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Pamukkale and the Cleopatra Basin in Turkey - photo from the excursion

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Turkey was under the rule of many nations, there were many different states. It is not surprising that there are many historical sights on this territory.

Pamukkale is a place in which there are three attractions at once. You can say that the trip there, it's "three in one." This calcareous calcium deposits, forming flat levels, along which one can walk, is called this phenomenon "travertines". And also interesting places in Pamukkale are the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis and the "Cleopatra's basin", which represents several reservoirs with mineral water that is believed to give youth. In these waters Cleopatra bathed, which is why they got this name.

The excursion to Pamukkale is generally very positive, but there are clearly negative and annoying moments. We will describe everything in our review.

The tour can be one day or two days. For a one-day excursion, you will have to get up early, somewhere around 4 am. From the resorts of Antalya to Pamukkale, you need to travel about 200 kilometers, and some of the road passes through serpentines, where buses move very slowly, so as not to fall into the abyss. I do not know if it's possible to call the traffic on serpentines part of the excursion, but to watch as your bus rides along the edge of the abyss is an extreme sensation, it is recommended to close the window with a curtain. We will not scare you on the pages of, just say that there are almost no accidents with buses on such serpentines.

The first we will tell about the ruins of the city of Hierapolis. It was not a very large Greek, and later a Roman city. There are not many left. In the photo below you see everything that is on this place now. Well preserved only amphitheater.

All that you see in the city now, refers to the Roman period. Hierapolis is not very well located, earthquakes often occur here, the city was destroyed by earthquakes several times and rebuilt anew.

A lot of stones are of interest more for archaeologists than for tourists. For an ordinary tourist there is not much interesting.

Excavations in Pamukkale are constantly, all the archaeologists found are neatly stored under special canopies, they are in the photo on the left.

The best preserved amphitheater, to say more accurately preserved its stones. At the beginning of the excavation, it was completely destroyed, it was collected in pieces. Returning from Pamukkale and going to the toy store, if the seller tells you that he is selling a large 3D puzzle, feel free to say that you saw more. A joke was a joke, and the work was done titanic. This is the largest amphitheater in Turkey, there is an amphitheater in the city ​​of Mira, which is described by another review , but it is smaller.

This amphitheater was used for any purpose, both for theatrical performances, and for gladiatorial fights. The capacity of this amphitheater is 12,000 spectators, which seems to be true, of course, it does not look as impressive as the amphitheatres in Tunisia or the Roman Colosseum , but it has a large number of steps that served as seating for spectators. Not very long, not very wide, but very high.

From the ruins of Hieropolis in Pamukkale, we pass to the Cleopatra basin.

We do not know what useful water contains in this pool, guides write that it is this basin that Cleopatra owes its beauty. Although this is definitely wrong, because Cleopatra arrived here not at all as a teenager, but as a completely mature woman, by this time her marriage with Julius Caesar had already ended due to the death of her husband. Here she arrived with a new husband, commander Mark Antony, one of the contenders for the imperial throne of Rome. The story ended very sadly, Mark Antony lost the war, and Cleopatra committed suicide.

We can not tell you about the medicinal properties of water in the Cleopatra Basin, as we understand very little about medicine, so we just publish a summary of the nutrients and minerals it contains.

An interesting fact, at the bottom of this poster is a warning, which is only present in German, although all the other inscriptions are duplicated in Russian, German, Turkish, French and English.

The warning reads: "Attention! There is no such hot source of water in any other hotel. " Moreover, the Turks incorrectly wrote this phrase, were mistaken in the word wasser (water). Why this phrase is written only in German, for us a mystery, but it works! Almost all the people who spend time in the pool are elderly Germans. It is for this reason that we do not publish photos of the pool itself and people in it.

Swim in the pool you can, but the pleasure is ambiguous. A lot of people are swimming in the pool, most of them German pensioners. There's literally "an apple has nowhere to fall." We recommend on if you really want to get into this pool, do not come to the peak of the season.

Bathing is not included in the price of the tour, so you will have to pay it separately.

And in the end we will tell you about calcium deposits, travertines.

Travertines are rare enough. They are formed when water, rich in calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide comes to the surface. There are few such places in the world. Pamukkale is one of such places.

Calcium carbonate settles and forms a white layer of stone, such completely white lines are formed. It looks very beautiful.

There are a lot of nice ponds with warm water, the useful properties of which all the guides praise with great enthusiasm. Tourists like to lie down in them. This is our next advice to those who plan to visit Pamukkale, if you want to lie in such water, come to the terraces in a swimsuit.

The walls are also made of white calcium carbonate, on the walls are formed bizarre bulges, which every tourist strives to touch. This is not forbidden, and there is nothing dangerous in this. Our tourists generally like to touch everything and touch, the Russians are very curious. In one of our reviews, we even wrote about how tourists touch shark in the water park of Troy, we have a separate article about this.

When you visit the terraces make you take off your shoes, even slippers or slates have to be removed. The surface on which you have to walk is not smooth and sometimes "cuts" the feet, it is also slippery and you need to be careful when you walk that travertine, you can easily slip and fall. To carry flip-flops in a bag, and then to dress it will not turn out, as on the terraces the guards are constantly on duty, they look, that all were barefoot. They will help you if you fall.

And now let's talk about the minuses of the excursion in Pamukkale.

If your tour is one day, then you have to get up at 4 am and come back already after midnight. The way to Pamukkale is long, and on the way you are brought to all sorts of enterprises and try to "vparit" carpets, wine and something else. Every such stop, this is a delay. As a result, the path to each side takes about 6 hours. If you are ready for such travels, then, of course, it's worth it.

If your tour is designed for two days, then you do not have to get up early, and you will return to the hotel in the evening at the normal time, but there is another problem. If you are on "all-inclusive", then you will lose almost two days at the hotel, where "all inclusive". It turns out a dilemma that in this situation to do, to go or not, you decide.

In any case, take with you water, a lot of water. Free water on the road will not be, even during dinner, in most cases, drinks are paid. Do not forget to take more headgear with you, so as not to suffer in the sun, swimsuits to swim in the reservoirs on the travertines and in the Cleopatra pool. And take food with them, promised to feed along the way, but they did not say how, but they fed them on the way "badly." If you leave the hotel early, then you are entitled to "take food with you", called "snack box", "lunch boxing" or "brakfast boxing". Be sure to go to the reception desk of the hotel and say that you are going on a tour, you will be given "with you" when you leave, in good hotels your hotel guide takes care of it.

About other interesting sights in Turkey, read in our articles ( links below ).

Smile the PHOTO gallery from the excursion to Pamukkale.

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