What can you bring from Italy: souvenirs and gifts

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Italy - a colorful country with a unique cuisine and world-famous brands of clothes and shoes. It's no wonder that almost everything that tourists bring from the Apennine peninsula can either be carried on or eaten. On the clothes, shoes and leather goods we will not talk on this page, this is a topic for a separate article, we'll talk about everything else.

Let's start with those gifts and souvenirs that can not be eaten or drunk, there are not many of them. The first most colorful gift you can bring from Italy is the Venetian mask .

The masks are real from Venice, which are still made by hand, and you can find counterfeits of Chinese production. What to choose, it's up to you, the main thing is not to buy a cheap fake at the price of this. To acquire carnival accessories is better in the official store, this will reduce your chances of buying a fake.

Immediately get ready, pleasure is not cheap. The simplest similar trinket, which covers only the eye area, costs from 20 euros and above. More complex models, like the one you see in the photo on the right, cost from 200 euros.


Carnival masks are sold not only in Venice, but also in any city. But it is in the homeland of the famous carnival that you can find the largest assortment. In Venice, a lot of shops selling these souvenirs, in other cities such a store will have to look.

This article was written in July, and unfortunately, the Venetian carnival has already ended. But you can catch the carnival in 2015, which will be held from January 31 to February 17, 2015. In 2016, it will be held from February 6 to February 23. Come to Venice at this time and not only can you buy a Venetian mask, but take part in a real carnival.

Muranovsky glass the last few centuries was considered the best in Europe. It is also produced in Venice, or rather on the island of Murano, which is located near the island of Rialo, on which the city of Venice itself is located.

The furnaces of glass manufacture could cause fires in the city, and all the glassblowers were moved to the island of Murano more than 800 years ago.

Previously, the glass blowers from the island of Murano never cooled down, and they produced a lot of dishes that were in demand even in China. Now their main specialty is jewelry. The high cost of the products made the dishes too expensive. A simple vase costs from 300 euros and above. Prices for mirrors start at 1000 euros.

Bijouterie is quite affordable, small trifles from Muranov glass can be bought at prices ranging from 10 to 50 euros. Earrings, rings or figures for such a price are small in size, but very beautiful.

From Venice, arrange tours to the island of Murano, during which you can look at the production process and purchase dishes and jewelry. This is the best place to buy, and the price will be lower, and do not run into a fake. But if you buy a glass not in Venice, then it's worth going to a decent store, fakes are very common.

Remember, there is no cheap real Muranov glass, and it can not be. Everything that is produced manually by a resident of Italy - it is always expensive, here people "for a bowl of rice" do not work, it's not China or India.

Now smoothly move on to the unique Italian cuisine. The first thing that tourists bring from Italy - this is a real Italian pasta .

Pasta has one serious drawback, because of which many simply do not take it into the luggage. It takes up a large amount of "eating" space in your suitcases.

Serious benefits are not observed in the price. You can buy real Italian pasta in large supermarkets in Russia and you will not see a serious difference in value. The price will most likely depend on the level of the supermarket in which you want to buy the pasta. In an expensive store in Italy, fettuccine packaging can cost even more than in a "budget" supermarket in Moscow.

Our advice. Take the Italian pasta, if you still have a free place in the luggage and you did not manage to fill your suitcases with something more interesting.

There are many goodies that do not take up much space. For example, dried ravioli , a very original and delicious gift from Italy. It's hard for us to understand how pelmeni can be dried, but they are very popular with Italians. Dried ravioli are sold in packs of 500 grams or 1 kilogram.

Another local culinary wonder is sun-dried tomatoes . Just want to warn that different people this product causes a variety of impressions, from rapture to dislike.

This product is better to buy in a vacuum package, because from them your suitcase can "smell". They can be stored for a very long time, the drying process consists in drying the product in the sun in order to increase its shelf life.

