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Excursion to the city of Ephesus and the temple of Artemis in Turkey

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This landmark in Turkey is located at the junction of the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, it is far enough away from the popular resorts of Antalya and the nearby cities. The road here is not close and tourists should think several times "whether the game is worth the candle." If you come to a resort in Turkey on the Aegean Sea, then Ephesus will be the most convenient attraction for you. In this review, we will try to talk as much as possible about what you can see here.

The ancient city of Ephesus was founded a long time ago, some of the artifacts found belong to the late Stone Age.

The place was very comfortable, there was always a good climate, convenient for agriculture, and Efes was always at the intersection of sea and land trade routes.

Until the 11th century BC local people lived here, but the real dawn of the ancient city began with the arrival of Greek settlers here. All that you see during the tour, refers specifically to the Greek and Roman periods of the history of the city. All buildings of an earlier period did not survive at all, archaeologists find only pieces of pottery and wreckage of tools.

The successful life of the Greek city lasted about 500 years, after which it lost its independence and all the time was part of the major empires, paying exorbitant taxes and carrying other duties. It was the Persian Empire, the Seleucid Empire and the Roman Republic.

In the time of the Roman Empire, after the long wars of Julius Caesar and his followers, again peaceful time was established for the city of Ephesus, the city grew and developed. The last important buildings in the city were built exactly during this period, after the city began to decline.

We will start with the most important sights of the ancient city of Ephesus, though, she disappoints many.

Once upon a time there was a very developed cult of Artemis, the goddess of fertility and hunting, the patroness of life. There was built a huge temple in her honor, which was considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. Thousands of people having problems with childbearing came to the temple to pray to the goddess. In the center of the temple stood a large statue of Artemis in the image of a multi-breasted woman. The temple measured 100 meters long and 50 meters wide, and its columns were 18 meters high.

Unfortunately, now only one column remains from the temple, you can see it in the photo on the left. The peninsula of Asia Minor is covered with mountains and earthquakes are constantly occurring here, the temple has sustained several, but the last of the catastrophes in 614 (judging by written sources) almost completely destroyed the temple.

Residents who for several centuries before had adopted Christianity and forgotten about the cult of the great goddess, dismantled the remains of the temple for building materials. Early Christianity was quite an aggressive religion, wishing to erase all traces of the existence of ancient beliefs.

The other ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus look much better and attract much more tourist attention. The most important of them, the "calling card" of this landmark, is the ruins of the city library.

It was called the library of Celsus, as it was built for the Roman scientist Tiberius Julius Celsus. It was the second largest library in antiquity, and the famous scientist Celsus was buried directly inside. The building was destroyed as a result of a fire, and only the facade reached us.

Many confuse it with the city of Petra, which is in Jordan. This is a completely different place, we publish a photo of the library of Ephesus and the entrance to the city of Petra so that you can clearly see the difference and do not confuse them.



Common features of these two places are, but they are easy to distinguish. The library in Ephesus was once a large building, and now only the facade is preserved, through the windows you can see the sky. The entrance to the city of Petra was carved into a rock, you will not mistake a rock with anything.

When examining the facade of the library of Celsus (by the way, do not confuse it with Celsus, these are completely different scientists), a little deception awaits you. If you look closely at the photo, you will see four statues, they are not real, they are copies, and the originals are kept in one of the museums in Austria, they were taken out back in 1910.

Another place in Ephesus, popular with tourists, is the amphitheater, which is also quite well preserved.

Like the library, it was built during the reign of the Roman Empire. It was the largest amphitheater in the Roman province of Asia, with Ephesus as its capital. It is designed for 25,000 people, it is twice as large as the amphitheater in Hieropolis ( Pamukkale ) and three times more than the amphitheater of the city ​​of the World .

The construction of the theater took place in three stages, as can be clearly seen in the photo. New floors were added as the city grew. Also there is a small theater, which is smaller in size and played a secondary role.

Another interesting place is the sanctuary erected by Emperor Hadrian. The building was decorated with statues of the emperors of Rome, but to what exactly God it was dedicated, while it's hard to say exactly, this is still disputes.

The emperors of Rome, of course, were very fond of saying that their births lead from the gods. For example, Caesar claimed that his genus Julius is derived from the goddess Venus. But they were never deified, as did the Egyptian pharaohs, who became gods during their lifetime, and who demanded worship after death.

In the photo is clearly visible ornament with a statue, which is very similar to the jellyfish Gorgon. Who exactly is depicted here, to the end is not clear. At the entrance to this building were four statues of the emperors of Rome, but now they are not, only pedestals remained.

In addition to the above-mentioned buildings, on the territory there are ruins of a brothel, a marble-paved shopping area, which in ancient times was called Agora and the main street of the city, which you can see in the photo below.

The ancient city of Ephesus is very convenient to see if you come to the coast of the Aegean Sea, to such resorts as Marmaris, Kusadasi or Bodrum. Unfortunately, from Antalya or other resorts of the Mediterranean Sea to go to Ephesus is far enough and expensive, you have to leave early in the morning, and come back you have already been at night, it is worth several times to think.

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