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For tourists who want to see more, rest a little longer in Italy, the cost of living, food and visits to the famous attractions of the country will not be cheap. You can, of course, go to a low season or a region cheaper.

Our article will help you to orient yourself in the prices in Italy, understand the specifics of your stay in the country and, having received the information received, make your trip to the country more comfortable and problem-free. Let's start with the daily bread, i.e. with power.

A snack or a boo in the restaurant?

Europeans are trying to satisfy hunger in cafes and restaurants. Italy - is no exception, the number of snack bars in the country's cities is not a big one. It will be cheaper to have a snack in a cafe, and you can boo at least once for the whole rest in an Italian restaurant. Pay attention to such institutions on the cope - service charge. Copper can be 2-4 € per person.

In the cafe or in the bar, 2 prices are indicated (sometimes): for those who eat at the bar counter, and for those who sit at the table. In the menu there can be a postscript about the increase in the price of dishes during the burning season by 50 or more cents. Copper, like bread, can be included in the order, and can shine a separate line. The menu can often be seen near the entrance to the institution. It is possible to see in large letters the inscription: "No cope!" This is done to attract customers.

Now let's talk about the menu in the cafe. Cheap complex lunches here will not be seen, and if you do, it costs 20 €. Look for a cafe in the distance from the center. Dinner in this institution will cost about 50 € (for two with wine, which costs from 8 €). Pizza will cost 8 €, the same amount and paste. Meat assortment in sufficient for saturation quantity costs 36 €. At 10 € will be more expensive fish assortment. For lovers of lasagna: in a cafe it costs about 8 €. Desserts - from 4 €, coffee, cappuccino - from 4 €. In the tourist area, the dishes are somewhat more expensive: add to the above prices 3-5 €.

In a cafe, having lunch together, you can count on an account from 40 to 70 €. For example, an order for two pizza, ravioli, artichokes, dessert, cappuccino and wine will cost 50 €, first dishes, pizza, pasta, fish, coffee, a bottle of wine - 60 €. In general, to eat without alcohol can be satisfying in any cafe to 20 €. In restaurants in the distance from the central streets and tourist places, lunch or dinner, quite dense, will result in 5-7 €.

Coffee and Italians can not exist without each other. In the cafe offer a coffee subscription: pay for 10 cups, and get 11. Favorable to those who are used to "kofemanit" throughout the day. You can ask the manager of your hotel where these places are located. They always own such information.

Going to an Italian restaurant

Restaurants in Italy are considered one of the best in the Mediterranean. What will you be offered, and how much will the tasting of Italian dishes cost?

Meat, fish, cheese, bread with filling (for example, with garlic), sometimes vegetables cost from 7-11 €. The first dishes are tortellini (pelmenki), tagliatelle (spaghetti flat and wide) with sauces, vegetable soup, risotto, various kinds of spaghetti. The average price of these dishes is from 12 €.

The second dishes: meat and fish. One serving is enough for several people, and it costs from 10 to 26 €. Fried vegetables or salads from them cost from 5-7 €. Pizza goes separately in the menu, its price varies from 4 to 10 €.

Drinks are expensive: non-alcoholic - from 2.5 € per 200 ml, a glass of wine - 7-12 €, beer - from 4 €.

For dessert you will be offered tiramisu, panna cat, ice cream, fresh fruit, macedonian (fruit salad, filled with yogurt). Prices for dessert start from 4 €.

Coffee is a drink that starts the Italian's day and finishes it. In restaurants it costs from 4 €.

How to save money with such prices? The restaurants themselves offer a menu for tourists to lure. A full dinner, similar to our business lunch, costs from 15-18 €. In addition, the menu of the institution takes out potential visitors before entering the institution. This moment allows you to avoid surprises with prices before paying for the order.

With a supermarket trolley

Let's just say that the prices in the supermarkets of Genoa, Milan, Verona and other Italian cities are approximately the same. So, they ran.

Fruits cost from 0.80 cents to 3 €. Vegetables - up to 2 €. Macaroni, even the cheapest, at 59 cents, of good quality. Cheeses are presented in a chic assortment, but it is cheaper 10 € for 1 kg not to find. Meat products start their cost from 10 €. Beef is more expensive than pork for 2 €: on average, from 6-8 €.

