at the hotel an hour after landing, as it happens in Turkey or Tunisia. Two hours is already a great success.

Flight time

The flight time to the airports of Israel does not necessarily directly depend on the distance. Aircraft routes are not always straight. Some of the numbers in the table below may seem a bit strange.

For example, from St. Petersburg to Ovda airport, fly almost an hour longer than to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. For Moscow, this difference is only 15 minutes.

Such time of flight is announced by the airline. Here we ourselves do not invent anything, but only broadcast information from carriers.

Only regular flights fly to Tel Aviv. From St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don is Aeroflot. And from Moscow you can fly either Aeroflot or El Al Israel Airlines.

Only charter flights fly to Ovda. The most common carrier on these routes is Nord Wind, which carries out charter flights commissioned by Pegas Touristics. Flights from Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Samara and Ufa are made once a week.

An important feature - if you are buying a package tour to Eilat

In this case, you must always be interested in the way tourists are delivered to Eilat. Some tour operators buy tourists a ticket to Tel Aviv for a regular flight, and then they take 350 kilometers by bus. Agree, there is little pleasure in this.

Other airlines buy tickets for scheduled flights with transfers. For example, for low-cost flights of Pegast Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul.

Be sure to ask when buying a tour about which flights you will fly to and from the resort.

Important feature - security in Israel

All passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 3 hours before departure. In most cases, this is not required, since the registration and control procedures can be completed in less than one hour. But not in Israel.

The level of terrorist threat in Israel is always the maximum. To safety of flights here concern very strictly.

Passengers selectively check their luggage, and thoroughly and manually. Some passengers are additionally searched. With some travelers conduct individual interviews, which can last more than an hour.

All this should not be surprised, and it is really necessary to come to the airport in Israel 3-4 hours before departure. This is especially true if you fly national Israeli airline El Al Israel Airlines.

A little about El Al Israel Airlines

This carrier has been operating since 1948, and has been considered the safest airline in the world for many years. Since its inception, only one of its aircraft has been captured by terrorists, and it was back in 1968.

Of all the air carriers in the world, only El Al aircraft are equipped with an anti-missile defense system.

El Al planes do not make flights on Saturdays due to the special religious status of this day of the week in Judaism. On Shabbat (Saturday) believing Jews are forbidden to travel.

In the aircraft El Al, only kosher food is served. Consider that many Russian passengers are not delighted with it. Perhaps you will not like it either.

The airline El Al boasts one world record. This is a record number of passengers in one plane - 1122 people. Of course, this was not a regular flight, but a special flight during an operation to evacuate ethnic Jews from Ethiopia in 1991.

And now about the sad

For all you need to pay, and for security including. El Al is considered the safest airline in the world due to increased security measures, which many consider redundant.

Manual checks of luggage are selectively carried out. Your bag can open and check each item inside. Moreover, this is done without your presence. Then you'll put things back.

The interview with passengers is selectively conducted. You may be questioned for an hour about the purpose of your visit to Israel, about family and work, even about your personal life. A personal search of passengers is carried out selectively, and this is nothing more than a thorough search.

Selectively passengers are taken away from hand luggage after passing control at the airport, and return things only during boarding.

All these measures strongly irritate travelers.

What is more important - security or the rights and freedoms of citizens? This issue has always been topical, and Israeli airlines are still making a choice in favor of security. If you do not like it, then buy tickets for Aeroflot flights, prices vary slightly.

Have a good flight to Israel, and read other articles about this country ( links below ).

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