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In this article, we will talk about the most popular Russian resort in Italy. The city of Rimini attracts thousands of Russians every year, but even more of our tourists here will never go. And those and others have their own reasons for admiring or neglecting the Italian Riviera, we will tell why.

Where on the map of Italy is the city of Rimini

We are interested in the resort in the area of ​​Emilia-Romagna, but it is not its capital, and is not even among the ten largest cities. The region of Emilia-Romagna in turn is divided into 9 provinces, one of which is the province of Rimini with the eponymous capital.

On the map you can see the location of the city itself and other large Italian settlements that can interest the tourist with their sights or shops.

As you can see, all the centers of shopping and exploring the historical and cultural achievements of Italy are far enough.

Excursions in Italy are expensive. You can go to other cities yourself, but this is also not a cheap pleasure. For example, a ticket for a Rimini-Rome high-speed train costs about 100 euros (round-trip per passenger). If you are counting on a trip to another Italian city, you will have to stock up on money.

Fortunately, the city of Rimini itself has a rich history, and many interesting monuments of both the Roman and Renaissance periods can be seen within the city limits. About the sights, we'll talk later, and now tell you about the city itself.

History of Rimini and interesting facts

The city originated from a small Roman colony Ariminum, founded here in 268 BC. Perhaps you noticed the similarity between ancient and modern names. The settlement grew rapidly due to its favorable location at the intersection of land and sea trade routes. After the dissolution of the Roman Empire, the routes changed, and former glory and luxury left.

The center of attention in Italy, Rimini was only at the end of World War II, when it was the central point of defense of the German troops. In the battle, most of the city was destroyed, the Allies committed 11.5 thousand raids. The most remarkable thing about this battle is that the Italians did not participate in it at all, the Germans defended themselves, and the Greeks, the British, Canadians and New Zealanders attacked.


Immediately after the war, Rimini was sent to prison as a big prison; here Nazi war criminals and captured German soldiers and officers were kept. Along the coast, where you see hotels now, there were camps for prisoners.

In 1947, the soldiers were released to their homes, war criminals were convicted, and Rimini began to develop as a resort. Active construction of tourist infrastructure and population growth began.

Now the population is about 140 000 people. This is less than, for example, the population of Mytishchi near Moscow or Balashikha. However, resort towns are rarely large.

The number of hotels in the region is already more than 500 and this figure is growing every year. Many hotels are private and very small in size, in such hotels there can be only a few rooms.

There was a time when Rimini was considered a respectable and expensive resort, you can say elite. But these times are long gone, now tens of thousands of tourists come here every year.

Rimini is the sister city of Sochi. The cities are really similar, both have an ancient history and were the centers of trade back in ancient times, now both cities are the central resorts of their regions. Sochi on the Black Sea, and Rimini on the Adriatic Sea.

Why Russian tourists are coming here

There are several reasons for this. It's no secret that many Russians do not like and are afraid of Arabs and Turks. For such tourists, the choice is greatly narrowed, from "budget" areas remain Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal. Within Italy - Rimini is the most reasonable affordable option.

The second reason is shopping. Of course, Rimini is not Milan, but still you can find a lot of shopping centers and outlets where you can buy things of famous brands at good prices.

For those who do not know what an outlet is, we will tell.

The first thing that occurred to your humble servant, who heard this word for the first time, is that it is a toilet, only on the street. Think for yourself, the words "outlet" and "toilet" sound similar, and "out" is translated from English as "outside".

Outlet is a shop where boutiques and expensive shops give clothes, shoes and accessories according to the principle "on you God, that I do not belong", that is, things of old collections, discounted items and the like. It is very important not to get a fake, otherwise you may have trouble, we wrote about this in our article about money in Italy .

Here you can buy things with the logos of famous brands at low prices. For many of our customers buying a ticket to Italy, the possibility of affordable shopping is even more important than the sea, the sun and the beach.

The third reason why Russian tourists travel to Rimini is the desire to see Europe. Many have already traveled to Egypt, Turkey and Tunisia and they want to look at European resorts.

The climate in this area of ​​Italy is another advantage of Rimini. It is transitional between the Mediterranean and the continental. In summer, the thermometer's column rises to 30-35 degrees, but the heat does not tire, since in this area the north or east wind constantly blows from the sea.

Why many Russians will not go here ever

This is even more reason. Firstly, tours with "all inclusive" to Italy almost never occur. Just a few hotels in Rimini provide a similar service, the prices are "sky-high". Paying the very ticket, you have to spend money on drinks, lunch and dinner. For lovers to pay their vacation "in full" directly in Russia and enjoy at the resort unlimited food and drinks here will not be comfortable.

Secondly, hotels in this resort do not have their own beaches (with very few exceptions). All the beaches here are public and are separated from the hotels by the road. The photo on the left shows how it looks. Many of our tourists, accustomed to walk from the beach to the swimming pool in a bathing suit, in Italy will not be very interesting.

Thirdly, if you live in a hotel, you will not be paid for a visit to the beach, but you will have to pay for sun beds and umbrellas. On average, it costs 10 euros a day, which many Russians consider very expensive. Many are accustomed to Turkey and Tunisia, where all this is included in the cost of living in the hotel.

Let's count it ourselves. Chaise lounge in Moscow can be bought for 1,500 rubles, it turns out that the Italians earn you 100% profit for 3 days. Such profitability business leaves oil rigs and gas pipelines far behind. The feeling of many of our tourists who do not want to pay such money is understandable.

Choose whether the Adriatic coast of Italy as a place for a long-awaited vacation or not, it's up to you. We, for our part, talked about all the pros and cons.

We wish you a successful trip to Italy, a warm sea and pleasant impressions. Read our reviews about Italy ( links below ).

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