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Climbing Mount Everest for tourists - is it worth it or not?

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Many people dream of climbing to the highest point of our planet. Many do not fully understand how difficult, dangerous and expensive it is. The mere fact of having commercial offers for climbing Everest gives many the feeling that this is just a tourist attraction.

We will tell you everything about the prices, difficulties and dangers of this tour.

Restrictions on the season and the time of the ascent

The first thing to consider for those wishing to climb to the highest mountain in the world is the duration of this tour and very tough timeframes when it is possible to make a safe climb relatively safely.

The entire expedition to the summit from the company NepalTips lasts from 56 days or longer. This is due to the duration of the ascent and the long-term adaptation of the organism to mountain conditions.

The higher you rise, the lower the density of the atmosphere and the less oxygen around. The organism needs time to get used to it.


The second serious restriction for lifting is the weather. The best time to climb Mount Everest is in May and September, the rest of the time is almost impossible to climb. Some climbers climbed to the top in winter, but not all came and not all returned.

Expeditions for tourists are arranged in May. Other months are too dangerous for such trips even for experienced climbers.

The conclusion is the first: for such a trip itself you need to stock up three months of free time including April and May.

The dangers that await you on your way to the top

On the slopes of Everest (Chomolungma), you will face many dangers, most of them deadly. Remember that more than 200 people have already died there and each has its own destiny. In connection with the complexity of the evacuation of corpses, many still lie there. You will see them if you still decide on this trip.

The first serious danger is the descent of avalanches along the slopes of the mountain. Most recently, in April 2014, 16 people died from the avalanche.

Avalanches are unpredictable, a tragedy can happen at any time. There is no protection from them, and no precautions will save you.

By the way, the already mentioned tragedy of 2014 occurred right near the base camp of climbers at an altitude of only 5800 meters. It was still far from the summit.

Above 7 900 meters the area begins, in which it is almost impossible to breathe without additional oxygen. It is also called the "death zone", and it's not a joke. Oxygen may simply not be enough for the whole trip and, usually, the group has only one attempt to climb to the very top.

Some conquerors became victims of defective oxygen equipment, such cases were.

The second common cause of death of climbers on Mount Everest is very changeable and severe weather. Blizzards and storms can happen unexpectedly. In 1996, five people died simultaneously, two of them being very experienced climbers.

When the temperature drops to -50 ..- 60 degrees at night, many simply freeze. At this time is close to the top is very dangerous.

Among those people who stayed on Everest for ever a lot of tourists who decided that climbing is a tourist excursion. Ascent to the highest peak in the world is very difficult and dangerous.

The required training and what are your chances of being at the top

Let's say at once that no tourist company that takes you for this fee with a certain expedition, does not guarantee you a successful ascent to Mount Everest. Companies take on the organization of the trek, purchase all the necessary equipment and accompany you during the journey.

Remember that you need to be in good physical condition and have climbing training. If you have not conquered other peaks below, then we strongly recommend starting with them.

In addition to an experienced mountaineering guide, you will be accompanied by Sherpas. These representatives of the Nepal indigenous people are very well adapted to the conditions of the mountains.

It is Sherpas that help tourists carry heavy equipment, lay ropes along the way, and perform many other important work.

The picture looks very interesting. Sherpas carry equipment for climbers and lay a railing for them. And then tourists-mountaineers conquer the summit of Mount Everest. Do not you think that the word "conquer" in this situation is too loudly said?

News that Everest conquered an 80-year-old Japanese or 72-year-old American or a 13-year-old boy is very interesting, but that does not mean that climbing to Jomolongma is just an easy walk. Still, you will have to travel 5,000 meters up, and this requires serious preparation.

And let me remind you again that no one guarantees that you will rise to the top. Participants of the group rise one after another one at a distance from each other. Time is very limited. Who did not, he was late.

Prices for participation in the expedition

If you are not frightened by all the facts that we indicated above, then we can move on to the issue of price. There are several cost items that make climbing Everest very expensive.

The Government of Nepal charges a mandatory fee for all foreigners who want to climb to Chomolungma. At the time of writing, it is $ 25,000.

Many readers are now outraged: "How expensive!". But on the other hand, think for yourself. Even at such prices on the mountain slopes lies more than 200 corpses and several dozens of tons of garbage.

Imagine what will happen if this fee does not exist. The flow of climbers will increase sharply, and Everest will become something middle between the garbage and the morgue.

Another important waste is a set of necessary equipment, which also "costs a pretty penny." The costs of paying for the services of mountaineering guides and Sherpas often depend on the size of the group, so they vary from year to year.

In any case, do not count on the amount of less than 50 000 USD.

If you still decide, you can contact us. Come to our page about tours to Nepal . In the next May, the group will be recruited, and be prepared to deposit 50% of the amount as collateral for your participation. Such conditions are put by all organizers, no one will prepay you for the expedition. These are the conditions of Everest, and they are tough not only from the point of view of the weather, but also from the point of view of payment.

And if you want to visit Mount Everest, but do not want to risk, then there are some more interesting trekking without serious risk, read about them in our articles ( links below ).

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