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China Attractions

the great Wall of China

City: Beijing

The Chinese themselves call it "the wall of 10 thousand li," which is equivalent to the phrase "very long wall". Its length varies according to different estimates from 6.5 to 22 thousand kilometers.

Read the most interesting for tourists about the Chinese wall: what site near Beijing to choose for a visit and how to get there. And also the most curious facts: is there a wall from space, a history of construction, a place on the map of China and is it true that it was built not by the Chinese, but by the Chinese.

Forbidden City

City: Beijing

This place was the home and office of all the emperors of China over the past 600 years. No one had the right to enter here without the permission of the ruler, and at night only women, eunuchs and the emperor himself could be in the walls of the Forbidden City.

Read the most interesting: a bloody history of construction, figures and facts, how to get to the Forbidden City in Beijing and a detailed description of each building inside. This review is the longest and most comprehensive information on our website.

Terracotta Army

Town: Xi'an

Do not look at the soldiers of the Terracotta Army made of clay. This is a real army, where there are privates, officers and generals. They have real weapons in their hands, they are built into battle formations, and battle chariots are the striking force in this army.

Terracotta army was lost many centuries ago, and found it only in 1974, when the peasants dug a well. And what did they find? Read in our article.

Yellow Crane Tower

Town: Wuhan

One of the four great chambers of China is the Yellow Crane Tower. Due to its antiquity and beauty, it is considered a symbol of Wuhan - the capital of Hubei Province in the center of China.

Here you can see a panoramic view of the city from the highest level of the tower, take a walk through the beautiful park and see works of art that are more than one century old.

Yu Yuan Garden

City: Shanghai

Shanghai is a modern city, where there are not so many historical places, and the Yu Yuan garden is considered a must for tourists. It was built by a wealthy official in the Ming era (16th century).

All the fun: how to get, what structures to look inside, what is the value of unusual stones, which the Yu Yuan Garden is proud of. A bit about the local tourist market and advice to tourists.

Pearl of the East

City: Shanghai

TV Tower The pearl of the east is far from the first places in the ranking of the world's tallest buildings, but this does not prevent it from being the most visited high-rise in the Pudong area in Shanghai. What is the secret of success?

On the observation deck at an altitude of 350 meters, tourists walk along the transparent floor, which makes it the most interesting in Shanghai. It is simply impossible to forget visiting the Eastern Pearl. Read the description of the excursion in our article.

Temple of the Jade Buddha

City: Shanghai

One of the "business cards" of Shanghai is a statue of white jade weighing 3 tons, depicting Buddha Gautama in meditation. It is located in a temple in the center of the city, and this temple is visited daily by hundreds of tourists.

Read about the most important: how to get to the temple of the Jade Buddha, how much is the entrance, hours of work and what pavilion to look for the statue itself, and what else can you see in the temple.

Mausoleum of Mao Zedong

City: Beijing

In a small two-story building in the heart of Tiananmen Square - the body of the great leader of the Chinese revolution, Chairman Mao Zedong, lies at the heart of Beijing. Entire lines line up here to look at the body of the "great helmsman".

We talked about the most important thing: the schedule of work that you can carry with you inside and what not. What to pay special attention to in the mausoleum.

Sky Temple

City: Beijing

Although the emperors of China were not considered gods during their lifetime, they played an important cult role in the life of medieval Chinese society. Twice a year the procession led by the emperor was nominated from the Forbidden City to the Temple of Heaven to offer sacrifices to Heaven, Earth and Ancestors.

The Temple of Heaven is a huge temple complex in the center of Beijing, and its main pavilion became one of the symbols of the capital of China.

Summer Palace

City: Beijing

This place the Chinese emperors used to rest and very rarely to work. The Summer Palace is a beautiful complex of gardens and pavilions around the picturesque Kunming Lake.

You will see: where the famous Empress Tsishi dined and watched the performances of the Peking Opera, where emperors liked to stroll and think about state affairs, see the large Buddhist pagoda and see the legendary bridge of the Seventeen Arches.

Egypt Attractions

Great Egyptian pyramids in Giza

Town: Giza

In the west of modern Cairo on the plateau of "Giza" are the three most magnificent pyramids of the era of the Old Kingdom. These are the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mikerin.

Of course, the pyramids in themselves cause admiration for tourists, but there are many other entertainments. For example, in the pyramid of Cheops you can go down for a fee, and next to the pyramids you can see "Celestial Boats" - real ships, on which the pharaoh had to travel after death. About all this read our article.

The Pyramid of Cheops

Town: Giza

The construction of the largest pyramids in Egypt occurred during the era of the Old Kingdom, or rather, the 4th dynasty. It was the pharaoh of the 4th dynasty - Khufu (who also Cheops) built the highest pyramid.

An interesting fact is that the Cheops pyramid visually seems only the second highest in Giza, and many tourists confuse it with the Khafre pyramid. The pyramid of Cheops is unique in its arrangement of rooms and a stunning gallery on its way to the burial chamber. Read all about this in our article.

