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For advice and other questions about tours, trekking and expeditions in Nepal, please contact:

Head of Nepal, an experienced traveler, was in Nepal 4 times.


By phone: +7 (926) 556-95-38

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Tours in Nepal are diverse. In this country there is not only a beach holiday, as Nepal can not boast of access to the sea. But by the number of attractions, color and the set of incredible impressions that you get here, Nepal will argue with any country in the world.

The main directions of recreation in Nepal:

1 Excursion vacation.

2 Trekking in the mountains.

3 Activities and Sports.

4 Expeditions with ascent to the tops of the Himalayas.

5 Individual programs.

We immediately want to note the benefits that you will get by deciding to go to Nepal with us:

- All trips are carried out on their own vehicles (photo on the right).

- All tourists are accompanied by a licensed Russian-speaking guide.

- All meals FB (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included in the price.

- All hotels are reliable and checked by the time and opinion of our tourists.

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Excursion vacation.

In Nepal, many attractions, both natural and man-made. You will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the Hindu and Buddhist culture and way of life of Nepalese people.

We will begin with the shortest and simplest tour of interesting places in Nepal. It is called "6 nights and 7 days of yoga." Yoga, of course, does not take all the time on this tour, it is allotted one day, and the rest of the time is devoted to the most beautiful sights. Detailed schedule.

Day one: Arrival at Kathmandu airport. You will be met by a Russian-speaking guide and leads to the hotel. For the rest of the day you can walk around the city or just relax.

Day Two: Excursions around Kathmandu. You will see the Durbar Square , Buddhist Stupas Bodnath and Swayambhunath (Monkey Temple) , the main Hindu temple in Nepal Pashupatinath.

Day Three: We will go to the temple of the goddess of death Kali, he is called Dakshin. Also visit the village of Pharping, sacred to Buddhists.

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Day four: Dedicated to the mountains of the Himalayas. We will go to the village of Nagarkot, from where we will see the dawn of the sun over the tops of the Himalayan ranges.

Day five: We will go to Bhaktapur. The name itself translates as "the city of believers". It is the center of the culture of the people of Neva. This is the ancient capital of Nepal, where many unique examples of ancient architecture have been preserved. Yoga and meditation sessions await you.

baht or other dishes.

Day 7: You will be taken to the airport. Flight to home.

It's a short, but very busy tour. You will see all the interesting things in the Kathmandu Valley, but unfortunately, there is no time in other regions of Nepal.

In addition to this tour, we offer several other excursion routes. For example, the tour "11 Nights and 12 Days of Yoga", which is longer and covers more sights. In addition to the tour program "6 nights and 7 days", you will visit:

- The second largest city of Patan (or Lalitpur) with a "temple of a thousand Buddhas" and Hindu shrines.

- Chitwan National Park with its unique variety of birds.

- Safari in the jungle on elephants.

- Pokhara is a city of lakes and an excursion around it.

- Sarankot, where you can see the best views of the Himalayas.

In addition to these tours, we are ready to offer about ten more programs and the possibility of compiling an individual tour. Now we will not talk about them all, and detailed programs of tours can be obtained from our manager Elena. We posted her contacts at the beginning of the article.

Trekking in the mountains.

The number of routes for trekking (or tracks) in Nepal can not be counted. Many tourists doubt how suitable this type of recreation. In this case, in our assortment there is one round with a very short track, in which even children are taken.

This tour to Nepal is called "9 days of Gorepani and Pun hill". The hike itself takes only 4 days, and the rest of the time is devoted to the sights of Nepal.

Schedule of the tour:

Day one: Arrival at Tribhuvan airport in the capital of Nepal. You will be met by a Russian-speaking guide who will take you to the hotel, where you can relax after the flight. Those tourists who have strength left can take a walk through Kathmandu.

Durbar Square (palace) .

Day three: We go to Pokhara - the city of many lakes and one of the most beautiful places in Nepal. This is the center of trekking in the country, but apart from hiking there is something to do. Walking along the clean smooth surface of the lakes, the famous Davy Falls and paragliding.

Day four: Trekking begins. First we will drive by car to the place Nayapul (we also remember that this is an easy track) and from here we will go to the village of Ullieri, where we will stop for the night.

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Day five: Do not think that going to Nepal is not an interesting activity. You are waited by mountain rivers, pendant bridges, woods full of animals and you can see firsthand the life of Nepalese. In half a day we will reach the village of Gorepani, where we will stop and take the rest of the time for rest.

Sixth day: Early in the morning we will go to the hill of Pun, from where a stunning view of the sun opens, when it rises above the peaks of the Himalayas. It is this spectacle, which is difficult to compare with anything else, and is the purpose of our trek here. After returning to Gorepani and breakfast, we are put forward back. Back we will go a little bit different route. Agree, so interesting. We will come to the village of Gandruk and visit the local museum.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Seventh day: We will return to Nayapul, where we started our trek four days ago. The car will take us back to Pokhara. We return to civilization and say goodbye to the mountains and villages of Nepal. We hope that this will not be a farewell, but simply a temporary separation for you.

Eighth day: We will arrive in Kathmandu, and spend the rest of the day walking around the city and souvenir shops in search of gifts from Nepal, or just relax in the hotel room.

Ninth day: Transfer to the airport and departure to your home country.

This is a very interesting tour for those who still doubt whether trekking is interesting or not. He will allow you to see the sights of Pokhara and Kathmandu, and be on the real track, although only 4 days.

For experienced trekkers we offer the most popular routes of Nepal:

- Track "Around Annapurna"

- Track "A Look at Everest"

- Track "To Annapurna Base Camp"

- Track "To base camp of Everest"

Read our detailed descriptions, and contact our manager Elena. We posted her contacts at the beginning of the article.

Active leisure and sports.

Nepal provides ample opportunities for those who do not think their life without active recreation and sports. There are also fast mountain rivers for rafting, and hills with strong air flows for paragliding and hang-gliding, and mountain paths for trekkers and cyclists.

We have prepared several programs that include large sets of all kinds of active entertainment. These tours include:

- cycling along the mountain paths

- rafting on the mountain rivers

- elephant safari and trekking in the jungle

- trekking on one of the short routes

- Paragliding in Pokhara

- canoeing on the river

- jumping with bungee

Click on the photo to enlarge.

The program is very rich, and we will not describe it in detail. You can always get it from our manager Elena (the head of the direction Nepal). We put her contacts at the beginning of the article .

Expeditions with ascent to the tops of the Himalayas.

This kind of recreation is preferred by real mountaineers. Rising to the top of the mountains requires serious training and skills. In addition, this is quite a dangerous venture for ordinary tourists, we talked about this in an article about climbing Mount Everest .

For real mountain climbers we offer organization of excursions to the top of Mount Everest (Jomolungma) and Mount Manaslu. The cost of such events is always calculated individually, please contact our manager Elena. You will find the contacts at the beginning of the article .

Individual programs.

We once again want to remind you that it is possible to add various additional elements to the tour. If you always dreamed to ride on a mountain river or on a paraglider, and as part of the tour this element is not, then we are always ready to include it in your individual program.

Call, write or contact us on skype. We will be happy to answer your questions and offer you an exclusive holiday.

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