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The contents of a suitcase for a trip to Italy may vary slightly depending on the region of the country you are going to: north or south. In the north, rains and windy cool weather are frequent, and the south is the warmer part of the Apennines. Consider the question of fees to the Apennine peninsula in more detail. What is useful for sure, and without which you can do without.

Folder with documents

Retrieve the documents for the documents in the suitcase so that they are within the accessibility area, if necessary. Not too much will be a ballpoint pen and a notepad for notes. Collect documents slowly, without being distracted and not panicking.

We take a passport, if any, driver's license, preferably an international model. If you plan to use the car rental service in Italy, we advise you to do it in advance, at the peak of the season the car, or rather, its availability at rental points, can be a problem.

Do not forget the travel insurance. We make photocopies of all documents that we take with us. Copy copies of documents and originals in different places (in a suitcase copies, in hand luggage - originals). Copies can come in handy if you lose the original or become a victim of robbers.

We advise you to write down the phone book and be sure to have a written version of the phones you need to travel: the number of the embassy, ​​local guides, the hotel where you live, airlines, car rental companies, bicycles, etc.

First aid kit on the road

As I would not like to think about medications and take away a suitcase for medical purposes, but without them, unfortunately, can not do. The minimum set is worth grabbing for first aid or getting rid of the primary symptoms of the disease. Medicines in Italy are expensive. In advance, we learn about the drugs allowed for importation into the country.

We take antipyretic drugs, cardiac, normalizing blood pressure, anesthetics of the versatile spectrum of action, against motion sickness, from digestive disorders, from allergic reactions to unfamiliar food. It will not prevent iodine, zelenka, in the way. bandage, adhesive tape. We get rid of the work of Italian healers, we save our money.

For tourists suffering from chronic diseases, we advise you to grab the whole arsenal of necessary medicines. Climate change can provoke their aggravation. For people with poor eyesight, wearing contact lenses, we recommend that you bring the entire kit for use with them. The solution for lenses is sold in pharmacies in Italy only by prescription.

Traveling with children we take medicines "for every fireman" and for them. We take into account their age and the body's ability to adapt. Each mother knows her child and all his "minuses" on the road or in unfamiliar surroundings. We advise new "overseas" dishes not to give tasting to kids, it is always possible to find a meal familiar to the child. Let him better not try some Italian sauce or pasta, cooked in all traditions, but the rest will not be spoiled.

Means of personal hygiene

In Italian hotels will encounter an increased level of comfort, but the number of "stars" decides the availability of some necessary items for everyday use. Shampoo, soap in the room will certainly be, a hairdryer is also included. You need to bring a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, if you are allergic and use a certain brand.

Grab and handkerchiefs, wet wipes, antiseptic napkins or sprays. To wipe once again the objects that you and your children will use will not be superfluous. Of course, all these funds are in Italian stores, but why buy abroad what is inexpensive at home? We will support domestic manufacturers: we, at least, can read the composition of the funds in Russian, and we have "proven" companies and brands.

Cosmetic minimum

Regardless of whether you are going to Italy for beaches or a ski resort, sunscreen will be a life saver from the sun, which in the mountains are no less powerful and ruthless than the sea. For adults, you can take SPF 20, for children SPF 50. Do not zealous in the sun, travel insurance does not reimburse the treatment of sunburn.

Dear ladies advise not to take a lot of cosmetics. Capture a minimum that will add to your charm and mystery during dinner in an Italian restaurant or promenade along the main streets of Rome.

Wardrobe: we take the essentials

Going to the north of the country or to the south in the autumn season, it will not be superfluous to have a raincoat and an umbrella. Shoes also need to take appropriate for such a bad weather.

Traditions of the Catholic faith are strong in Italy. In the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican, in the Basilica of St. Mark in Venice, the Church of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and other religious world architectural monuments dress code will have to comply.

For visits to holy places and temples, think over your wardrobe. Grab the sweatshirt that covers the shoulders and arms. Women should have a long skirt, a kerchief or a stole to cover their head or hide the decollete. Men need to grab classic pants and a shirt with a long sleeve.

Sunglasses, a sun umbrella, a headdress, a towel, shoes for walking along the beach and for swimming are a must for those who are going to "give" their body to the Italian sun. If you plan to sunbathe on a paid beach, then you can not take an umbrella.

In Italy there are more than 150 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Of course, you will not be able to see all of them for one trip, but it is necessary to include several visits to your country in the plan, even if you only came for shopping. For visits to the Valley of the Temples of Sicily (Agrigento), walks through the five famous lands of the Cinque Terre, following all the halls of the Uffizi Gallery (Florence), visiting the Colosseum, exploring the cave city of Sassi di Matera, visiting the historic center of Siena and the fossils of Pompeii, a forum in Rome will need comfortable shoes, clothes that do not restrain movements. Take it with you.

If your plans include a walk in a river tram along the Grand Canal, warm clothes are simply necessary.

Do not take a lot of clothes for a child. Think about what he will walk in the afternoon, make evening "sallies" and sleep.

What to take with you from the technical facilities

To go to Italy (as well as to another country) without a camera and a video camera is almost a crime. But do not forget that they need to be recharged, so remember the chargers, spare batteries, flash cards.

If you find a hairdryer in the hotel room, you will have to pay for using the iron. You have a traveling version of this device - then you will save hard earned for something else while staying in the country. About the adapter for the outlets you can not worry: in Italy they are the same type as in Russia.

Information for smokers

Italy is considered a paradise for smokers, however, the price of tobacco products in it is high.

You can smoke everywhere, only to buy cigarettes in supermarkets is impossible, because they are sold only in special kiosks. A lot of tobacco shops are bummed in the streets in all cities of the country.

"Shoot" cigarettes are not accepted in Italy, so if you do not mind putting it for a pack of cigarettes from 3 to 5 euros, then take the "drug" with you. Under customs rules, you can import into the country no more than 200 cigarettes (one block). The EU countries in this matter in the prize: from the countries belonging to the Eurozone, you can import no more than 4 blocks.


About alcohol in Italy, we told in one of the articles. If you are satisfied with the price of alcoholic beverages in Italy, then why bring them with you. You can grab only 1 liter of alcoholic strength above 22% or 2 liters of alcohol with a strength of up to 22%. You can bring with you 4 liters of wine or 16 liters of beer. This applies to persons who have reached the age of 17.

Prices for hot drinks are not sky-high, so you can pamper yourself with Italian world-famous drinks: Chianti, Grappa, Limoncello, Campari.

Packing souvenirs

Spend a place in a suitcase for souvenirs from Italy or purchase a valise-bag for memorable gifts. You can bring liquor, olive oil, cheeses, pasta, Venetian mask, Murano glassware.

Pack the gifts so that they do not break, do not lose their shape. If you carry the products, then check the expiration date, so that the smell from your souvenir does not cause suffocating suspicion of a gas attack from other passengers in transport.

And remember that there is a sign: if you forgot something to take with you on the road, then you do not need it and you can do without it.

Have a successful holiday in Italy, and read our interesting articles about this country ( links below ).

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