With tea in Italy the problem is: on the shelves of shops, the choice is small. For some reason, a lot of herbal tea, and black is presented poorly. Well, coffee, of course, pleases the eye with choice. What you want - this and is sold. Water costs from 20-50 cents for one and a half liters.

Alcohol. Italian beer is little, but from the Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany - variety and cheapness: 1.5 € per 0.33 liters. Wine of good quality can be bought for 2-3 € per bottle. Vodka - from 6,5 €. Note that in the market (for example, in Rome), in the shops in the city center, the prices for food are several times higher.

There are not many supermarkets in the cities. We recommend inexpensive: "EUROSPIN", "INS", "Esselunga". If you cook in Italy yourself, then buying food in a supermarket will become just a budget option for food. At 200 € you can feed the family 10, or even 14 days.

Transport network of the country

The transport network in the Apennines is well developed: airports in all major cities, between which the railway tracks are laid. Long-distance buses also run. Let's talk about the bus service in Italy.

In cities they follow in all areas. In the information kiosks, a map of bus routes is sold. Busses most often ride three-door. In the first and back doors come and compost tickets, in the middle - go. Recently appeared on Italian streets bussini ecologici: they are miniature, maneuverable, ecology does not pollute, but not so fast. They go around the city from 5:30 to 22:00, and sometimes until midnight.

For night residents of streets followed by buses with the letter "N": they walk every hour from 00:30 to 5:30. The bus schedule is presented at bus stations, and it differs on weekdays and on weekends. The night bus schedule is surrounded by a black frame. If you see the word "Sciopero" on the panel with the timetable, it means - on the bus you do not go: the company is on strike, go by subway, tram or call a taxi.

Tickets for buses are sold in kiosks, cafes, bars with the ATAF logo: an orange and purple background depicts a person and a company logo. After 9 pm tickets are sold by the bus driver, but they are one and a half times more expensive.

There are such types of tickets. One-time - valid 1 hour, the counting time starts from the time of composting, it costs 1-1.5 €. Reusable - operate several hours, cost from 1.50 € for 3 hours, about 4 € - for 4 hours. Travel for a day - 3-5.50 €, for two weeks - 30 €. It is more profitable to buy a tourist pass, it is valid in all types of transport. A fare for a fare without a ticket costs 40 € plus the cost of the ticket.

In Venice, the city is moved by trachetti: gondola for 12 people, floating standing, cash payment 1.50 €. Travel by 12 hours by public transport will cost 18 €. One such trip costs 6,50 €.

Taxi in Italy

Italians prefer to move to another city on high-speed trains: it's fast and comfortable. There is no company in the country that would transport passengers between cities.

About a taxi in Italy, let's say this: expensive. Rates in different regions differ significantly. There are other nuances. Taxi drivers voice the price exceeding the official tariff. The authorities tried to put things in order in this sphere of transportation, but the situation did not improve much, although each taxi car has a counter and a plate with tariffs. The official taxi is easy to find: checkers on the top of the body of the car, the inscription "Servizo Pablico", the number on the side of the body.

The cost of a taxi ride varies depending on the region. But take into account the following points:

- at night from 22:00 to 7:00, on weekends and holidays the trip will be 30% more expensive;

- call by phone will add to the payment 1-2 €;

- traffic is paid by the passenger;

- landing and the first kilometers will cost 2-3 €;

- You will have to pay for luggage;

- from 22:00 to 2:00 lonely passengers are entitled to a discount of 10%;

- it is accepted to leave a tip - 10% of the travel amount.

The cost of cultural tours in Italy

Watch in Italy is that: here is half the masterpieces of world art and architecture, and this takes time and money.

Let's start with Rome. In tourist points you can buy a pass to all Roman museums (Roma Pass). It lasts 7 days, costs 20 €. When buying a public transport ticket for three days you get a bonus: free entrance to 2 Roman museums.