The Great Sphinx

Town: Giza

The main mystery - whose face repeats the Great Sphinx on the Giza plateau? The second riddle - what was the function of this gigantic statue? In this article we tried to answer these questions.

And of course, we talked about what it is worth to look at tourists when inspecting the Great Sphinx. Facts, figures, legends and history. Read about all this.

Pyramid of Khafre

Town: Giza

The second highest pyramid in Giza belongs to Chephren - next to Cheops pharaoh 4th dynasty. It is even more recognizable by tourists due to the remains of white limestone facing on top.

Read about the riddles of this pyramid, the history of construction and about who and when ransacked the treasures, the most important figures and the most interesting facts.

Pyramid of the Mikerin

Town: Giza

The third largest pyramid in Giza belongs to Mikerin - the pharaoh of the 4th dynasty. This pyramid is interesting for tourists because in the Middle Ages the Arabs tried to disassemble it. Nothing good came of it, and tourists can see a "deep scar" from this attempt even now.

This pyramid has limestone lining on the lower tiers, and this should also be noted. Read in the article about this and about many other entertaining about the Pyramid of Micherine.

Tutankhamun's Tomb

Town: Luxor

The autopsy of the tomb of the young man-pharaoh Tutankhamun George Carter was the main discovery of Egyptology. In the Valley of the Kings, she was the only untouched ancient robber. Now the tomb is open to tourists, and everyone can look at the real tomb of the ruler of Egypt in the era of the New Kingdom.

Separately, we talked about the falsification, because it is Carter called the chief scammer-archaeologist of all time. About all this, read our review.

Mount Moses

City: Sharm El Sheikh

Mount Moses is the main attraction of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. It is believed that at the top of this mountain, the prophet Moses received the tablets from God, and to everyone who rises to the top, with the rising of the sun all sins are forgiven.

This is an ascent of tourists do at night, and it is difficult to call it a "light walk". We told about all this in this article.

Sights of Italy


City: Rome

The Colosseum is the largest Roman amphitheater, and it is well preserved to this day. Even an active disassembly on building materials during the Middle Ages did not destroy it completely, it's no wonder the name "Colosseum" comes from the word "huge".

The most necessary information for tourists: how to get, how much tickets cost and what to look for during the inspection.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Town: Pisa

The famous leaning tower in Pisa is the main attraction of the city. It is the bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral, and this whole architectural complex is called the "field of miracles".

We answered the most important questions: why is it falling, what is the angle of inclination, how much is the trip to the top and is it worth it for tourists to go up there?


Town: Naples

Back in the year 79, the city of Pompeii was completely buried under a layer of ash from the eruption of the neighboring volcano Vesuvius. It is for this reason that it has survived so well.

An excursion to Pompeii is an opportunity to look at the Italian city of the Roman Empire just as it was in those days. This is a chance to see the cobbled streets and luxurious villas, the house of the faun and the house of the surgeon. Read the article and see the photo.

The Last Supper

City: Milan

Creation of the great Leonardo da Vinci - a fresco The Last Supper is in the monastery of Santa Maria del Grazie in Milan. She was decorating the monastery's dining room. Now it is the main historical attraction of Milan, which is the industrial capital of modern Italy.

How and where tourists to buy tickets for the inspection of the Last Supper, where there are copies of the fresco, what to look at first. Read about this and much more.

The Statue of David

City: Florence

This statue is the most famous creation of Michelangelo Buonarroti, the great artist of the Renaissance. She portrays the Old Testament David before the battle with Goliath.

But what did Michelangelo want to express with his creation, and why did the artist's contemporaries admire this statue? How to get to the Academy of Fine Arts in the center of Florence, where is the statue on display now? Read all about this in our article.

The Sistine Chapel

City: Rome

This church is located in the Vatican behind Saint Peter's Basilica. The main thing for which tourists come here from all over the world is the "Last Judgment" fresco by Michelangelo Buonarroti. The fresco depicts the death of mankind and the judgment of God.

But besides this main treasure, in the Sistine Chapel there is something to see, these are magnificent frescoes on the walls and the ceiling, stained glass and a real technical miracle - a climate control system that helps to preserve these masterpieces for our descendants.

Attractions in the UAE

Burj Khalifa

City: Dubai

The tallest structure on this planet is the Burj Khalifa tower. The height of 830 meters, it rises above the emirate of Dubai. On the 124th floor at an altitude of 452 meters is the observation platform - the main goal of tourists.

But in addition to the observation deck, there are hotels and restaurants here, and the building itself can be recognized as a technical miracle of modernity. Read all about this in our article.

Dubai Mall

City: Dubai

Dubai Mall - is the largest shopping center in the world, if measured by the total area. Here tourists will find hundreds of shops, dozens of restaurants and cafes.