This method does not occur here, in Russia and neighboring countries, they prefer canning in banks, a more expensive method. In Italy, prefer drying. Very interesting gastronomic gift, but, once again, not all your friends or colleagues will be delighted with this product.

Dried tomatoes should be brought from Italy only for the reason that it is almost impossible to buy them in Russia. Just a few shops sell this product, and the price per kilogram of this treat is around 1000 rubles.

The most profitable from a financial point of view purchase most of the tourists recognize olive oil . Every second Russian tourist takes him from Italy.

In supermarkets in Italy, you can find a can of 3 liters of olive oil at a price of 10 euros. Such prices in Russia "in the afternoon with fire you will not find". The average price of a quality oil in Russia is 10 euros per 1 liter.

Many people consider Italian oil to be the most delicious of all, it is difficult to prove or disprove, "there is no taste for the color of comrades."

Olive oil like to bring from different countries: Spain, Tunisia, Greece, but the peculiarity of Italy is the absence of restrictions on the exported volume of the product. For example, in Tunisia there is a limit of 2 liters per person, we wrote about this in our article . In Italy, there is nothing like this, only with a large amount you will have to communicate with the Russian customs and prove that you are taking such quantities of oil for personal consumption, and not for the purpose of selling.

We recommend that you remove not more than 3 liters per person and do not buy oil in a glass box. It is better to choose a tin can or plastic in a cardboard box (as in the photo above).

A very long and interesting topic for conversation is Italian cheeses .

The most famous Italian cheese is Parmesan . This is a hard cheese with a shelf life of 12 months and longer. So we subtly hint that real Parmesan can not be cheap.

This quality Italian Parmesan must have a special DOP stigma, which is put after checking the product by a specialist. This check looks very interesting, the cheese is knocked with a silver hammer, and the expert on hearing determines the quality of the cheese. They call such people "Parma rumors", this is a very honorable profession in Italy.

Parmesan cheese can be bought as a whole piece, and grated in small crumbs. The first option is preferable, the product in this case better preserves the original taste.

When buying this cheese, look for the inscription Parmigiano Reggiano - this is the original Italian name. Prices for this Parmesan start from 20 euros per kilogram and the ceiling, as it seemed to us, does not exist. Parmesan is a hard cheese, the storage period is long enough, you can bring it home without fear that it will deteriorate.

It is more difficult to bring the second most famous cheese from Italy - it's mozzarella . The main difficulty lies in the very short shelf life of this food product.

Even in a refrigerator in brine this cheese can be stored only a week. After this period, it turns yellow and the taste becomes bitter. Hence the conclusion is the first, buy mozzarella only in brine, and if you want to bring it home fresh, then the purchase should be done on the last day of your vacation.

The second conclusion. Buy only the freshest mozzarella, the more fresh it will be, the more likely it will be to bring it in its normal form.

The conclusion is the third. Put the cheese in your luggage and pack it properly. The luggage compartment of the aircraft is not heated, it's cool, and your mozzarella will be comfortable there.

On this we finish the conversation about the cheese. This topic is not just huge, it can be called inexhaustible. About Italian cheeses create not just individual pages on the Internet, but entire websites. Just go to the food markets in Italy, you will find a huge variety of hard and soft cheeses. Try, choose and bring home as gifts.

Finish the "food theme" with a very interesting and tasty fruit called clementine . It is a hybrid of orange and mandarin, very popular in the Mediterranean countries, but in Russia and near countries almost not on sale.

In appearance, clementines are difficult to distinguish from mandarins. In size and shape, they are very similar, but differ in taste, they are more sweet. Still it is possible to distinguish clementines on a crust which is more relief, than at mandarins.

Clementines begin to ripen in October, before the fresh fruit can not be bought. If you visit Italy in the autumn or winter, then be sure to buy these fruits, do not regret it.

They are sold in the same packaging as mandarins, usually net sacks. Prices are not high, about 2 euros per kilogram.

Italian cuisine is rich in alcoholic beverages, the assortment of which is very wide. Read our next article about alcohol in Italy .

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