Prices in the sights of Rome are in the price range from 4 to 14 €. In the gallery Corsini, the former representation of the Venetian Republic in the papal Rome, in the Museum of Musical Instruments tickets cost 4 €. At 1 € more expensive entry to the Art Gallery in the Palazzo Spada. Entrance to the palace of the genus Barberini - 6 €. To visit the former summer residence of the Roman popes, you will have to pay 8 €. The ticket to the Colosseum costs 12 €, to the Borghese gallery - 13,50 €. It is offered to tourists and a tour of Rome in Segway for 75 €.

A glimpse into Florence is necessary to see the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (3 €), Pitti Palace (6,50 €), Palazzo Vecchio (6 €), walk through the halls of the Archaeological Museum (4 €), see the exhibits in the gallery of painting (10 €) and the Art Museum (6,50 €).

In Milan, the journey can take a couple of days. You can visit the city's notable places on the tourist bus: 24 hours costs 20 €, for 48 hours - 25 €. Visiting the cathedral museum will cost 4 €. A museum of Leonardo da Vinci accepts guests for only 8 €.

Going to Venice, take into account the peculiarity of this city and the fact that a single museum ticket with a travel ticket is purchased here: for a day it costs 20 €, for three days - 40 €. Buying a ticket to the Doge's Palace for 14 €, you pass this ticket to three more museums in Venice.

Come to Italy and not visit the Vatican - the top of indecency. In the Vatican, go to the Cathedral of St. Petra, the entrance to which is free, the colonnade will cost 6 €, and visiting the museum will cost 15 €.

The cost of excursions to the Apennines

Italy is not comparable to any other country: clean beaches, in the mountains of winter resorts, this is a paradise for shopaholics. Excursions around Italy are offered by tour operators of different routes taking into account the preferences of tourists.

We advise in big cities of Italy to book tickets for buses for sightseeing tours, choosing a route in advance. The cost of the tour will depend on the period of stay in the country, the excursion program and the type (air or bus). Depends on the price and type of excursion: ordinary or burning.

Among the popular destinations we call excursions to Venice and Milan, a trip to the beaches of Ischia, Rimini, Sardinia and Sicily, a ski holiday Val di Fassa, the Dolomites. The average voyage to Italy costs from 100-130 € per day. Bus tours cost from 740 € (from 10 days).

In memory of Italy (choose a souvenir)

The first in the lists is always Italian pasta. Do not forget to grab sauces in souvenir packages. You can buy in a bottle of Venetian glass of green olive oil (from 14-16 €).

From wine brought the wine of Lambrusco, Bardolino or Chianti (from 10 euros). Citrus lime is also popular, grappa - vodka from grape vines. They also bring magnets, mugs, t-shirts, plates with the depiction of sights.

Buy souvenirs in Italy, which will surprise your relatives and friends at home: carnival doll figures, Venetian mask (from 15 €), a figurine of Pinocchio, David, Romeo and Juliet (8-15 €).

A good reminder of Italy will also be statuettes of famous places: the Colosseum, the Pizanska tower, the Verona amphitheater, etc. (minus 2-8 € from your pocket). Amazing glassware Murano glass blowers: dishes, vase, beads, watches, ashtray. Figurine (minimum 80 €). And Buran lace - masterpieces of art. Admiration is caused by lace tablecloths, shawls, brooches, stoles, lacy umbrellas.

And shopaholics in general will be hard to resist and not buy in Italy a bag, clothes, shoes, accessories. Add to the expense item and the cost of souvenirs.

Budget travel to Italy

The calculation will be approximate. You understand, the saturation of the route, the region of stay, the number of days play a role. Take 5 days. We do not save to the extreme, but we do not shine too much.

Housing will cost if we find a room for 50 € with breakfast, at 250 €. If you plan to visit different cities in Italy, the transport will take about 70 €. Food: without alcohol a day you can feed on 40 €. For 5 days, gastronomic expenses amount to 200 €. On the goodies (ice cream, desserts, coffee) we add another 100 €. Visits to museums and other world sites will cost around 100 €. Total: 620 €.

As you can see, it is more profitable to go by yourself. Of course, we forgot about unforeseen expenses and the temptation to buy something expensive for the body and soul. Even if we add another amount to 620 €, then rest in Italy, let's say, can be considered not cheap, but successful.

We wish you pleasant impressions about Italy, and read our articles about this country, useful for tourists ( links below ).

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