The Dubai Mall also has an oceanarium, a large Sega Republic amusement park and the world's largest sweetshop. A waterfall with figures of pearl divers from the Dubai Mall became one of the symbols of the emirate of Dubai.

Dubai Dance Fountains

City: Dubai

In the lake between the tower of Burj Khalifa and the Mall of Dubai Mall are the world's largest singing and dancing fountains. This is one of the technical wonders of the modern world.

In the article on Dubai fountains, we gave a precise timetable and tips on where it is best to watch this free, but fascinating presentation.

The Great Mosque of Sheikh Zayd

Town: Abu Dhabi

The largest carpet in the world, the largest chandeliers and the wall of the Qibla with the names of Allah from special fiberglass, you can see all this in the Sheikh Zaid mosque in Abu Dhabi. This mosque is not the largest in the world, but the most luxurious.

Admission is free for tourists of any religion. Just remember about the schedule of prayers and dress code. We told all about this in this review.

Sights of Greece

Knossos Palace

Town: Heraklion

The most ancient civilization of ancient Greece - Minoan flourished in Crete 2500 years BC. The life of Minoan Greeks was built around palaces - huge square complexes of structures.

The most famous of such palaces is located near the capital of the island of Crete - the city of Heraklion. Read about what tourists can see here interesting.

The Rhodes Fortress

Town: Rhodes

In the capital of the island of Rhodes, the main citadel of the knights-Hospitallers, who ruled the island after their expulsion from Palestine, was preserved.

Gigantic walls, watchtowers and inaccessible gates, the palace of the head of the knightly order and the old city quarter. All this will be interesting for travelers.

Israel Attractions

Wall of Tears

City: Jerusalem

This piece of the wall is all that is left of the main temple of Judaism. For the Jews this is the most sacred place. View the wall of crying can any tourist, no matter to which religion he did not belong.

How to get there, and what interesting you will see here, the history of this place and the tradition of the Jews at the Wailing Wall. Read in our review about all this.

Church of the Holly Sepulcher

City: Jerusalem

This is the main shrine of Christianity. This temple stands on the site of the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The hill of Golgotha ​​is located right here, and it is in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher that the Blessed Fire descends in Easter.

How to get there and find this place in the Old City in Jerusalem, hours of work, history and the most noteworthy moments of the excursion. Read about all this.

Things to do in Tunisia


Town: Tunisia

Carthage is a legendary city of antiquity, and the phrase "Carthage must be destroyed" is known to almost all tourists. In the outskirts of the city of Tunisia you can see the excavations personally and visit the museum with a rich collection of Punic and Roman ceramics, statues and objects of everyday life.

Particularly interesting are the remains of Roman baths, which were excavated already in the 21st century. These terms were the largest similar structure found in Africa.

Bardo Museum

Town: Tunisia

The second largest museum collection in Africa, after the Cairo Museum. The Bardo Museum boasts a stunning collection of Roman mosaics, the oldest religious building of 40,000 years old and the world's richest collection of Punic artifacts.

The Bardo Museum is located in the building of the former Tunisian Bei Palace, and tourists can see how the rulers of the country lived before the conquest of Tunis by the French.


City: нет

Dugga was a colony of Romans in Africa during the Roman Empire. Many interesting things have remained here - the amphitheater, the baths, the Capitol and the forum. Especially tourists like to look at ancient Roman toilets, for which a special tax was paid.

But the most interesting thing about Dugge is the Carthaginian Mausoleum, because the Romans almost completely destroyed the Carthaginian culture, and there are only a few such buildings in the world.

El Jem

City: нет

Once upon a time there was the city of Tizdra, it was still in the era of the Roman Empire. Here was the third largest amphitheater in the empire, after the Roman Colosseum and the Capua Arena.

Only the amphitheater has survived to this day, and it has become one of the main attractions of Tunisia. Read the history of this place and what's interesting here can be found by tourists.

Sidi Bou Said

Town: Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said was the seat of noble residences in Tunisia, later it became a favorite place of residence for artists and other artists. It is called "the city of artists".

Here you can officially paint at home only in white or blue colors, it looks extremely colorful. Read the description of the excursion here and about the most interesting places for tourists in Sidi Bou Said.

Sights of Turkey


Town: Pamukkale

The proximity to the Turkish Mediterranean Riviera provided Pamukkale with the title of Turkey's most famous landmark, which by popularity can only be compared to the Istanbul Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia.

Here you can see and stroll along snow-white travertines, take a dip in the Cleopatra Basin and see the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hieropolis, in which Turkish archaeologists collected from the wreckage a large amphitheater.


City: нет

Once Ephesus was the largest city on the peninsula of Asia Minor, but over time it lost its greatness and importance. Here was one of them Wonders of the world of the ancient world - the temple of the goddess Artemis.

Read about the most interesting buildings in Ephesus - the library of Celsus, the column from the temple of Artemis, the main street and much more.

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